Who wants free playoff tickets? [really]

Do you want to see the Bulls beat up by the Cavaliers, assuming they make the playoffs?   Are you unemployed, building up your safety net, or not quite interested enough in seeing a slaughter to drop 100 bucks on a game?

Update - I was able to purchase 22 tickets, but 4 of those tickets are for game C (game 6) which as we all know may not be played.

Update Part 2 - A couple of notes:  I'm not looking to make trades here, so if you are offering me something in return for tickets it won't help/hurt you.   I appreciate the offers, but this is meant to be a "pay it forward" style give away since I've been lucky in life, and I'd like to be able to help out other people in a small way.  

Second, you don't need to post your email address in the post as long as it's the same email address you signed up for (you are free to post it, but then you'll get more spam from robots crawling the internet by doing so). 

Free playoff tickets can be yours.   I've been giving away tickets for the past three playoff years for friends on realgm and bullspodcasters, but now the offer extends to readers of my blog. 

Here's the deal:
1) Tickets will be given away in pairs.

2) Tickets will be given away on a pseudo-random basis to anyone who comments that they want tickets to this thread [I generally give away tickets randomly, but I'm not made of stone, so if you have a particularly good reason why you should get them go ahead and post it.   Note being the ultimate Bulls fan doesn't count unless you are like Justin and have proof and are saying this factually rather than stating an opinion].

3) I purchased 11 sets of tickets.

4) You must give me a valid email address to send you the tickets [I'll email you at the account you signed up for this blog with to see if that works prior to sending out the tickets to you].


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  • Man, I'd love tickets to a Bulls playoff game. Honestly, I just want them for me and my father - we've never been to a Bulls game and I can't think of a better present for his 65th birthday (it's next week).

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    Doug, I would like to be considered for the tickets. I'm living at home post college, and can't think of a better way to give back to my parents for helping me out.

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    Hi Doug,

    I have been following your work since I first discovered your daily post on realgm with all the news link for the Bulls that day. I have been a loyal realgm reader since Royal announced the site on an unnamed site many years ago.

    Anyways I want to go and take my 7 year old son to a playoff game. He has watched probably 40 games with me this season and has been asking to attend a game, so it would be his first and to be a playoff game would be something I think he would remember forever.

    If I get a set of tickets I'd be sure to take pictures and my son and I would write about our experience/take photos for you to post on your blog or just to see how your good deeds play out. Either way this is just awesome man, and keep up the great work!

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    pick me!
    This is the first year since I moved to Chicago that I haven't yet been to a game!
    (I'm a college student trying to live simply on a budget)

    It would be a great treat to be able to go with my girlfriend to a game (she's never been to an NBA playoff game)

    Love your blog

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    Doug, I'm an undergrad at Cal Berkeley - my first memory of basketball and first favorite team was the Bulls in the '93 finals. I don't remember the Paxson game winner but I used to watch vintage games and went through that game several years ago. I'm a daily RealGM Bulls forum lurker and a big time Derrick Rose fan ever since I saw his high school highlights. I've only been to Chicago once - when I visited UChicago, which I seriously entertained going to for Economics. The only non-food item I bought during my visit was a Bulls cap, which is also the only Bulls memorabilia I own. I love the city of Chicago based on that trip and would like to return someday; I would be blown away with the opportunity to go to Chicago again and to attend my first ever Bulls game, especially a playoff matchup against LeBron and the Cavs. I very much admire your kindness to strangers and I would like to thank you for even presenting this opportunity.

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    I was looking to take my brother to a playoff game for his 21st birthday. We are both huge fans from NY, however I have had the pleasure of being at the UC once when I was 16, whereas the closest hes came is via NBA league pass. Since he is a college student he has very little time to work as much as he'd like making his income very minimal and my income isn't large enough to buy us both tickets and pay for travel.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could send 2 tickets this way. If not, I still I appreciate the opportunity very much.



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    Appreciate the offer. Would love to be part of the raffle.

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    Wow Doug you are amazing. I'd love the opportunity to be included in this if there are any tickets left. If there are now than kudos for such a generous offer anyways!!

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    I'd love a pair of tickets, Doug!

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    Hey Doug,
    First...love the blog. I came across it recently. Being a Bulls fan, I enjoy reading everyone's comments and your insight.

    Second...I echo everyone's sentiments: thanks for the offer. If you could consider me in the free tickets, great. I will represent Northern Illinois and the Bulls proudly!

    Thanks again for this outlet. Best to you.

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    I would love a pair!I'm currently unemployed and don't have the $ to buy them myself right now. I have a 9 yr old daughter who has never been to a bulls game,she would be super excited. My nephew is actually going to the finale against the celtics, so she was disappointed that she can't go,plus she also likes Lebron!! Either way thanks for the opportunity Doug. dx828@aol.com

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    hey Doug,

    I'd love to go and see the game if you an extra set. I don't post here that often anymore but i'm mainly on the bulls podcasters. Hope to win.

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    Love the articles doug, this is an extremely nice thing to do for your readers. I. Am from northwest ohio (toledo) and a lifetime bulls fan. I would love to see the bulls beat the lebron james five. I would take my best friend he is also a long time bulls fan it would be great to see chicago again I havnt been there since I was 10. Please doug I have never won anything even remotely close to this in my life. Thank you for the opportunity

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    I have plenty of money and no sob story (because I work). People who beg for free shit are pathetic.

    If I want to go to a game, I'll pay my own way. I accept nothing free from anyone!!

    Doug, you've created a bunch of monsters!!

    Interesting how this post has the most comments ever.

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    I would love to receive tickets to a Bulls playoff game. As a token of my worthiness, consider that I am in law school and was doing a take-home final yesterday, but still spared the time to watch Joakim beast the Raptors into playoff (near) oblivion, all the way until the 6:00 minute mark of the 4th quarter (when Pargo started "getting his shots up" in earnest). BTW, this is where I'm hoping to work when I graduate in about a month(!): clclaw.org/ So don't come down on me too harshly for being a near-lawyer :)

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    Count me in on the playoff tickets, as for a reason to possibly get some, I am leading in the Over/Under on your website (J-Mart)...just sayin...haha

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    Hey Doug,

    I don't really have an awesome reason for going. I did plan to try and get some tickets cause I have my cousin in Chicago now since he just started college. He moved here from Michigan last summer and I took him to one Bulls game against the Knicks when they had back to backs before the trade deadline. Basically, I told him that he has to go to a playoff game cause they are the best. He was excited...so I made up my mind that I will try and get some so we can go to the game and he can see what the playoffs are all about.

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    because lebron james murdered my family.

    okay that may not be entirely true, but it would be a great reason. Get me in that raffle please. You're a good man Dougthonus.

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    Dear Doug,

    I would love to be entered in for the contest drawing. I have attended several Bulls games in my life, but have never attended a playoff game. I would love to take my Dad to one of the games. His Birthday is this month and I was hoping it would be a birthday present to him. Thanks for doing this Doug.

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    Hi Doug,
    I will say this, im the true bulls fan who has watched their entire games their whole 2008-2009, and 2009-2010 seasons on TV except i was at game three times before. You might think thats not possible but even i couldn't watch the game on time, i always watched the game the Encore usually starting at 2 or 3am on CSN channel. And i was scared that i had to put a cover at the bottom of tv screen bout 3-4inches because you know how sometimes CSN shows up the scoreboard and i didnt want to see the result while i was watching Encore. I would love to go to playoffs game with my friend. Thank you so much fore yout time~

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    Dear Doug

    I am a religous follower of realgm and the Chicago bulls and these tickets would mean so much to me because my grandfather is coming from India for the first time ever and it would be an amazing experience if I could take him to such a historic building that's such a big part of Chicago and I never realty got to see him as a child so this would just be a great potential experience. Please consider me for this great and very kind opportunity you are offering. My email is stceb15@ymail.com
    Thank you,

  • In reply to GreenNight:

    I would love to have some playoff tickets. I registered for the site and subscribed to email alerts from your blog.

  • I would love to take my wife out to the Bulls playoffs game. She is a die-hard Bulls fan. I am sure she would appreciate a time out from taking care of a new born. Since giving birth to our son, she hasn't had much time to herself and relax a bit.


  • In reply to rgilan01:

    Hey Doug, been a bulls fan my whole life..born and raised in Chicago..would LOVE to go see them in the playoffs, consider me bro! GO BULLERS!

  • I would love to get a chance to see the Bulls in the playoffs. I have been a fan for 20 years and I never got a chance to see Jordan in the playoffs because of the distance (and my age). Now I am only 3 hours away from Chicago. I know I have to get to a playoff game during the Derrick Rose era.

  • I'd love to come back to Chicago for a game. I grew up in Chicago but live in St. Louis now. I had tickets to Game 6 of last year's first round series, so you can consider me a good luck charm.

  • Ok Doug, so I can't say I have a sob story. Kinda hoping the "ramdomness" factor plays in. I just wanna take my son to his 1st pro game. He sees how into it I get at home. Grew up in chi and never got to see Jordan live, that sucks but that's spilled milk. Crossing my fingers here. Thanks for considering. BTW, we all appreciate your hard work to keep up this blog. The podcasts were awesome but to be able to posts the blogs so realtime is just as good.

  • I'll admit that I very much enjoy reading your blog and you are seriously the first place I go for my Chicago Bulls news. I don't have a particular sob story but I am one hell of a Bulls fan. I nearly pass out during a Bulls game because of how passionate and into the game I get [it's such mental fatigue!]. More than anything, it would be absolutely fantastic if I could take my older sister to a game. She's been a fan for the last 20+ years but has never been to a playoff game because, well, we don't have $100+ to spend on a pair of tix. Womp womp.

    Anyway, even If I don't win the tix, thanks for even offering and keepin' this blog alive.

  • Wow, Doug. This is a very irresponsible jinx here. I'm sure you didn't forget we've still got two games against teams with winning records while the Raps play dudes with one foot in Maui... and yet not even a mention of "If the Bulls make the playoffs..." anywhere. That said, I am an American and I love free stuff, so sign me up. Just know that I'm blaming you when Rose goes down in the 2nd quarter against the C's tomorrow.

  • I would like to throw my name in. No sob story, it would only be the most awsomeness moment of my life!

  • Hey Doug,

    Do you need any legal work done? Lets make a deal... In all seriousness, I do not have a compelling story. I have, however, watched every game of the post-Jordan era Bulls. Haven't I suffered through enough for this?

    Thanks for all the good writing and enjoy the series!!

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. I would love tickets as I haven't seen a playoff game since 1992.

  • Hey Doug. I would love to send two tickets to my parents for a home game. I've been reading your blog and listening to your podcast for a year now and I love what you have to say! I am studying in Cleveland right now and will get a chance to volunteer at the games giving out food to Cavs fans (yuck). However, I will be secretly rooting for the Bulls!!

  • I'm not gonna beg you, Doug. I'm just going to tell you that the time I would spend going to a playoff game would otherwise be spent clubbing puppies.

    Let your conscience guide you.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Doug, I've been a RealGMer since 2003 and you've always been the best thing about our community. I'd love the free tickets, but really, it's not a big deal. I just hope that you succeed in this industry and go on to bigger and better things. I read your blog multiple times a day, and I read the articles on my phone while on the commute to/from my job in the Loop. Keep it up, and never stop loving and writing about the Bulls.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    You're really a good and generous person Doug. I remember the situation with your nephew, and how much you cared for his well being. This act of generosity is one among many.

    I've been as Bulls fan ever since I remember, which is strange since I've only lived in the US ever since I was 10. I remember pleading my mom to buy me a jacket with the Bulls' logo on the back for no good reason other than it was the epitome of "cool", it was visceral emotion. Since then I've immersed myself in Bulls' history, tradition, and current play. The first I ever went to was with my dad, Feb. 15th, 2003. It was a blowout of the Nuggets, in wasted season. My second game was Mar. 6th, 2008, a game in which Noah asserted himself, grabbing 20 rebounds and beating the Cavs.

    If I'm lucky enough to win a pair of these tickets, I hope my measly 2-0 streak extends to 3-0.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I should get a set of tickets because I once saved a young child's life. He was in the path of a hungry Jerry Krause at Golden Corral and I pushed him out of harm's way.

    God Bless,

  • In reply to Greddy:

    You're really a good and generous person Doug. I remember the situation with your nephew, and how much you cared for his well being. This act of generosity is one among many.

    I've been as Bulls fan ever since I remember, which is strange since I've only lived in the US ever since I was 10. I remember pleading my mom to buy me a jacket with the Bulls' logo on the back for no good reason other than it was the epitome of "cool", it was visceral emotion. Since then I've immersed myself in Bulls' history, tradition, and current play. The first I ever went to was with my dad, Feb. 15th, 2003. It was a blowout of the Nuggets, in wasted season. My second game was Mar. 6th, 2008, a game in which Noah asserted himself, grabbing 20 rebounds and beating the Cavs.

    If I'm lucky enough to win a pair of these tickets, I hope my measly 2-0 streak extends to 3-0.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Dear Doug,

    I'm a big fan of yours. And I've been following your work since your early days working on the Bulls Beat podcasts. You were actually the person who inspired me to create dunkbase.com. Anyway, I just recently got engaged to my beautiful fiancee. And even though she's a New Yorker, she watches every Bulls game with me on my slingbox (we live in Miami now). If you'd be willing to send me a couple of tickets, we'd be willing to fly back to my hometown, Chicago, to go to one of the games. She has never been to a Bulls game before and I can't think of a better opportunity for her first Bulls game at the United Center than an exciting playoff game involving Rose versus LeBron. If you'd be so kind, if you could please send two tickets to jason.seth.rubin@gmail.com, we'd be incredibly grateful. Thanks so much for your consideration and continue doing what you're doing. You're doing a great job with this site!


    Jason Rubin

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Khalid El-Amin stole my pen after I got his autograph. Dickey Simpkins is my cousins favorite Bull. We would really like to go.

    Thanks Doug!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    ive been through a helluva Chcago year, ive been shot in the stomach and legs had a colostomy bag for a long time and now its off and i need bootay lol. just had surgery March 8th and by April 19 ill be ready to get around and workout like i regularly do. id love to get these tickets it would do wonders to me and whoever else comes.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Oh, I definitely want those tickets Doug. Would love to take my son to his first Bulls game. Unfortunately his first NBA game had to be a Spurs game, so I need to make it up to him in a big way.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    You bet Doug.

    I definitely want tix. Please.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I don't think my reason is any more valid than anyone else here. But I really love the Bulls and I'd love to see them take on the Cavs in person. This would make my spring. Thanks Doug.

  • In reply to Greddy:


    I've been dealing with health issues for the past year and have been religiously watching the bulls to help me pass the time. This blog has been my companion for nearly every game and it would mean the world to me to be able to go to a playoff game this year. I haven't been to a basketball game since 2 years ago or so, and I would really love to experience the Bulls in person with Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose on the rise. I would be forever grateful if I got the tickets. Thanks,


  • In reply to Greddy:

    if i were to win the tickets and the fianc

  • In reply to Greddy:

    if i were to win the tickets and the fianc

  • In reply to Greddy:


    As you already know, I spend a lot of time making Bulls videos to pump our fans up and keep the interest going in times when we are down. I also won the Ultimate Bulls Fan of the Month after Justin. http://www.bullsconnect.com/harrisbullsfan.html I would love to win these tickets and cheer our team on against the future "Dancing With the Stars" competitor, LeBron James.


  • In reply to Greddy:

    I don't have a better reason than wanting to go to my 1st playoff game ever. Thanks doug for the chance to win

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Hi Doug,

    Again, not sure if my post worked but I'm not ailing or going through anything traumatic. Just another die hard that posts on the boards whenever VDN plays Pargo too much or after a game where Kurt doesn't provide enough thrust. I would definitely put the tix to good use.

    Thanks for your generousity Doug! That is one kind gesture!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    i have only been to one bulls game in my life and eddy curry and tyson chandler and jamal crawford was starting so u already know they got blown out the building help me wash away that memory wit some playoff tickets

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I would love to go to this (hopeful) series. I don't get to go to a lot of games. I had tickets to the first game of the Bulls/Heat playoff series (the one that we swept them) but I had to give them away because I had to attend a wedding the same date. The last two games that I went to, was game three of the Bulls/Celtics series of last year where we got destroyed and the game against the Kings this year where we blew a 35 point second half lead.

    I would not be bringing the same person that I brought to the last two games though if I was to get a pair of these tickets. Thanks for all the great work Doug. :)

  • In reply to Greddy:

    These fans here who say they can only watch Bulls games on Korean websites connected by dial-up crack me up. So spoiled. I only follow the Bulls through a series of monthly illustrations done by a neighbor. Occasionally a score is relayed to me via semafore. But only if it's clear over the gulch. Otherwise forget it. I did once hear someone tell me the story of Rose's dunk on Dragic around a campfire, but I'm not sure I believe him.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Doug, you're a champion. I'd love some free tickets but I'm like 3-6 at games this year so you should probably give them to someone wih better luck haha.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Hey Doug, I'd love a pair of tickets. I'm a poor medical student who will soon be 200k in debt and will have little to no opportunity to attend any Bulls games for the next 4 years (since I might be leaving the state). I'd love to take my little bro to a playoff game and root for a major upset against the Cavs! Thanks again for doing this!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Hey doug thanks for doing this! I would love to get the tickets so I could attend my first ever bulls game :) anyway, thanks so much for doing this! bulls realgm shout out!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    not only have we been Bulls fans for ***years, but never got to take our 2 bball playing sons to see Jordan. To make matters worse, I have to listen to Ohio friends say that LeBron is better than MJ. praying your randomness falls upon me so I can surprise our firstborn for his upcoming bday. for years, his bday would coincide with Bulls Championships. Many good memories and pics of Bulls birthday cakes! Thanks from Chicago fans living on the border of IL in WI.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Doug - I don't even need the tickets. Like you, I consider myself fortunate in that I live close to Chicago and have the means to purchase Bulls tickets if I want. I just wanted to post and say that I think you do an excellent job with the blog. Giving away tickets is above and beyond the call of duty and reflects the type of person you are. Someone out there will be extremely lucky to get those tickets and I sure as heck hope they will see a Bulls win.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Hey Doug, love the site. I would definitely love a couple of free playoff tickets so I can get a first hand view of the Bulls beating the Cavs! And so I can write about it on my site, Docksquad Sports. Great idea by the way, and good luck to everyone on here. Let's go Bulls!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    This is definitely a good way to get a bead on how many people are reading your blog, heh

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I've never been to a Bulls game and would absolutely would like to go with my girlfriend! Thank you so much in advance! :-)
    e-mail is: tstein@rhsnet.org

  • In reply to Greddy:

    OMG please Doug i want this opportunity....i have been unemployed and havent been able to go to a game this season because of lack of funds and ive been dying to see them live all year.....this would be the best gift for me.......thanks for doing this btw we all really appreciate it

  • In reply to Greddy:

    The Bulls are clearly going to win, and I don't want to miss that.

    Oh, and I'm working on organizing all of Bulls Nation into a massively fun geo-location game based on the Bulls.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    i live in nyc and im a really big bulls fan.. i was able to see two games this season and would to get the opportunity to see them in the playoffs!!..please make my dream come true!!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I'd love to so I can bring my friend from France who never went to a game. I'll offer inside info on 2010 in exchange :D

  • In reply to Greddy:

    this is pretty cool! would like free tix :)

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Id like to win the bulls tickets, ive been a die hard fan since i was 5 but was never able to attend a game. I always spent my money paying my way through high school and depaul....This would be a real dream come true for me....maybe a miracle..

  • In reply to Greddy:

    No great story here. Just a college student and huge bulls fan. Awesome offer though, I'd love the tickets.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    My grandfather was born on the south side of Chicago so naturally I became a Bulls fan...and every other Chi-town team. After 30 years in the Marine Corps he retired in Yuma, AZ.

    Now in my final year of college (@ University of Arizona in Tucson) I think it would be a great opportunity to visit the town
    I would definitely take my grandmother to visit grandfather's family, some of which I haven't met. Not too mention how bad my grandmother would love to watch an Oprah show.

    Great promotion -- thank you for the opportunity.


  • In reply to Greddy:

    I dont' have a story. I just want Dennis Rodman in the Basketball Hall of Fame, not posthumously.

    Go Bulls!!!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Life long Bulls fan, never been to a playoff game. I am a college student in Chicago and have no money. I just turned 21 and my tickets from my parents were to see the Bulls game last Thursday. I had looked forward to it for months and of course Lebron didn't play. Please give me a second chance.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    When you started giving away your season tix on nights you and the lovely Mrs. Thonus couldn't attend, I lived in Florida.

    I moved 1,000 miles to the bitter cold just on the chance that you would decide to start a podcast and a blog and that you would make it so big that someday you'd be giving away playoff tickets.

    I was THAT confident in you. :D

    Seriously, though, what impresses me the most about Doug isn't the free tickets- it's Doug saying that this is a "pay it forward" thing for him because "I've been lucky in life".

    A lesser man who has had to deal with some of the illnesses that your immediate family has suffered might not be so quick to say that he's been lucky in life.

    You truly have an amazing outlook on life there, Doug. Major kudos to you, plus of course some kudos for the ticket giveaway.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Wow Doug,what a nice thing to do. You're the best! I'm not going to read the other comments cause I don't want to see some real hard luck cases and feel guilty! Anyway, I've been a hard core fan since I was 9 years old in 1989. I went to my first game ever last season with my wife on St. Patricks day and saw us beat the Celtics. We really splurged on those tickets but for us it was a vacation. Despite living nearby in Madison I've never really been able to afford to go to other games. I believe the Bulls have a shot against the Cavs - maybe I'm just a huge homer. I'd absolutely love to go, and my wife who is from Indonesia has become just as big of a Bulls freak as me, so this would be an absolute thrill for us if chosen! Oh sorry I've never been able to make it to your draft party or other party - I've always wanted to but not been able to afford to take off of work. Maybe next year! I've only been planning on it since I came to RealGM 9 years ago! - teamCHItown (Eric)

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Well, I'd sure love to have those tickets, I can say...again, hoping the randomness plays a factor if you happen to choose me...heh, I'm pretty young, so I'll definitely have other chances to see one, but all the same, it would be great. Thanks!

  • In reply to Greddy:

    I would love those tickets. I've been to 1 game, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks for the generosity Doug. Go Bulls!


  • In reply to Greddy:

    Hey, leaving a comment... I've been a pod cast listener since it was called Bulls Beat (without the chicago in the name)... I mean seriously just checked and I still have episode #3 on my computer... and now I am a daily blog reader

  • I have to say, I too am a little worried about the hubris we are all displaying. But alas, I love the Bulls so much that I will risk a jinx if it means I get to see them in the playoffs. I know, that logic made no sense. So, here I am, writing an irrational plea for tickets. My goal is that you too, Doug, experience an irrational moment and select this rambling comment. Work has kept me out in the District of Columbia with my Boston roommate for the past three years. Please let me come home to Chicago and leave him and his beloved Celtic talk alone for a few nights. I need to watch the Bulls play live somewhere other than where a giant wizard masks the hardwood floor and handguns are commonplace in locker rooms. Plus, my nephew would consider me the coolest uncle in the world if I brought him to the game. Best of luck in the disbursement.

  • I'll try to keep this short. I've been through it all by myself. I suffered through the first few post Jordan years alone. I had the nearly impossible task of explaining to my 5 year old son why the Bill Cartwright coached Bulls were more noble than the Lakers. And you know what? He hung in there with me. He named his first fish

  • I would love a pair of tickets! My fiancee and I really want to go, but we are trying to save money on account of the getting married.

  • No real sob story here, Doug. Just your standard poor college student, never seen a Bulls playoff game, ready to graduate and go off into the harsh light of the world and would love one last opportunity to feel ALIVE...

    Wait, what was the question again?

  • Hi Doug
    Enjoy your articles. I would love to take my son who is 7 years old and has become a super Bulls Fan. Unfortunately, I am unemployed right now...that's why you see posting back so many comments.
    Also, hoping a fellow Schaumburg resident can use your tickets..

  • Sadly, I missed out in the Jordan days... Please, I don't want to miss out on the Rose days.

  • pick me!

  • Doug,

    You know how bad I want to see James "Dickey" Johnson play, right?


    All the spice and debate I brought to this blog this year, who better to give the tickets too?

    I'm fun, sometimes frustrating, very opinionated, always loyal to this blog and overall just a good guy.

    Good luck with your decisions. Choose wisely :)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Did i mention that I LOVE the Bulls?

    I GREW UP on Bulls' basketball, grade school through college. I haven't seen a live game since '98. It would be fun to take my dad to a game, since he always took me as a kid.

    I had to go CAPS on you, at least once more time, with playoff tickets at stake.

    (more laughter)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would love to give some heartwarming tale of bringing my cancer ridden son, or beloved wife of 50 years (both unlikely, considering I'm only 25)but the guilt of living a lie would overcome my poor attempt at making a tasteless joke. The truth is, I'm pretty much clinically insane the closer in proximity I get to the United Center. I despise Lebron James with a passion, and given the opportunity to boo that nanny, and send him packing to Dancing With The Stars with his homeboy, Ochocinco.

    Oh, and I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally love the Bulls. :)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    realized I never finished my sentence while calling Lebron a nanny. I'm not even British, it was just the first thing I thought of, and made me laugh. But what would I do, given the chance to boo him? Well, he would be unlikely to hear me from the stands, but if two people around me join me, and two more people join them, and two more people join them, its inevitable for Lebron to be showered by an 18,000 strong chorus of nanny calling.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, this is a great thing you are doing here. I would love to take my girlfriend and myself to see the Cavs in round 1 should we be so lucky to get there.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hi Doug. This is the former Sammy(too long articles/contradicts you far too often - yeah, that guy). I had trouble getting on here with a new pc, so I just started a new account/name.

    I've been to plenty of Bulls games the last couple of years. I'm not an amputee, and I don't have a newborn or am 70 and have never seen a game. They all sound like good reasons/people to me(though I wish the tickets would go to regular contributors and not first time callers i.e carpetbaggers - kidding sort of). If you could spare a couple for my son Riley and I that'd be awesome. We have never seen a playoff game live though I don't know if Riley would survive the noise.

    Anyway, enjoy the playoffs. I know I will. Derrick and Noah are studs in this setting(thinking Deng will do his part as well), and I think we're in if we can beat the Celts Tues. Later

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I've never been to a Bulls game. Been a fan since the Jordan days but just couldn't really afford it. This would be a great first game!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Sign me up for tickets! I live in Miami and have to fly in for all my Bulls games. I saved up a ton so I could fly to Boston for Game 7 last year, i'll def be at one of the games if I get tickets!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    My wife is in Chicago now, visting her 84 Y.O. Dad.
    I'd like to win tickets for them.
    I'll stick to cursing at the big screen!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, I have never seen a Bulls game live. Sure, getting crushed by the Cavs (if we ever get there) doesn't seem like fun, but having not been to the UC despite living in the area, I would love the opportunity.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug,

    I would love to go to a game. I have been working two jobs since the begging of the season to support my wife and child. At this point purchasing tickets to any event is not possible for me. I would love a chance to be able to see a game this year. I haven't had many opportunities to go to games and I would love to be able to attend one.

    Further, one of my jobs is as a valet at a club that nfl and nba players frequent in Chicago and I could pass along some stories for you about bulls and bears I have seen.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, heres my pitch on why I should get playoff tickets. I am a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. So living in the dorms we dont get Bulls games on TV. So I am stuck to watching the Bulls games on my computer illegally on some Korean websites. The quality sucks and it looks like a bad Youtube video. I read just about every post here on you website. Then i only look at the other comments in which you post something in response.

    I have been to 2 Bulls games this year. The KINGS game when they blew the 35 point lead. It been very hard to recover. Then the Jazz game recently when Deron Williams killed the Bulls.

    I hope you read my post and consider me for playoff tickets if the Bulls are fortunate to make it. Thanks alot.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would love these tickets, me and my bro love the bulls, and we dont often get to go to games, tix are too expensive, going to see the bulls play the cavs would be the coolest thing we've done all year.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I can't lie-my television set is crap. Joakim's hair gets cropped out of frame when he goes up for rebounds, it's so damn tiny. This is no way to watch the playoffs. In person would be much, much better.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Doug!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug, I am a long time realgm reader (recent contributor) and have followed your blog since you started it last year. I'm from France and just came to Chicago 3 months ago for my new job. It's a dream to be here as I got closer to the team I have been a fan of for many years. Bulls have become an obsession since I knew I was moving here! I'm planning on starting my own blog en Francais if I ever have time (should happen soon).

    I would love to get tickets to the Cavs because I have obviously never watched a Bulls playoff game + I really believe the Bulls have a chance against Cleveland. We have given them a hard this season being a tough matchup for them and I expect effort to be at least as strong as soon as game 1 starts.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug - You know I am always down for the free tickets. Seriously though - I haven't been to a game since I moved here. Would love to go to a playoff game.

    Please Mr. Thonus, may I have sum' more?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dear Doug,

    Hey, this is David. I would love to receive tickets from you to see the Bulls play in the playoffs. My girlfriend is a big Lakers and Kobe fan...as well as a Bulls and Derrick Rose hater. I need to set her straight. Playoff tickets to see the Bulls (hopefully) upset the Cavs would be a great first step in that direction.

    Please consider giving the tickets to me! I would greatly appreciate it! My email is davidpeterchou@gmail.com.

    Thank you!

    David Chou

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hello Doug, I am a die hard bulls fan(since the Khalid El Amin days lol) and a consistent reader of your blog. In all Honesty i have never been to A Bulls playoff game ever and probably won't be able to buy tickets this year due to my 2008 Aveo getting wrecked in a car accident. The perpetrator's insurance is giving us a hard time and now we must file a lawsuit to get at least half of what what it cost to fix the car :( . Anyways to get to go to a playoff game and experience the rowdy and electric crowd that i always see on TV would be Amazing! and would really bring some joy to my life through these rough times. Thanks :)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would love to go. It would make me very happy to see Derrick Rose live!

    I never been to a bulls game in my life so this would be the ultimate!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug,

    That's really awesome of you! I hope that I'm one of the ten lucky ones to win the playoff tickets. My fiance and I are getting married in June in Baltimore, so I would love to take her to her first Bulls game before our wedding! Playoff tickets are soo expensive, so I definitely can't afford them with the wedding around the corner. God bless ya! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I should clarify - when I say 'sum more', it is only a reference to poor Oliver asking for porridge. I've never gotten tickets or porridge from Doug, so by saying 'sum more' I'm actually saying "Please Mr. Thonus fill by bowl for the very first time with your porridge/playoff tickets."

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I want free Bulls playoff tickets! I can't afford them and I've never been to a playoff game.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    wow what a great contest. im hoping to get the tickets to take my gf to see the bulls play lebron. my gf got tickets for last weeks game, only to have lebron not play. needless to say, i was angry. if i get the tickets, i promise to boo lebron with a burning rage.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Last year my stepdad and I went to game 6 against the Celtics. This easily ranks as one of my best sports moments.But more importantly it has brought my stepfather and I together in so many ways.

    I paid for those tix last year but as a college student that may prove to be more difficult this year. I look forward to watching the games with him this year and it would be fantastic to see another one in person with my dad.

    Thanks for doing this Doug, This is a really generous thing to do.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'd love some free playoff tickets Doug! The only "credentials" I can say I have is that I'm the stereotypical poor college student who is about to graduate into a mountain of debt. This would certainly take some of the edge off of having to start paying that off.

    Whether or not I'm one of the lucky few who gets a pair of tickets, this is incredibly nice of you and is yet another reason Bulls Confidential is a tri-daily stop for me.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hi Doug,

    Free playoff tickets? Count me in :P

    My friend and I are diehard Bulls fans that grew up in Chicago but have had to move to Wisconsin *shudders*. The only way we watch non-nationally televised Bulls games is through League Pass Broadband (and the occasional illegal online stream). We would gladly make the trip down to Chicago to see DRose & Co. put up a fight against the Cavs.

    Keep up the generosity!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug! Count me in!

    Props again for doing this. There oughta be a Doug Thonus Statue in front of MJ's!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hi Doug,

    Please count me in on the playoff tickets. You are very generous. May buddha bless you and shine light unto your giving soul.

    Peace be with you

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug,

    Firstly, your generosity is always appreciated not just by me, but by everyone of your readers here.

    I'd really love to take my brother out to a game, we haven't been to a game since we saw Brad Miller with the Kings here in 06. Being in college, its hard to spend money on things other than tuition or books. So this would definitely be a treat, and I would be greatly indebted to you.



  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If you pick me, can I have a seat next to Mr. Happy?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I know I'm #79, but I've never even been to a Bulls game and would love to take one of my kids with me. Please consider me. Thanks!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Would like to give the tickets to my dad and brother. Both have helped pay for my college education and have been providers and they are big time Bulls fans smart ones too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug - hook me up with the bulls tickets.
    www.facebook.com/luoldeng <- this is me. Sadly, I got this name before he signed that big contract, and now i'm stuck with his name for life! You can ease the pain by hooking me up with a pair! I'll have my brothers fight over the other ticket (also pictured in my profile pic).

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I will bring Noah-like heat and passion to the quiet and corporate UC. I will force all the bankers, lawyers, doctors and accountants to get off their keisters and cheer. I'll close line Benny like George the Animanl Steel. I will do these things in a Joakim sear-sucker with a sign that says "Just say no to Pargo."
    mattseliger1@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Douglas. Doug. Douuggie. haha
    Well I know you're "giving" these away for a good comment left, but im here to do a kind of trade...

    Well, i was born in chicago and when i was 11 i moved to wisconsin dells, wi. My parents bought a motel in the dells and we run that every summer. I know that most of our guest are from chicago...and im guessing you are too. So my proposal is, for a pair of playoff tickets, I can convince my parents to give you a guest room(2 queen beds) for 50% off for 2 nights in the month of may of june. (If it is a weekend it might be like a 25% discount) the room includes 4 passes to mt. olympus water and theme park.
    So, eitehr you can give away one fo your pairs of tickets and get a big thank you from some one
    trade them for a 2 night vacation in the Dells with passes to water/theme parks included.
    And my biggest point to make.....im tunring 19 this friday!!!! (april 16th)
    The motel website is www.monacomotel.com
    the water park passes that are included: www.mtolympuspark.com
    I really believe it would be un-wise to not take me up on this. email me for my phone number so we can talk. Thanks

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Also i could go off on how big of a fan i am...but...like...why? lol
    robniski@gmail.com is my email..ask for my number if you want that Dells vaca! lol

  • Evilhoban would like to drive down from Duluth to attend such an awesome event. Please consider him for a pair of tickets....especially if Mr. Happy is going to be there.

  • Doug, you got my attention...

  • Hey Doug, I'd love Bulls tickets. I just finished college a few weeks ago (and now I get to look forward to student loan payments - yay). Currently looking for an actual job in my field (anyone need a computer helpdesk employee or junior sysadmin?).

    As for my Bulls fandom, the last few Bulls games I have been able to attend were the Bulls split squad scrimmage before last season, then it was a home opener a few years back when Sacramento ended up beating us with a last second three, and then the only other game post-Jordan was a a surprise win during the Tim Floyd years (and it was a game that Jay Williams missed...).

    Anywho, have been a fan since the early days of the podcast and thanks again for still making episodes in spite of your busy schedule.

    Keep up the good work with the podcast, blog, and realGMing (as well as things not internet/Bulls related).

  • I registered. Good luck to everyone.

  • I know, I know... I'm just giving you guff. You're the most altruistic bulls blogger on this site, Doug.

    Besides, Toronto will handle both those teams easily and the Bulls will probably blow one of their games in characteristic fashion so none of this matters anyway (Reverse jinxing my ass off here).

  • Thanks Doug for this opportunity. People here probably have a better reason on why they deserve the tickets as I have been very fortunate to be given a ticket to go with my friend to two regular season bulls games. It would be great if I could take him to a playoff game in return.

  • lol i cant help but think that your "no trades" update was directed towards me....

    Maybe the fact that the 16th is my birthday will persuade you? no? ..ok

    Well good luck to all. Hope I'm a lucky one.

    Side Note: Pay it forward...good movie. Great message.

  • Wow DougThonus this is really generous. I've been a long-time reader and a long-time listener to the PodCast, but I've never been one to be a commenter (hope that doesn't hurt my chances... lol). I'll actually be in and around the area for family reasons during playoff time and would love to surprise my mom who still laments NBC losing the NBA (as do I!). Anyway keep up the good work and good luck with your picks for ticket winners.

  • Probably....:)

  • Can't say that I'm any more deserving then any of these other peeps, but always worth a shot. Even if we end up getting slaughtered, watching D.Rose live is probably even more beautiful than on the big screen. Amazing that you do things like this, very cool.

  • Hey Doug, honestly a big fan here, and I would love to get these playoff tickets. I'm a young kid and have never gone to a Bulls playoff game, or any playoff game for that matter. I have been to one Bulls game, unfortunately it was the one earlier this year against the Raptors when Jarett Jack decided to tie his shoe. I know that this would be a experience that I would remember for the rest of my life, even if they get swept. This really is a great thing that you're doing. Thanks. Kunaal.

  • Hi Doug, I post at realgm under JoNoNRose and while I can't say I've never been to a Bulls game, I will say I'm capable of posting a comment, so please let the random gods guide your random choosing mind onto this spot. I will bring any sign of your choice and you can even make a big exciting vote about it. Also my roommate was lucky and went to game 6 last year and now I will forever be jealous

  • Dear Mr. Doug,

    I would love to go to a bulls home game, but to have the oppurtunity to attend a bulls home playoff game against LeBron and the Cavs is just overwhelming. I hope that you will be as so kind as to give me a pair of your tickets. And T o all bulls fans dont worry cuz we gotz dis series. The Cavs are not taking dis away from D-Rose and Noah

  • Well i follow the Bulls even through the miserable seasons with Jalen Rose as their "all star". I was probably around 12 at the time and even joined things such as Jalen Rose's fan club! haha But i am a student and live at UIC and work downtown as well.All my money goes toward tuition and books. I would love to go see a playoff game finally where the Bulls have their stars in Rose and Noah. I haven't missed a game on TV all season, and would love to make one of those games in real life. Thank you!

  • count me in... id like to get in on this! :)

  • Ummm... Posting... and man... who knew there were this readers (I mean beyond the mrhappy's of the world)... I thought I was so much more alone... Pretty sweet

    p.s. pulling a Kush on that last podcast, eh?

  • What's up Doug!! So I'm reading my bleacher reprt and I bump into free tickets! WHAT!!! Me and my three year old son are huge bulls fans.. Actually he's a Noah fan!! Probably bc he's the tallest and most recongnizable!! But really we'd love to go!! It be his first game. Abd actually mine thus season too. What better than a pjayoof game against Lebron and them. Realistacally I give the Bulls a slim chance but shhooot! I'm there for the cheering and the good times. So yea - pick me?

  • Hey Doug, it's me Bulls_MIT. Obviously you know how long I've been a member of Realgm, posting on the Bulls message board for about 10 years now. To anyone else who doesn't know me, I moved to Chicago in '87, the year Pip and Grant came in, and since then I've witnessed almost every game, most on TV, dozens live and twice for free .. thanks due to a free ticket from Doug in 2006 .. and one time when I snuck into a game back in 1996. I'd love to add to my memories of living the life of a DIE HARD BULLS FAN!

  • Thanks for your willingness to pay it forward! I never got to see Jordan play in a Bulls uniform (by the time I had disposable income, he was already in a Wizards uni) and appreciate your generosity!

  • I would love to receive free playoff tickets because like any true Bulls fan, I would love to see the athletic majesty that is Joe Alexander sitting on the bench picking in his ear for two and a half hours live and in person. Also, I hear LeBron is cool to watch in person or something. Whatever, I WANT ALEXANDER.

  • Hey Doug, like many others on here I am a huge Bulls fan and a regular contributor on realgm. I am a college student who would absolutely love an opportunity to go to a Bulls playoff game. My dad, who is also a big Bulls fan, is working when he should already be retired in order to put me through school, and I think it'd be a great 'thank you' to be able to take him to a playoff game vs the Cavs. Thanks for the consideration, and for such a generous offer!

  • Doug....LUV your blog coverage & podcasts!!! I know it's a random choice so I won't bore you with my story. Thanks for the ticket opportunity...and if the job search goes slow I'd pay to read your blog (I don't have a lot of disposable income, if any at all, but I'd rather spend it here than on ESPN insider). Best of luck!!!

  • Doug, I've been listening to your podcasts and reading you both here and @ realgm for years years. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love a ticket!

  • Hey Doug, been reading realgm for awhile and that's how I know about you. Thanks for this giveaway, really appreciate what you did with your coverage and helping people out in the community.

  • me

  • Hey Doug, I am 18 years old and i am a freshman at UIC. My girlfriend of nearly 3 years birthday is coming up and she would love to go to the game, as would I. Being in college, I can not afford to buy her these tickets so it would be awesome if you could help me out. Thanks a lot Doug.

  • What's up Doug!

    My name is Brian, I consider myself a hard core Bulls fan because I basically revolve my life around the Bulls. My family and girlfriend thinks I'm too much of a fanatic but I just can't help it, and if I had the opportunity to attend a Bulls playoff game, I would cheer my butt off like I always do and influence everyone to cheer for the Bulls like there's no tomorrow. Thanks Doug!

  • Thanks for the opportunity for free tickets. Great work with the blog. Definitely one of my "go to" blogs everyday concerning the Bulls.

  • Man, that would be great, thanks for the opportunity Doug. This would really set a definitive turning point as things have started to look up after a tough couple years. Plus it would be my first game since I'm the only one into basketball in my family, and it would give me an opportunity to show my girlfriend Chicago.

    Too bad I can't afford to both buy tickets and fly out.

  • Doug-
    Would love the tickets. I am a junior at the University of Illinois. Born and raised in Chicago. Die-hard Bulls fan my whole life. Even through those though years in the early 2000s with guys like Eddie Robinson on the team. Would love to come back up from Champaign to the CHI for a game. Not too much disposable income as a college student. I've never won anything in my life, and would love to go to a playoff game. I probably watch around 90% of the regular season games as is and wouldn't miss a playoff game for anything. Being at the UC for it would make it all the more enjoyable. I honestly would struggle choosing who I would go with because there is so many good options with many of my best friends being die-hard bulls fans as well, but would love to make that decision if given the chance. Found this blog this year and really appreciate your insights and posts. I definitely check it out daily. GO BULLIES!!!!!!

  • Well Doug, I just hope that i can be one of the select few that can watch a game at the United Center, I live for my Chicago Bulls through the rough times and through the glory days of his airness. I am from Los Angeles, so i always get this or that for being a Bulls fan and being a traitor to the lakers, but i always respond that i love the bulls regardless of wins n loses. I have gone to laker games to see my bulls play and always representing with a jersey. One of the things on my to do list before i die is to go to a chicago bulls game so this would mean the world to me. Hopefuly you see it in your heart to grant me this wish. God Bless and keep up the with the great articles.

  • Doug, Bulls playoff tickets would be a dream come true. Im in college and my family has never had any money so Bulls tickets in general are very expensive. Ive watched every Bulls game I can remember, but I'm from West Virginia so most on websites with terrible feeds. Ive been to two Bulls games a blowout in Cleveland, and the most recent loss to Pheonix for my first time in Chicago. I would really love to see a playoff game in Chicago! Thanks regardless.

  • Doug, I really hope to get the tickets because I am a huge fan and haven't been able to make it to a game this year. I love the blog and read it everyday and would be so appreciative of the opportunity to go. Thank you for the amazing, free content from this site regardless of if I win or not! You are the man.

  • Hey Doug thanks for the opportunity here. Last season my little brother gave me his credit card and told me to buy us tickets for the celtic's series while he was at work. I got us tix for game three and I have feld awful about it ever since haha. Would love to return the favor and take him to a game this year.

  • Doug, you are such a great guy for doing this. You actually paid for all of these tickets with your own cold hard cash? That is just awesome.

    I listen to all of your podcasts and read all you blogs and I love your insight other than the fact that I think you are a little to rough on D-Rose at times. :)I have been to three games in my lifetime(3-0, so I'm a good luck charm)and I don't really have a great story like a lot of these people, but why not give it a shot? I am probably more of a diehard Bulls fan than a lot of people my age(18) and I watch every single game.

    I've never won anything, so I don't expect to win this, but I definitely give you props for doing this. Hopefully you target the people that have never been to a game because that will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

    Go Bulls!

  • Hey I've been a reader of the blog and really enjoy it. I'm a huge fan, but also in college and poor so haven't had an opportunity to see the bulls live recently. Only been to 1 game ever, and would love to be at a playoff game.

  • Doug, The Force is what gives a Bulls fan his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. It would seem to me that your tickets would be in good hands with The Force.

    ^^^ see what I did there?

  • basically i'd like tickets because i've never been able to go to a game until this year and i was blown away. I think i deserve them because I am purely awesome. Just kidding, but tickets would be great! Thanks for doing this.

  • Gimme those playoff tickets to see the Bull get they @$$ beat by Lebron!

  • I've been reading the blog for awhile, so I figure that I might as well sign up and try for some playoff tickets too!

  • Wow, a lot of folks coming out of the woodwork when Bulls playoff tix are on the line!

    Doug, I'd love a shot at a pair of tix as well. Thanks for the generosity.

  • Seeing a bulls playoff game is on my bucket list! Im not dying or anything, but then again... arent we all? Eventually anyways. PLEASE ticket me!

  • Hi Doug, thank you for the free ticket offer! I have been a Bulls fan for over 20 years even when they were down in the dumps post-Jordan era. As painful as it is to watch them at times I still watch pretty much every game and I would be delighted to attend a playoff game against Lebron. Thanks Again!

  • so what's up Doug.... i stumbled on to Chicago Now during the preseason and I've been reading your posts for the entire season. I have to give credit where it's due, it's obvious you're a real bulls fan but it's awesome that you write informative and mostly unbiased posts. The reason i would like a pair of tickets is because my wife recently decided that she is Joakim Noah fan. I've been to a number of games this season but she was unable to go because of her work schedule. I know she would love to see Joakim Noah in person and i would love see a bulls playoff game even if it is a loss to the Cavs.

  • Long time Bulls fan would love to take my son to his first Bulls game. I have the Bulls family tree (from the realgm post a month or so ago..how did we get to here) printed and posted right next to my own family tree at home and am much more familiar with the Bulls one! I could recall every move made to get us where we are today......Hopefully the playoffs!

  • Hey Doug - I don't think you're as crazy as others at BlogaBull think you are :) Tickets would be swell.

  • I would love some tickets. I'm a lifelong Bulls fan (not a very long life - 18 years), but have never been to a Bulls game, mostly because my dad's a bit on the cheap side. Coincidentally, his name is also Jerry R. Come on, you can empathize with that!

  • Hey I would like to win these tickets so I could take my little brother to one of the games.. he just started watching bulls games and I hopw a playoff game would make him a bigger fan

  • I would love to be a part of the playoff ticket opportunity. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much for doing this giveaway. Lifelong Bulls fan here.

    Being able to go to my first playoff game would be sweet, sweet payback for never abandoning the team during the Kornel David, Cory Carr, Marcus Fizer, Keith Booth, AJ Guyton, Dalibor Bagaric, Rick Brunson years...paying the NBA league pass fee every year while away from home was almost like masochistic punishment. But I had to do it...

  • I'd love to go. Was there last year for game 6, sure hope that kind of Bulls team shows up tonight!

  • This would be awesomeeee! I just moved to Chicago and am really looking to have the quintessential Chicago experience while I am here--which would be made extraordinary by the inclusion of a Bulls playoff game.

    Also, I would take my boyfriend who is from Cleveland; we're having a fun rivalry with the Bulls playing the Cavs.

  • Id love the tix cuz Id be crazy enough to leave my job for the game. seriously

  • Doug, I would like to a game, for obviously the entertainment purposes. Also though I've got a friend who is a long time Bulls fan, and has never been to a game, which I tell him is a shame! Additionally, due to the tragedy in Poland, I would like to go represent my country at this fine sporting event! I have some kind of national obligation to let everyone know my people will emerge from this event stronger, and what better way to do this than to lose my hearing and voice cheering on the Bulls as we try to upset the Cavs(which I despise more than any other NBA team)

  • Hey Doug, I don't have any heartwrenching story for wanting those tickets other than I am a poor college kid and would not be able to afford to go to a game anyways... Would love the opportunity though! Thanks

  • love me some bulls, even when they don't deserve it. as a grad student in the bay area the last several years i've gone to see the bulls play golden state and sacramento whenever i can make it. would be a dream to see a playoff game at the uc!

  • hi doug. its jerry, jerry reinsdorf. bit of a bind here buddy. i HAD playoff tickets at one time but i sold them to make sure i had enough money to retain pargo next season. its a matter of principle really: i am not going to let the Russkies take a born and bred chicago boy from us again! its a cold war!.... anyways, i dont have any other way of seeing the game, so if you could help me out here i'd be profoundly appreciative, because theres no team i'd rather watch than..... sorry doug, i'll have to get back to you. the white sox are on.

  • Thanks Doug! I have no sappy story to sway you. ;)

  • I would really like some free bulls playoff tickets. :)

  • pretty please?

  • I've had the chance to see two Bulls' playoff games, Game 6 versus Miami in 2006 and then Game 6 versus Detroit in 2007--both of which were elimination games.. It would be an honor to watch this club fall to Lebron and co. in Game 6 this year.

  • College student and lifelong BULLS fan here who would love to go to the game.

  • I'd love to go to the Bulls game since I'm graduating from college on May 8th.. I was there last year at the greatest sporting event I've ever been to when the Bulls beat the Celtics on Noah's breakaway dunk in that instant classic game. Part of "one of the greatest playoff series of all time"!

  • While I would love to go to the game, I think it only fair you give the tickets to Mr. Happy. That way he can demonstrate the passion needed to win and will lead the Bulls to victory.

  • i'd like a pair of free tickets :D

  • I'd be very appreciative if I get the tickets.. I'd definitely take my buddy and fellow Bulls fanatic..

  • I can't stress how much good these tickets would do me right now. I just moved back to Chicago from Seattle on what was supposed to be a temporary stay before heading over to South Korea. I may no longer be able to go to South Korea, I'm out of work, and I haven't been able to see a live Bulls game since the Sonics left Seattle. Let's just hope those Bulls can beat the Celtics tonight.

  • No story here, would just love some tickets. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • All I have to say is my husband would love me forever. Wait, he already will. But he'd be even happier than he usually is!

  • doug,
    my good friend john who you did a radio segment with a couple weeks ago referred me to your work and I just wanted to say I am a big fan. I know the tickets will be given away at random but here is why i think i deserve the tix. i am the broke college student who studies 24/7 and goes home on the weekends to work all day and night to try to put myself through college. i havent seen my girlfriend of 2 years in almost a month and taking her to a bulls game would be amazing. watching a bulls game is the highlight of my day and nobody gets more excited than i do when we get a W. thanks for your consideration.

  • Doug,

    What a great giveaway! I'd love to take my husband- I'm due to have a baby this summer and that would be an awesome date for us before things get really crazy. Thanks!

  • I'd like to be thrown in the drawing as well. I scored some free tickets from Doug to last years game against Boston which went 2 or 3 OT's, and it was amazing. Thanks as always for the chance Doug... best in the business.

  • I'd love to be entered in your contest, and thank you. I live in Davenport, IA, and the opportunity to actually get to a Bulls game, much less a playoff game, would be absolutely thrilling. But, no matter whoever actually gets the tickets, thank you for your generosity.

  • Hey, Doug.
    Thanks first of all for this amazing gesture. Pay it forward is a type of lifestyle I've always respected. I know the drawings are over, I was too late... but I just wanted to thank you for giving people the opportunity and creating happiness within the hearts of many.

    GO BULLS :)!!!

  • I want to be considered for the tickets, please.

    It's fate, man. I'm SUPPOSED to be there.

  • I'd love to go to a game.

  • Diehard Bulls fan here. Definitely would like to see the Bulls beat James and the Cavs in person! :)

  • Hi Doug,
    If I was given the tickets, I would immediately pay it forward and take a developmentally disabled client at Clearbrook in Schaumburg. Having worked there and now as a volunteer, I know how much it would mean as I play basketball with them several times a week during lunch at the park district. This is a great cause to be apart of and I hope anyone that is reading this takes a moment to go to clearbrook.org and take a look. Clearbrook has been a part of the community in the suburbs for a long time, and has been the most fulfilling part of my life. Take care

  • Hello my name is Monica I've read your post and I think It is very wonderful you are being so kind for giving away tickets. Well firstly I have never been to the bulls game before or any live game I've only seen games on television. I've always wanted to see the Chigago bulls live but have never got the chance to (hopefully some day I will). I always enter in competions but sadly never won anything. The number of tickets I would like is 4 or 5 which are for me and my friends, I'm young I don't go out much I'm usually working or with family and it's definately about time for me to start having fun and explore the outside world.

    Thank you once again for the opportunity,

    Monica Garcia

  • Hey Doug,
    Are you going to be giving out playoff tickets again this year (2011)? I just moved to Chicago in 2010, although I've been a Bulls fan for years. Would enjoy seeing my first Bulls game.

  • What's going on Doug? hope this message finds you doing very well. I'm writing you because i am truly the biggest bulls fan in this great city. My wife and I never could attend a bulls game due to our financial situation ( having 4 small children to raise). We were wondering if you could possibly select us for the free bulls playoff tickets> It does not matter what game, seat, time, ect. We just would love to be in attendance at one (1) of these games...
    Respectfully, Mr & Mrs. MH

  • I'd really love tickets for my sons birthday he love the bulls and would really love to see a game

  • I would be so appreciative of the tickets, my wife and I got engaged at the Bulls playoff game 2 years ago against the Celtic, and this would be a wonderful treat to be able to go back for another playoff game and relive the experience!

  • Hey doug it would b awesome if you could possibly send me bulls tickets because im a huge fan and a senior in high school and ive never been to a bulls game and bulls tickets right now are hard to purchase for me because im helping my grandma out because shes really sick .. so if this is possible i would really appreciate it

  • Hi Dog, I just want to say its very generous of you to be doing this. I dont have a sob story or anything like that. I would simply love to get the tickets because I have never been to a Bulls game. I would also love to get them because my nephew is a huge Bulls/Derek Rose fan that he would just absolutely love to go. Again thank you for this generous thing you are doing and its nice to see that there are still people with hearts like yours out there.

  • I think i should get the free tickets to the bulls game cause i love them,and my favorite teamates are I like Rose,and Noah, and as a mother of 3 kids, ages 2,3, and 3 months I never miss a game, Me and my children watch them every other day now, praying that Rose will be unstopible in scoring an as well as defense, and as a mother of 3 beautiful children that makes it on her own that would be a great Mothers Day present, to go to my first Chicago Bulls Game. I appreciate whoever wins the tickets cause they have a chance to win and be there to experience the Bulls unstoppable power to win the championship game, god bless them, may they win!!!!

  • alright i just stumbled upon your blog and while i'm sure you have a lot of interesting stuff to say, i'll be honest and say i haven't read it before.

    also, i'm not going to boast that i'm the hugest bulls fan in the world, cause i'm not. while i love basketball (typically follow college bball much more) it's not my life, i just enjoy good games and being in chicago the bulls have been fun to watch this year.

    i don't expect to win tickets (nor should any of the other people here) but if there is someone generous enough to give away tickets to people who can't or don't find it financially responsible to drop $200 on a gamem, i'm gonna give it a shot.

    my boyfriend is whining because ticketmaster is blocked at his work, asked me to buy tickets to one of the heat games. sorry darling, but i just don't have $200 to spend on that, and neither does he!

    but, we'd love to go, and maybe somehow, someway, we will. no matter who you give heat tickets to (assuming you have tickets to these games) i'm sure they will have one hell of a time, and good for you for being that kind of a person. Go Bulls!

  • fb_avatar

    My father, loves the Bulls. They are pne of the only things that cheers him on to keep on living. My dad has been a Bulls fan for the past 30 years, but has surprisingly never gone to a game. Going to the Bulls game is on my dad's bucket list and I' d like to still make it happen for him. I hope you can still make it possible for him to do this, thank you. My email address is Kelechiagwuncha@yahoo.com.Thank you so much.

  • fb_avatar

    i am a 16 year old boy who occasionally watches the bulls. i am not a big basketbal fan but my grandpa used to play basketball and loved to watch it as well. when he lost his left leg in the war he couldnt play anymore or bear to watch it. i know in his mind that if i could bring him to a game to watch he would be so happy and love it.
    thank you so much for what you are doing by giving away these tickets
    but note these tickets are not for me there for my grandpa and whoever he wants to bring. i would really appreciate it since i love my grandpa and he has lived a very depressing life. (: thanks a lot

  • fb_avatar

    im sorry i forgot to send you and email its soccerscorer112@aol.com

  • fb_avatar

    D never i would really like to see a bulls game live I've been watchingthem since I was little and my parents never haad the extra money to take me its always been a dream to just see them in person aand now with four kids of my own I would love nothing more then to take them to see the bulls this is what chicagos all about the bulls! Please send me and my family.To see the bulls, you'd be making a little dream come true x6 for my family and it would be a memory we would remember forever!

  • fb_avatar


  • My 15 year old son just recently entered rehab. Thought it might be nice to treat him to a bulls game if he gets 30 days sober. I went to purchase tickets and could not believe how much they cost. I'm a single Mom with limited funds so giving it a shot for free tickets. Thanks

  • Email addr: depenbrok180@comcast.net

  • Hello my name is Andrew. I am 34 nad live in Sherman Il .I have an 8 year old son and have been a bulls fan since i was very little. Recently my son sparked a very serious intrest in basketball. He comes home from school and plays basketball on his hoop i purchased him until the sun goes down EVERY night.He maintains all B's in school.I am recently unemployed and anything that could save us some money and keep this great intrest in the sport of basketball going it would be great great and extremly appreciated. If not thank you for this chance like everyone else gets.

    Andrew and Dalton Rubin

  • Hi,

    I would love to have free playoff tickets. My wife and I have never been to a playoff game. Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise her with a gift of bulls playoff tickets. Hope you can make this possible. Thanks.

  • fb_avatar

    you should pick me i never been to a basketball game before in my entire life and i want to go to the BULLS game, and my email address is andrew_skaters65@yahoo.com

  • hello!

    are you still doing this for the playoff games for 2015? i have been wanting to go to a bulls game since moving to chicago two and a half years ago. however, while just finishing graduate school, my student loans starting to be due this month, while also only working a small part-time job.. it has been impossible for me to afford anything other than basic necessities. so i would love tickets for this year because im not sure of any other way i would be able to go!! also it was my birthday yesterday :)

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