Ticket contest redraw winners

First, all of the original winners who did get back to me, you should have your tickets in your inbox.   A few of you emailed me back, so I know you got them, but anyone else, please double check.  

New winners, leave a comment in this thread, I will email you back at your comment address, if for some reason you want me to email you at a different address then you can reply to my validation address with the actual address you want to be emailed at, and if your sign up email isn't valid then leave a valid email in your comment.

So the new winners are:
Game 4:

Game 6:

Thanks to everyone for your interest.    The new winners have 48 hours to comment to this thread to claim their tickets, otherwise the will be a third redrawing.



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  • Hi Doug
    Thanks for giving us this opportunity. Thanks Again and I look forward to seeing a Bulls Playoff Game

  • Thanks a lot, Doug. Sure hope there will be a game 6!

  • Hey Doug,

    Thanks sooo sooo much. I still cant believe it. I will be there early just becuase I am so excited. Thanks again.

  • Doug I could not login to the site in the past few days. How do I see if I won or not?

  • did the last ticket ever get claimed or is there going to be a redraw?

  • Too late to claim my ticket? I had bookmarked the original "redraw" thread and was looking there this weekend for updates.

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