Salary cap estimated at 56.1 million this year

The salary cap has been projected at 56.1 million.   The Bulls have
their position in the drafted locked in at 17th.   Given this
information, it's now possible to determine fairly precisely how much
money the Bulls can spend in free agency.

Max FA Cost $16,568,908
2nd FA $4,956,704
Luol Deng $11,345,000
Kirk Hinrich $9,000,000
Derrick Rose $5,546,160
Joakim Noah $3,128,536
James Johnson $1,713,600
Taj Gibson $1,117,680
17th pick $1,302,600
Roster hold $473,604
Roster hold $473,604
Roster hold $473,604
Total: $56,100,000

Assuming the Bulls acquire one of the big three,
they'd have just a shade under five million available to offer to a
second player.   Overall, they have $21,525,612 to spend on two free
agents if they go minimum contracts with rest of roster.   You can add
in another $473,604 for each extra person they split the money amongst
(ie, 3 players could share $21,999,216).

The new estimate is good news for the Bulls.  It leaves them quite a bit
more room to add another player after signing one, and it means the
Bulls odds of sign and trading for a star player are marginally better
than they were before.  

For example, if the Bulls signed Joe Johnson [his max is actually less
than the max listed], then they could S&T for Chris Bosh with Kirk
Hinrich, Taj Gibson, James Johnson rather than having to include Luol
Deng to match salaries.   Granted, the odds of Toronto taking such a
package aren't high, but the Bulls do gain some additional amount of
leverage to make a second S&T work due to the extra wiggle room.

If the Bulls go "value" with free agents, it allows them to pursue two
guys around the 10 million dollar level rather than pursuing one guy
there and one 6-7 million dollar guy.   This probably won't come into
play, but it can't hurt.

Overall, I think the nominal game will ultimately be irrelevant for the
team, but it doesn't hurt them in any way, and it does marginally help

Though 30% of the cap is 16.8 million, the 105% rule still applies for the max FAs like LeBron, Bosh, and Wade, because the 30% rule uses BRI not the actual salary cap number, and the BRI figure is slightly less.

We may have slightly less money if Chris Richard has a buyout.  It's likely that if a buyout exists that it is for a very low amount of money though.   Probably 50k or less, but it would subtract from the 4.9 million left.


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  • Doug -
    Assume for a second that they end up going with the "value" play. Who would you target in that 2nd level? I'm assuming David Lee tops that list.

  • Interesting that this exact scenario has been thrown out there by our beat writers a few times as how we might approach FA (sign Joe Johnson and S&T for the PF). I think McGraw was o of them.

  • we need to get rid of Hinirch salary, during this off season. Don't know how but we need to! So we can sign 2 superstars, insteaad of 1 and 1 2nd tier player.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    Who would you rather have on your team going forward.

    Hinrich at 9 million going down significantly each year after that, or Dung at $11.4, $12.4, $13.4 and $14.4.

    In year 3 & 4 the differnce is likely to be $6-8 million dollars.

    It sure seems, that Hinrich's play is more directly correlated to the Bulls winning and losing than is Dung's.

    In fact there appears to be no correlation to Dung's play, likely because he is so damn mediocre.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    Ya I agree...theres plenty of options for the Bulls...hopefully they can get it right.

    We need to be careful about going after Wade. Lets not forget he is still in the Eastern Conference and his team has just as much money as we do. While we are wooing him in Chicago, Miami and Pat Riley will be wooing Amare Stoudemire. Dont get played Bulls...if he doesnt want to come here, move on to the next one. Dont let him dangle us on his finger while other free agents are signing elsewhere! If he wants to come here, he will come. Dont be surprised if Riley and Wade have a underground deal made where Wade acts like he wants to go elsewhere but ends up signing back with Maimi....that would screw a team like Chicago.

    Mike Miller probably could be had for 4 mil.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    Ya Tmac was just a idea...but ya like i mention a guy like Mike Miller would probably take 4 mil. He is solid enough to put next to Rose and he has decent size.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    I don't think it helps us with the Johnson/Bosh scenario, it's just too unlikely, but it does help us a lot.

    If we get Bosh, it gives us enough money to get a vet outside shooter. If we get Wade, it gives us a shot at re-signing Brad Miller (or some other vet) as a backup big. Basically it gives us a chance to have a much more complete team right away, rather than having to wait until we can make a trade or the MLE the year after.

    On the other hand, if we can't get one of the big 3, Lee + Gay is certainly possible now. Or even sign one FA, keep the extra cap space, and use it along with Kirk at the deadline for a team looking to dump salary (Kirk will only be owed about 10 million at that point).

    That extra few million really does open up a lot of possibilities, I'm almost wanting the playoffs to be over and FA to start right now.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    as long as he is about the 4th bigman on the team i'd take HWarrick back for a chunk of that 5 mil...

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    I for one would not trade Noah or Gibson for Bosh and those are the two players who Toronto would want to get in a sign and trade at least one of them. I just would not do it for either of those two. If that's what Toronto would want then I would have to move on and address the other two needs that the Bulls do need which is a Shooting guard= Joe Johnson and another small forward= trade with Memphis for Rudy Gay. Oh and don't forget the draft, like I said earlier JORDAN CRAWFORD best and better talented player in the draft, another shooting guard just in case the Bulls can't sign Joe Johnson and try to make a trade with Golden State for Montae Ellis and look into trade with Minnessota for Al Jefferson. And everyone one really needs to stop thinking that D-Wade is coming to play for the Bulls cause he's not. He just stated on ESPN.COM/NBA that his heart is in Miami and that is where he wants to be. And Lebron James is faking people out so all of these other teams can woo him and kiss his ass. He knows already that he isn't going anywhere. So that is two of the top three free agents who are not going anywhere meaning the Bulls need to be smart who to go after.

  • What do you guys think TMac would want...he has made a ton of money in his career...he might be willing to take the pay cut to come here. He could come here and play the 2 guard and just knock down open jumpers and play solid D. Picture this team...

    Rose 6'2, Shaun Livingston 6'8'(Less then a 1 Mil)

    TMac 6'8', Hinrich, 1st Round Draft Pick: Paul George 6'8(About a mil)

    Deng 6'9, James Johnson

    Bosh 6'10 16 mil, Taj, Buy a 2nd Rounder: Renardo Sidney (Less then 1 mil)

    Noah 6'10 , Re-sign Brad Miller (Hopefully 2 mil or so), Buy another 2nd Rounder: Jarvis Varnado (less then a mil)

    That team looks good for now an the future. Hopefully the Bulls make the right moves to do so.Thats a huge starting we still have guys like Miller and Hinrich. James Johnson should come a long a little bit....and then you have 6'8 Shuan Livingston playing you backup PG. Buy a couple 2nd rounders to fill out the roster...guys that have potential like Sidney and Varnado. Paul George will be our guy waiting in the wings. He is 6'8 as well.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    TMAC is currently in the running for the biggest piece of garbage in NBA history. The only way that I wanted that guy anywhere near our team was in a salry dump of Dung at the trade deadline.

    Houston fleeced the world in that 3 way, proving that they were no where near dumb enough to take Dung's contract.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Not sure if you noticed, but McGrady is done as an effective player. He was done 2 years ago really. He's never been a good shooter and with the knee issues, any thought of him playing solid D is kind of silly.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Unfortunatley, this higher number does actually negatively impact the bulls. We needed it to come in under 53 million to deny NY and Miami, (maybe even NJ) the ability to get 2 max guys.

    Even though it would hurt the Bulls not having the extra 5 million(most likely Asiks money), the best case for the Bulls would have been for it to come in low, so that we had just enough to sign a max guy, thus denying those above us in the cap money derby a second max guy.

    I would like to see the Bulls look into getting Kevin Love from Minny. Apparantly the Wolves have decided that he and Jefferson can't play together, and Jefferson who I would still take over Dung has become Dunglike untradable due to his contract and diminished effectiveness.

    They seem to have a need at small forward, maybe they would take Dung off of our hands. I am sure that they would do it for Jefferson, but we only even consider that if we strike out in free agency.

    The other guy that I would like to target with the extra money, or in trade is Anthony Morrow, we definitely need his shooting and size and athleticism at his position.

    Finally, I would not rule out Amare as our max guy, he is certainly the dominant low post scorer available.

  • I would like to go after Bosh, but I believe that Toronto will be asking for to much meaning Noah. I would not do the trade if that's the case cause it is clear that you cannot give up the heart and soul of the team. That means that the Bulls should go after Joe Johnson but it all depends who the Bulls draft. If they draft a dynamic shooting guard (JORDAN CRAWFORD)who they should go after cause he is the best player in the draft to run with D-Rose,just ask Lebron James about JORDAN CRAWFORD,the Bulls should definitely go after Stoudimire or Boozer just to strengthen the front line. I just would not give up Gibson or Noah. The Bulls can still improve their team without getting Bosh cause as I said Toronto will try to weaken the Bulls if they do try to do a trade with them. So... to me Noah or Gibson is not an potion. The Bulls should also look into getting rid of Deng and or Hinrich and maybe trying to bring in Al Jefferson or Montae Ellis, just a few options I think the Bulls should look into.

  • Go for Bosh and Morrow, draft a shooting guard like Anderson or Crawford and they're all set.

  • Please no Monta Ellis. He is a chucker, not a shooter. And the Bulls already have Rose. Get Morrow instead.

  • I'd like to see Brad Miller back. That way, you keep your top 6 guys, and add (hopefully) a superstar. Then fill out the roster with end of the bench guys like that D-Leaguer the Bulls just picked up last week.
    I realize if a PF is added, that probably means the end to Miller, but I like Miller's style and think he provides value and intangibles. I think the other players get a lot from him and he's good for team chemistry/morale.

    If Miller plays another season, how much would it cost to bring him back? 1 year deal? 2 year deal? How much annually?

  • Doug, how much is Amir Osik going to be making next year? he's still joining the team isnt he? I think he could be a defensive force if his legs hold up.

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