OT:Thonus Challenge update

Last week, I started a challenge to help motivate myself to get back into prime condition, using you, my readers, as my accountability partners.  It's time to face the music.   After a week of promising to eat reasonably and to exercise more, how did I do? Mixed results I'd say.   I did get in four workouts in the past 6 days, which was my goal, and I feel good about the intensity of the workouts that I did. 

The eating part, not quite as good, but it was still an improvement over where I'd been the past month and a half.   I give myself about half credit there.

Goals for next week?  The same.  Eat reasonably,  Workout five days.

Anyone participating, let me know how you did this week, and post your goals for next week.


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  • Umm ... am I on the right blog?

  • i worked out once, and i continued to eat complete and utter crap. Really, i just needed to get the ball rolling, and i'm glad i did that. Finding time to work out was the biggest obstacle. tomorrow i start upper body. i imagine next week shall be far more fruitful.

  • I started p90x back in october. Me and my girlfriend were going strong til the holidays rolled around. Need to muster up the will power to jump back on it.

  • No offense Doug, I like reading your blog and your podcast, but I'm even more hungry for more Bulls related news. Next thing we know, you are going to take advantage of your blog spots to sell us Amway or something. Give us more Bulls related news...

  • You brought back the bulls beat, that's worth a lot. I'm trying to get in shape, too. My diet for these past few weeks involves walking three hours a day on broken mexican cobblestone while smoking cigarettes. Then I get to the zocalo, read something and drink a coffee. For Desayuno I drink a licuado de platano y papaya (sin azucar) and eat some yogurt. For comida (lunch in mexico is typically between two and four) I eat anything I want. I stay away from cheese, fried things, enriched flour, and Japanese peanuts (they're like the nat'l snack). Food is everywhere and incredibly cheap. I can get fresh juice and a torta the size of football for the equivilant of two dollars.

    Good luck. The best way to control diet is to prepare five meals "weighed out" in advance, and place them in tupperware. But I don't know how that would fly with the wife and kids I think that you have. As long as you can keep up a workout routine, you're still in the race. Don't give up.

  • its not bad DT. I want to see how this all works out for you and some other posters.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Unlike some people, I really enjoy you getting a little personal, it's nice to hear and try to support someone who's been giving me the best blog, and by far the best podcast I've ever known in my entire life, all for free. Thanks Doug, and post whatever you want, it's your blog, and I'm sure you'll never tarnish it's reputation. Goodluck with losing weight.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I'm doing relatively good, only lost about a pound though since last time we talked, gained a good portion of muscle though since then....Pred (personal best) in the 1600 by 9 secs (5:24) and made pre lims for something in the first time in my life, Pring by 24 secs 11:46 (3200) I had a bet to motivate me to get better....3 bets of 20 bucks that I can get 5:15 in the 1600 or lower...wish me luck..my last race is thursday, just gota Pr by 9 secs again...

  • New job! wonderful. I remember you almost quit everything bulls-related when your old job is kicking your ass. I hope this one gives you more flexibility, as well as being fulfilling.

    15lbs...... mmm. that's a lot. I'm glad you're confident.

  • Hey Doug, are you gonna be at Game 3, if so where at. I'd love to stop by and say hello.

  • fb_avatar

    P90x? Really? I hear it's pretty good and all but c'mon how often do we get weather like this? Time to ride the bike, hit the court - no dvds required. Best of luck to ya Doug.

  • My goal was to gather information about what stuff I want to do in the future. I found two courses one is web programming and the other is webdesign (with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks) I'm still not sure what I would like to do, but I am getting all the information and hope to make a decision pretty soon. If you guys can give me advice about what programs to use or stuff like that, I would be really happy.

    On a side note: I had a lot of more work done at home, b/c I got away from my computer more!

    For next week I want to try and take a course online and see if I can do some of the stuff they offer in the courses I mentioned and can motivate myself to really finish it.

  • Thanks a lot for answering! I have an IT background and I can do a very simple website with no big problem. I just get stuck a lot.

    The website from my brother in law is written in some very old asp, from someone who didn't really document anything. Basically it would have to be completely renewed and there is no real timetable on it right now, actually it would be a great opportunity, but there is no one else who could help me if I get stuck somewhere. The guy who built the stuff is gone and doesn't want to do anything with it anymore.

    I never got into programming and I think I really have to go to some course to grasp the concept and go from there. But I will try and look for some online courses, maybe I can overcome my disciplin problem and really work it out. I'll go out to the library tomorrow, so I have a look there too if I can find books I understand.

  • Hey Doug,
    I've successfully lost weight a few times. I've not been very successful in keeping it off, or I wouldn't have to do it over and over again, but still.

    One thing you should look at is fitday.com. It helps you track calorie intake and expenditure. That's really helped me a lot in the past, and it's helping me this time around too (I've been dropping a little over 2lbs a week. Too much more than that is gonna be unhealthy).

    From a pure weight loss perspective, working out is good, but focusing on cardio sort of stuff also has the benefit of burning more calories, in general, than other things.

  • I did reasonably well this week. Only missed one day of exercise - due to an early morning meeting that I had to meet. Ate junk food just once - although Culvers felt worth it.

    This week's goals are the same as last week. Exercise every day, avoid junk food.

    Although, since I will be having dinner this Thursday at the United Center (THANKS AGAIN DOUG!!!), I will have to find some low-cal nachos at the stadium (kidding)

  • Its all about getting your head right...Once your mind is in it, working work wont be a problem. Just think to yourself, its almost summer i got to start looking good. Im going to the gym about 4 times a week right now and i feel so much better then i did about 2 months ago. You just got to put the work in.

    Ive stopped drinking Pop too....i lost like 5 pounds in the first week lol

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