The fate of free agency may be decided on the court


Amidst these NBA playoffs, the 2010 FA class may be decided.   This is why I felt it was so important for the Bulls to be in these playoffs.  While some disagreed with me, and may still disagree with me, the momentum the Bulls get by performing in these playoffs makes a huge difference in convincing a FA to come to this team in the off season.

Per NBA Fanhouse, Amare may agree to an extension

But according to sources with knowledge of the situation, Phoenix is
now determined to keep the five-time All-Star and has offered a
contract extension as recently as last week. While the terms of the
offer are not known, a source close to the 27-year-old Stoudemire said
of the proposal, "they're getting closer [financially] to where they
should be."


"We've been having ongoing discussions and talks for a while, but it's
the playoffs," he told FanHouse by phone. "Everyone is trying to focus
on that. The team is the most important thing."

Obviously, Amare signing an extension with the Suns is a bad thing, not only does it take Amare off the Bulls table, but it also takes him off the table for the Heat, who will then compete with the Bulls for the players left.

However, that's where these playoffs may come in and save us.

The Miami Heat are down 0-3 in these playoffs.   0-3 with Wade playing tremendously, and the rest of the team throwing up absolutely nothing.    That can't sit well with Wade whom Miami needs to convince to resign themselves before they can be a player for anyone else.

Sure Wade is king of Miami, and he's previously discussed with the general media that he's probably staying, but that was before his entire team completely fell apart around him in these playoffs.   Decisions can change, and decisions may not be as certain as they sound when a guy is about to enter the playoffs and doesn't want to make waves or cause distractions.

Meanwhile, the Bulls are playing the Cavs tough as hell through three games, and who knows, maybe LeBron comes out with a vengeance and terminates us, but the truth is, LeBron has played at his peak in the past two games anyway.   What more is he really going to do if his teammates don't step up and help him?

Does LeBron rethink Cleveland now after facing a team like the Bulls who make his entire cast look old.  Something which isn't getting better next season as Shaq, Z, and Jamison will all come back worse than this year (if Shaq and Z come back at all).  

Cleveland doesn't have many cards to improve their team, and LeBron isn't exactly set up in a situation to have a dynasty.   They may still be the favorite this year, but if they don't win, then LeBron has to face facts that if he stays his odds of winning are going down next season and not up.  

If LeBron leaves Cleveland than the blueprint the Bulls laid down by running them out of the gym may be a factor in that decision, and what team really looks more attractive than the Bulls to join?

Finally, Chris Bosh gets to compare the Heat and Bulls side by side.  Let's face it, even with Dwyane Wade, the Heat can't compete against an aging Celtics team while the Bulls are competing with a vastly better Cleveland team led by the best player in the NBA.

Which team looks better to join now?

So while the plans of individuals may shift and change down the stretch, nothing but good has come out of the Bulls playoff performance so far.   


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  • Good points. You can never believe the press conferences/interviews Bosh/Wade/LeBron give until end of June. They are trying to play all sides. Also, the new collective bargaining agreement thoughts might have an effect on them. These might be the last big contract for most of these guys except LeBron and Bosh. But that said, the Bulls Management have to do a good job of selling about their future plans which Rose/Noah has done a good job

    About the weather doesn't make much sense. They are busy playing and traveling during the winter months anyhow and a big city like Chicago/New York has all the clubs for night partying. It is not like they are partying outside in Miami.

  • I was one person who said the playoffs don't mean a thing. But after seeing what's happened to Miami and how Derrick Rose and Noah have played I have easily changed my mind. To me, no matter what happens now the Bulls have reached their goal. Clear the cap space and have a nice playoff showing with a bench full of expiring contracts. Even an added bonus is the recent play of Deng and more recently Hinrich. Maybe they upped their trade value in this playoffs series? But like I said anything positive after this one victory is gravy. I just wanna see the Bulls stay competitive with the Cavs and not go away easily. But I agree the Bulls should be one of the top free agent landing spots this summer if not the top.

  • Doug I have a question about OKC. Do they have caps space for a Max? Because I read on ESPN insider that they might be going for Bosh as well as the Lakers. Of course the Lakers will have to trade for him.
    OKC is not a bad town I lived there when I was young and it's not too far from Dallas which I think is where Bosh is from? I think if OKC does have space for a Max then they might be the Bulls biggest competition now over Miami and NYC or the Clippers.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    I've lived in OKC as an adult. I'd sooner cut off a limb than choose to live there. OKC blows.
    I'd rather live in Cleveland. And we all know that Cleveland sucks.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I haven't been back since my Grandmother died. They have a nice little area down town... like brick town? Or something.. the ladies were gorgeous. But yeah I wouldn't wanna live there now.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    The Lakers & Thunder matchup makes me nervous. If the Thunder upset the Lakers, kiss Bosh goodbye. OKC would be a great sign and trade partner that Bosh would have to consider. Bosh, Durant, and Westbrook would be the best young trio in the NBA. The Lakers would also be motivated because they'd have to do something major to appease their fans and Kobe. The Bulls cannot compete with these two teams in terms of packages to offer in sign and trades. With every win OKC and Chicago get, Durant and company are stealing the Bulls thunder..... pun intended.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I think the Thunder could be in play for Amare more than Bosh. The Raptors seem to want to move Bargs to the four and team him up with a legit center. Unfortunately, I can see the rich getting richer by the Raps sending Bosh to LA for a package of Bynum and the expiring of Vujacic. I think that's the type of team Colangelo is looking to build post Bosh.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    After some thought... I'd rather have Wade than Lebron (although I agree Lebron is the superior player).

    Allow me an analogy. Lebron is a bully. When dealing with a bully, you don't make him your friend. Instead, you get some friends together and kick his ass. Wade is that friend. Add Wade to this team and the Cavs don't have a chance.

    I'd rather see Lebron stay with the Cavs and never win a title than see the Bulls win with Lebron. Screw him.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    ...and Cleveland sucks.

  • OKC does not have max cap space but they are pretty close. They would probably have to get bosh via sign and trade to make it work... though they might be able (depending on the exact cap number) to trade one guy for a future pick and clear up space that way. Basically, If bosh decides he wants to play for OKC it can happen.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    And damn would that make OKC scary.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    As the summer inches closer...things start changing as well. Wade might get swept out of the playoffs, Doc Rivers might be done in Boston, Bosh is sitting at home watching how good the Bulls could be, LeBron is still trying to guard D Rose, and lastly Amare is in Phoenix (A place that has been trying to trade him for about 2 years now) might be out of the playoffs next round. Steve Nash is already 35 years many years does he have left in him?

    The Bulls are in a win win situation right now...keep it close with Cleveland...maybe get lucky and win another one and im sure we will walk away with a MAX free agent.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    Let me start by saying that a player like Wade, him staying in Miami would not be a good move in my opinion. I mean even if they can attract a big name free agent I don't think it will be enough to turn this team into a contender. Already being down 0-3 to an aging Celtics team is not the sign of a team who is ready to move forward to the start of contending in the east. If Wade was really about winning, he would leave Miami but in Miami he has the nice weather and the beautiful women, so I truly do believe that he will stay, which I think in the long run will cost him more championships. In Bosh's case...same thing with him, if he was about winning he would go to the Bulls cause any player has to be impressed with how the Bulls have stood dam near toe to toe with the leagues favorite team and the team to win the championship this year. All of this wanting to play near his home town is not about winning either. By us being Bulls fans we all know as long as Kobe and Phil are with the Lakers, there is a slim chance for any team in the west of even making it to the finals. So why he would entertain the thought of going to Oklahoma is not about winning either. And if he wants to be the more than likely the leading scorer on the team that he goes to...the Lakers would not be a good fit for him either since there are reports out there saying the Lakers may entertain a trade with the Raptors to aquire Bosh. So with that being said, It would be smart for Bosh to really consider which team he would fit with and me being a Bulls fan I know I am a little biased but I'm also a realist and a big basketball fan period. Bosh shpuld end up with the Bulls cause it is the best fit for him and he would have a lot of help with the team that the Bulls already have. The Bulls would definitely be one of the best defensive and rebounding teams in the league if not the best. Lets just hope that Bosh is smart and he see what we all see here in Chi-town and with the Bulls.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    I agree that the way things go in the playoffs matters. Ultimately, though, Miami's ability to get another guy to go with Wade will tell the tale of offseason.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    Ya +2 i agree

    These playoffs are kind of like the NCAA Tournement in the fact that teams/players stocks are going up and down. Maimi's stock is going down because they are getting owned by the Celtics right now. Who wants to go to a team where they are getting swept by a aging Celtics team? I wouldnt be suprised if Amare ended up going there, or Boozer....Wade will most likely stay and bring a legit stud in there with him.

    As for Bosh, its time for him to leave. What is he going to do in Toronto? He wont win a championship there. Best bet for him is coming to Chicago to play with this young group of players we have hear.

    Same goes for LeBron...if its about winning...Chicago is the place to be...especailly if he doesnt win it this year. The Cavs are only going to get older as well. Shaq is 38, Jamison 34, Parker 34, Big Z is in his 30's...Mo is getting there too. No doubt in my mind he has thought about playing in Chicago...especailly after playing us in the 1st round. But leaving his hometown just seems to be to much for i dont think he is going anywhere.

  • In reply to Daniel7123:

    I agree- every player is looking at one thing: CHAMPIONSHIP. They picture these teams and try to determine the odds of winning now and in the future. Bulls with Noah, Rose and Deng have a great window for the future and may even be in "win now" mode if they manage to lure one of the big guys. The Heat (aside from Wade) are a trainwreck. New York can pay $ but a max deal is a max deal and who would choose New York over us? I am just sick of hearing Noah's name in Bosh trade scenarios... Toronto has NO leverage and Noah is now untouchable. I'll be curious if we throw our $ at someone AND THEN do the Bosh S&T... We COULD end up with TWO of our MAX guys! AND if Cleveland disappoints... it's not like Lebron's chances improve next year- I really love the way things are playing out. We also have our coaching decision to make which could help or hurt us. We need to keep giving the Cavs a run for their money!

  • I still believe Wade will be forced to leave Miami because the Heat will fail to get top talent. Amare will stay in Phoenix and Bosh will sent to a team via sign and trade. Would Boozer or Lee be enough to keep Wade. I don't think so.

  • In reply to kbar17:

    I think he would probably stay for boozer

  • In reply to kbar17:

    So im guessing we're throwing the Nets outta the free agency picture....

  • Definatly had to say I was hoping we'd give up before on the playoffs and go for the lucky draft pick, now seeing how everything played out I have to admit I was totally wrong....

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