2010 back up plan, get Evan Turner

Per TrueHoop:

A number of teams have already looked into the availability of the Philadelphia 76ers' No. 2 pick in the June 24 draft.

The asking price? Several sources said they were told that the
Sixers want their trade partner to take Elton Brand off their hands.
Good luck with that. With Brand set to earn $51 million over the course
of the next three years, he's virtually impossible to trade.

As much as teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, for instance, love Evan Turner, I don't think they love him that much.

If the Bulls can't acquire LeBron James or Chris Bosh, then take Elton Brand and the #2 pick using our cap space.   I think we could do a hell of a lot worse than building around Evan Turner, Derrick Rose, and Joakim Noah for the next 5-8 years.

Brand, though greatly diminished, would still provide some form of offensive threat as a third big man in our rotation with Noah and Gibson.  He'd probably be overpaid by about 8 million a season for the next three years, but you take that on if you can get a guy like Turner who has perennial all-star potential.

This is a nice way to opt out of the Joe Johnson insanity and get a great young player that leaves the team in position to build out for the long haul.

Of course, would the 76ers actually do this deal?  It's REAL hard for me to imagine.  I can't see any franchise selling a pick when the guy has as much hype as Turner, their fanbase should never forgive them if they do.


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  • A few flaws with this plan if you ask me. One, Turner is a completely unproven talent. As much as Joe Johnson or Carlos Boozer or David Lee could be a bad contract, you're guaranteeing taking on a bad contract in brand with a possibility of no production for it. Turner's rebounding and assist numbers may not translate to the NBA playing the 2 given he played PG in college and was playing against smaller, less athletic players, and his scoring numbers might not either seeing as he doesn't have deep range or great athleticism.

    Problem number 2, working off some of problem 1, is that Turner isn't a good fit next to Rose. Not a great shooter or athlete and dominated the ball to get his numbers in college. It's like having a homeless man's version of LeBron, only he might not be as good as Rose on the ball so you could have to play Turner off the ball and eliminate what he's good at.

    Finally, problem #3 (which may not be a problem) is that FA happens after the draft. I'd imagine there's some sort of time frame where if you don't trade a FA after a little while you have to wait awhile. Could be wrong but I'd guess you can't just trade a draftee in August or something. So you may not really have any time to determine whether or not you'll be getting a FA before you have to make that Turner deal.

  • No team can make a trade before July 1 because no one has any cap space.
    I am assuming that Philly would not want to take salaries back. If they are - and that makes no sense - they could trade him now.
    I also think Collins would have a fit. I'm sure having the #2 pick was the determining factor in taking his job.

  • I agree with derza222. For all you know, Turner might turn out to be ordinary. It is a fashion to compare draftees to some player who became a star and has the same physical features. Turner is being compared to Brandon Roy.., you never know. It is a big risk. He might turn out to be a Roy like player or he might turn out like Loul Deng(even Loul was touted as not athletic). If it is Wall, probably. I like what Minnesota did last year ..which is collect a lot of the same position picks and evaluate. But they selected the wrong players though...

    That said, Elton Brand is not a super bad player in my opinion. He was injured plus he didn't fit into the system. The Bulls should also look into trading for David West, Chris Kaman, Al Jefferson, Gortat...

  • I like this idea if we strike out in FA. Maybe some sort of deal involving Hinrich, Johnson, Rights to Asik and the 17 pick for Elton Brand and the #2 pick? Don't think Philly would do it but its a starting point. I know Collins loves Hinrich though haha.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    with further thinking we can't do it unless Deng is involved or we can say goodbye to Noah. JR is not going to be going into the tax with this team.

  • In reply to jrmart5:


    CHRIS BOSH has just given Toronto a wish list as to where he wants to be traded.


    CHICAGO is on that list.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    Yea, I think they would if we had a high pick as well. If we had the number 4 and they were getting back Cousins or Favors then they could but we dont so they wont.

    Its a great gesture Doug but it aint happening, unless alot of folks wanna lose their jobs.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    Interesting...i do like Turner and i think he will end up being a very good player at the next level. Possibly even a All Star...i think he will be that good. One thing i do know is that Turner doesnt like Rose lol They were big rivals back in high school, but they both grown up since then, so i doubt it would be a problem. Plus we would have a Chicago flavor backcourt...that would be pretty neat to see.

    By the Way....Gar/Pax SIGN SHAUN LIVINGSTON THIS SUMMER TO PLAY BACKUP PG FOR US! HE IS 6'8 and very good vision! He would deff. be a solid player for us playing in a backup role to Rose. Plus again, hes from Peoria! :)

    Brand is about done if you ask me. But if it was either this idea or signing Joe Johnson.....I think, i might take this one instead. Turner has a really bright future imo.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    Proposals at this time of year are entertaining. This deal sounds interesting, but by no means is Turner a sure thing. I would be very shocked if the Bulls cleared all that cap room, and an unproven like Evan Turner(who I watched in many, many games and at times at least is a finger pointing crybaby).

    If the Bulls settled for this guy and a washed up/totally non-max free agent quality in Brand, I'd b shutting off the t.v. Turner could proved to be a star/superstar, but I'd be pissed if this is what they took/did.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    Ya i think so too....Turner will be a very very good player imo. He could even go #1 if it wasnt for Wall's upside and potential because right now Turner is the better player.

  • In reply to jrmart5:

    I'll take Brand if they take Deng, and we swap their 1st rounder for ours and Charlotte's. I'll even throw in Taj or the rights to Asik.

    I love Turner, and the prospects for him in a back court with Rose, but not giving up our shot at a max. If we can maintain the cap room and get him, we'd be looking really attractive to the forward free agents.

    Another option would be if we can work both this and a sign and trade for Bosh out before the draft. That would give us more maneuverability in negotiations.

  • In reply to jrmart5:


    I would be all about it if we could not get Bosh and/or Lebron.

  • Brand is set to make $16 million this year.

    That still gives the Bulls room either keep Law and Miller or add some different guys.

    It's something to think about.

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