The tide can turn tonight

Toronto plays Cleveland on the road.

The Bulls play Milwaukee at home.

The "memo" video is playing at the UC, and I will be there for it's debut with Justin to see it in all it's glory on the jumbotron [anyone looking to meet up, let me know].

Let's face it, the stars are aligned for the Bulls come out of this night tied for the final playoff spot with the Raptors.

And that's exactly why I just can't trust it.   We've wanted this playoff spot so bad, and have been fighting hard to get it back.   The team is finally healthy, and it appears like the momentum may actually be swinging in our favor.

I'm not going to lie to you.  I believe it will happen now.   I don't want to believe it.   I don't want to get sucked into the false hope, because honestly, the logical side of my brain still thinks the odds are still against us, but the heart is ignoring that side.   I believe despite myself. 

The Bulls will make the playoffs, and the problem is, it will hurt again if they don't.  I had already gone through the five stages of grief for this season, but it's going to start all over again if they don't get in because I believe again.  

I don't believe the playoffs mean a ring, or a second round appearance, but I do think it means Chris Bosh finds a home in Chicago.   The Bulls are simply better than Miami when healthy, have more pieces required to contend, Bosh won't have to play center, and Bosh can be "the man" here at least for a couple years most likely.

He's a better fit here, and he'll see it only if we convince him.  To do so, we need to step on his throat and knock him out of the playoffs.    That opportunity is what I grieve if we miss the playoffs.  

For me, this off-season is about the big three.  It's always been a long shot to land one, but landing one means contender status.  It means contender status for the long haul, not two-three years before Joe Johnson gets old or Boozer and Amare flake out on you.

It means a future.  An end to this toiling in the first round of the playoffs hoping just to sneak into the second round.  This playoff chase is not meaningless.   It could mean everything, and we're right back in it again.  


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  • This game is huge and like you doug I've been skeptical basically because the bulls are two teams, the scrappy beat anybody team and the team that just comes out and doesnt play, we've seen the team that doesnt play against sacramento, the nets, the heat, and the warriors, hopefully that team wont show up again.

  • Welcome aboard. There's still plenty of room too, so tell your friends.

  • Amare is really starting to come into his own recently.. mayble his finally healthy again...

    Also you don't think Bosh will hold some sort of grudge if we take em out...

    oh and whilst we may sound like the better team... dwade vs drose... dwade is an mvp caliber type player. Surely that sounds a bit more enticing to Mr. Bosh.

    I don't know, I just don't want to have my heart broken :(

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    Keep the faith guys!

    Since you mentioned Bosh, Doug forgive the long post but I mentioned a couple days ago I'd list 10 reasons the Bulls need Johnson more than Bosh so I'm going to put them up here now:

    1) Money - it's not set in stone that Johnson goes for a max contract. He's being overshadowed by Crawford in Atl which lowers their initial offer to him. That might translate into a less-than-max contract wherever he signs. Plus, you now have the option to move Kirk Hinrich, which could essentially make Johnson $9 million cheaper than whatever his contract price is.

    2) Derrick Rose - needs a sizable guard to offset him so opponents are forced to defend him with their PGs and punished for doubling him.

    3) Taj Gibson - don't underestimate Taj's ceiling as a young player. after an offseason of pro level weight training and developing a true nba level jump shot taj might develop a game comparable to boozer. why bench him?

    4) The Draft - this is a pretty deep draft for big men.

    5) Shooting - more than anything this team needs more outside shooters. Johnson can do that. We also need a guy willing to post. Johnson does that a little too, Bosh tends to face-up.

    6) Necessity - SG is the weakest position on this team. You get more bang for your buck improving there than anywhere else.

    7) Experience - for most teams an aging Johnson would be considered a risky contract. But for a team as young as the Bulls it might be a very good thing to bring in an experienced vet who's a proven winner. Especially if you place a 2nd round rookie shooting guard next to him who'll be ready to step up when he starts underperforming.

    8) The Raptors - they're angling for a sign and trade for Bosh it seems. Lots of people are willing to sell off the whole team for Bosh. But adding Noah (the Bulls' real "glue guy") in a deal makes the deal way too expensive.

    9) Stacy King - a season of "Johnson & Johnson" jokes should be lots of fun.

    10) Time - The right moves this off-season can solidify our SG position now and for the next 10 years. And this is a franchise that has shown it can't do without performance at that position.

    Everyone may not completely agreee with me but can we all at least see that we have better options than shipping off Noah and Deng for a player that doesn't even solve the team's most pressing problems?

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Hmm.. i actually like Joe Johnson a lot too.. but there was an article recently about how swingmen decline pretty quickly after 28...

    Also in no trade are we giving up either Deng or Noah. Both are too valuable to this team. YES EVEN Deng helps a lot. I wouldn't trade him for the sake of trading him any more.

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    Haha, touche Doug (esp. #9)

    Remember though, Johnson turned down that contract when the league was in a better financial situation. But, looks like the fundamental difference in our thinking is which position is a bigger need PF or SG and where we can move forward with the barely adequate player.

    "No man wants more than one Johnson involved"...quote of the day, fer sure.

  • Discussion over.

  • I wouldn't say the Bulls turn the tide tonight. I'll wait until week's end to say that.

    Hopefully, LBJ rest vs. the Bulls and Joe Johnson plays vs. Toronto.

    If that happens, then the tide could turn.

  • I'm watching with a hand over my eyes peaking through the crack. I don't wanna believe it yet. I got sucked into the Miami game on TNT. That game really hurt me. So I'm watching with little expectations. Deep down though I really want to play the Cavs in round one.

  • The fan in me wants the Bulls to get into the playoffs.

    The smart person in me wants them to get a lottery pick.

    I also dont agree that playoffs or not will determine ANYTHING in regards to a FA. In fact, you could argue that a lottery pick would ensure an even better cast of characters for a FA to come and play with.

    That being said, I cant physically root against them, so Lets Go Bulls.

    That Stacy King video is friggin awesome...

  • What solidified my choice of free agent was seeing Chris Bosh play alongside DRose during the All-Star game. They seemed to be in sync. Think of it, DRose, Joakim Noah and Bosh filling the lanes as they ran a fastbreak. Will it happen? Maybe not. But a man can dream, can't he?

  • The last few weeks I was disappointed that I had tix for tonight's game, bought them months ago hoping it would be a big game. Looking forward to it now. Let's Go Bulls.

  • Even if Bosh and or Johnson dont come to Chicago this off season, I still wouldnt be depressed to see David Lee or Rudy Gay joining the team, are they the fans' top choices, no of course not, but will they improve the team? a resounding yes.

  • "Players always want to join better teams, when the money is equal they will go with the best chance to win. Making the playoffs proves we have the best chance to win vs the other spenders."

    Does making or missing the playoffs predicated on 1 game make us a different team? Really? Conversely, does getting a lottery pick make us a different team? Absolutely.

    2% is better than 0% and 2% landed us a number 1 overall in the past...Granted I doubt lighting strikes twice, but Ill take my chances.

  • Most so-called experts on ESPN feel that the Bulls will not make it. I wonder why the Bulls play so badly against purely offensive teams like Phoenix, GS, Toronto, Dallas etc.. They defend well but cannot stop multiple skilled offensive teams. That shows that they need good defense at all positions

  • as I have said before, the Bulls need to have that killer instinct meaning they should be tasting blood now. I know real Bulls fans who are old enough to remember when the Bulls of the nineties were chasing Boston and Detroit in the regular season back then, they put their foot down and over took those teams for playoff spots Paxson was around for those great moments, he needs to be in these guys ear in practice and tell them that this is their chance to make their mark by putting Toronto out of their misery and take that 8th playoff spot from them. Its playoff time so its time to start playing like it. The Bulls got a taste of it last year so they should have that hunger for more. LETS GO BULLS!!! Put your foot on Toronto's throat, don't let up and take that 8th spot from them.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    There is one problem though, the nineties version had one Michael Jordan who could single-handedly will his teammates into having a killer instinct on his team, it was in his DNA. Unfortunately the current version of the Bulls have had one problem for quite some time now: they are too nice. I think what best typifies this is when they watched the Raptors' Jarrett Jack stop and tuck the ball under his arm and tie his shoelaces! The closest we have to a player with a killer instinct is Joakim Noah !

  • In reply to Reese1:


    Mike Brown, Head Coach of Cavs, talk about resting his players.

    I love how a reporter pressed him on resting LBJ on the road vs. home games.

  • We don't know how Mike Brown will rest his players.

    That tide hasn't turned, until the Bulls are ahead of Toronto.

  • Mo Williams, during his presser, says everyone is playing vs. the Raptors.

    That would be good news for the Bulls. They still have to WIN though.

  • Well by the looks of the third quarter it looks like the bulls that like to lose have shown up.

  • How are the tides now?

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