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Alright, like many Americans, I've battled the getting in and out of shape thing for most of my life.  I grew up overweight, it got somewhat bad in college, but then post college I lost all the weight and actually became what I would consider reasonably athletic.    Two kids, some personal stress, and long work hours later and some of that weight has started to drift back on.

My goal isn't about an end number on the scale.   I've felt like I was in awesome shape anywhere between 165 and 185 depending how much muscle I have.   II want to lose about 20 lbs of fat, but that might be accomplished with 10 lbs of muscle gain at the same time making the overall number move slower.   I don't really care about the end result on the scale as much as how I can feel and move on a basketball court.

My timeline is forever.   I'm not trying to diet.  I'm trying to get
myself back into the healthy lifestyle I led for almost a decade prior
to really struggling the past few years.   I'm not sure how it slowly
turned against me, but it has.   I feel myself at a turning point.  I'm in my mid thirties, and while I have no serious health risks yet, if I continue down the path I'm on for another three or four years, I'll end up in the seriously obese category with all kinds of health risks.

I have all the knowledge necessary to complete this journey.   What I'm presently lacking is the will power to make the fight day in and day out.   It's hard to make good choices even when I'm stressed out or when my exercise time disappears due to long work hours.   To do that, I need accountability.   So I'm holding myself accountable to you.

This isn't a weight loss challenge, this is an accountability challenge.   Join in with me if you're working on anything.   It can be weight loss, weight gain, being nicer to your spouse, spending more time with your kids, getting a big project done at work or school, overcoming shyness [and as someone who was painfully shy for much of their life, I can help you with this one if you want], or anything else that's a long term goal that can be broken down into smaller pieces that you can work on one week at a time.
Post your goals for the next week, comment in this thread.   I will create a new thread every Monday [so short week this week] where I updated my personal status on my goals each week, and you can do the same.   I'll like the original thread so we can all see how we did relative to what we wanted.   This isn't, or shouldn't, be about perfection.   It's about the gentle reminder to stay on track as best as life permits, and to get back on track when fallen off.

My goals for the next week:
Get in a minimum of four quality workouts in the next six days
Attempt to eat reasonably every day.
Limit any higher food intake days, so they don't become 'last supper' days.
Use free time wisely

Next check in, one week.


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  • Good for you, Doug. I can absolutely relate. My wife and I just had our second child and in the past few years I have put on 40 pounds. So my goal is to get back down to 190, which is where I was when I got married.

    Overall Goal - 190lbs
    Goal for the week - get up to exercise at 6am every work day
    Goal for the week 2 - no junk food.

  • In reply to Familyman:

    This plan won't last until Wednesday. It's a little too agressive and you'll only end up feeling worse when you don't do it.

    Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.

    Start small. Maybe forego that 2 liter of pop today.

  • In reply to Familyman:

    Everyone is whining, broke and fat!!

    Doug, you sir need to focus on the Bulls. There's plenty of time in the offseason for all this feel good crap... when I won't be reading!!

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Well i can't wait until summer. That way I won't have to listen to your crap. Good for you Doug, the bulls are just a team, help people with their lives with your influence!

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Keeping Active even if not for rigorous workouts is one of the main ways to keep off weight gain. Park far from the building, vacuum your house every 2 days, try to throw the trash in small bits(that way you walk more), play with your kids. I feel planned workouts always are a problem because you need to have too much discipline to do it regularly.

    Also, not buying coke, chips, donuts and anything sweet/sugary is also a good thing. Learning/Loving to cook is probably the best way to get on a healthy diet.
    That's my 2 cents on maintaining good weight which I haven't had issues..luckily.

  • In reply to Familyman:

    Good job Doug. One of the hardest parts is admiting you have a problem and setting your goals. Be reasonable with them so you can attain them. Set small goals and reach them, then set more short and long term goals.
    I like you have struggled with my weight. I'm 6'3" 300lbs & 34 yrs old. I carry my weight very well and am in the best shape of my life by hitting the weights hard twice a week and doing 1 or 2 days of cardio for about 45 minutes each. I try to eat about 5-6 small meals throughout the day and limit my sugar intake as much as possible while increasing protein and fiber. I'm not afraid of eating fat, but try to get it from nuts, rather then saturated red meat. When I'm on a Atkins diet the weight flies off, but this isn't a very balances diet, at least the early days of Atkins, now like South Beach there are phases where you bring back the sugars in moderation and eat for life, not just being on a strict rigid diet. If you want to eat junk food, then try to supplement in some fiber/protein so you don't have a major glycemic meal that will spike your blood sugar.
    Good health to you and keep up the good work on this website...awesome job Doug!!! :-)

  • Doug - you should really try to play some hoops regularly. It has kept me in great shape (and improving) for years. I don't have the willpower to do your standard workout (although I'm trying to get on track with some daily sit-ups, push-ups, etc.), but playing a game I love is enough of a distraction that I don't even notice so much of what I'm putting my body through. It takes a few weeks to get your wind, but after that, you will notice great improvements almost every week - and nothing feels better than also noticing your game improve as well!

  • I would caution anyone making their initial goals. It's easy to think that we can just get back to old, healthier habits. Try to start with smaller goals, and then build up. It's funny that you're starting this thread now, Doug, because I recently started exercising again. It's been hard to keep it up, but I think this thread will help me push through as well. Thanks! I'm not ready to write my goals yet though.

  • i'm in homes. i have to start working out again, it's almost summer time. My goal is to get a 6 pack. It's sad, my laundry machine just broke. I have no other recourse than to use my washboard. get it get it.

  • What is going on here?! I had to check the calendar. Resolutions, charitable give aways... It's not Christmas time, people!

    Everyone needs to MAN UP and start paying attention to the BULLS and the PLAYOFFS!!

    30% chance? 70% chance?

    There's a 70% chance that I'm going to lose 30% of my mind if 100% of the people on this site don't get their priorities straight!

  • the suntimes doesn't even cover the Bulls while they're in season so you have already one-up'd them

  • Thank goodness I don't have a weight problem, but I have a disciplin problem and I am an internet junkie. I need to get my live together b/c I just lost my job and I have to earn some money to keep our house. Jobs are not easy to come by b/c I am an IT admin and want to work parttime and parttime IT jobs are as easy to find as a Bulls win in New Jersey. I am about a year out of some new knowledge b/c I couldn't get a parttime job. And as I mentioned I have a real hard time with disciplin. I hope this challenge can help me with my problem. I really would like to get into web design and web programming more, so that I can work from home and care for my kids as well. But I feel like I am a hopeless case and I don't really know where to start and I am scared to start something new and fail at it. I could really use webdesign b/c I could do a lot of work for my brother-in-law right away.
    This is the first time I talk about this really, so that's a first babystep.
    My goal for this week is to gather knowledge about what direction to go and which programs are good to use.

  • As for accountability on fitness/proper body weight, I think it really is a lot easier for people who enjoy excercise. I get a lot of rewards for excercise in feeling really good while doing it, and my body feels good afterward. I know friends and colleagues who work out for months, and just loathe it. Also, retaining fat, slow metabolism etc. is not a choice, and is unfortunate for those who are so afflicted.

    Just from hearing Doug talk saying he knows he will be successful by sticking to some basic life choices/rules shows confidence, and that he's done this before. I have no doubt you will succeed Doug. If this encourages other people to get back on the right track whether it's body weight, spending time with kids, whatever then everybody wins by a unified effort. I guess it's time for me to do a better job eating and excercising again as well. I'll check in when/if my results improve.

  • By the way, off topic, but I'm getting the feeling this game tonight is going to be tough. Boston, according to Sam Smith, wants this game to have a chance at the third seed to face injured Milwaukee instead of hot Miami.

    Sam mentions that last night's game between Boston and the Bucks was marred with rough play and ejections. Surprise, surprise. Boston winning with thuggish tactics? What a shock!

    I'm just very concerend because Derrick not sticking up for himself and really for the team as it's leader him getting whacked, and not respodning/fighting for his rights with the refs sets the tenor of how the whole team will be treated and feel about themselves.

    It's clear from Vinny's quotes after that last game ending attrocity on Derrick at New Jersey that he will do nothing for his players. It's up to Derrick(and Joakim).

    I just hope someone has the forsight to see this shitstorm coming, and do what they have to do to get Derrick to fight!!! Joakim I'm pretty sure will represent. Taj needs some fire blown up his shorts as well. Don't let Rondo, Perkins, and Garnett come in here, and punk us.

  • I'm roughly 5'9/5'10 and was in the worst shape of my life in January at 174lb with no muscle (I never had any muscle in my life either before) but right around that same time I had got cheated on by someone I considered a soul mate (yah I know I'm young but w/e) and anyways the only healthy outlet I really found was killing myself working out, I run Cross Country and Track and atm I'm 157lb, so I lost 17 lb's in 3 months and gained alot of muscle, My Target weight is 150lb, with muscle, and I have some bets on me getting 5:15 or better at the end of this track season in the 1600 (I'm a junior and I've Pred (personal record) in every race this season), gone from a 5:42 to a 5:31, and have 3 races left, one which is this thursday, and my last race is on the 22nd, At the moment I'm averaging 400 sit ups, 200 push ups, 6 miles of running, planks, and 25lb barbell weight lifts....and finally eating healthy for the first time in my life (I ate fast food almost daily before January, now I eat it maybe once a week, and soda only twice a week.) The way I was able to do it was creating myself a workout playlist (music), that inspired me on how I was feeling (anger/hate/sorrow/determination/strength etc...)and always set my goals extremely high, constantly depressed with what I was doing (but never being idle in depression, taking on the failure with an aggresive determined active attitude), thus always picking up my workouts and getting better. I'm not always motivated to workout, but when you do it every day and it becomes a work out sickness you get disgusted with yourself if you don't do it. When I'm working out, I wana stop, and when I'm not, I wana work out, lol...kinda wierd but it works for me. Anyway goodluck with you and your goals Doug, I hope these posts from me and others has helped you. Self Accountability and motivation are key, excuses are your enemy even if valid.

  • Oh By the way Doug I do all my working out at school or at home, no gym memberships etc....just all body stuff or barbells...So I can be religious about it and not go "oh well I'll just take off today because I don't feel like going to the gym today, or oh it's to late to go now...everything is right at home and it stares me in the face until I complete the workout ;]

  • I loved Spring Break cus I was able to do just that...work out every hour of the day, with rest imbetween each...it was sweet....I was I had started earlier though, like summer instead :/

  • This sounds right up my alley.

    My goal starting Monday morning was to get at least 4 workouts this week.
    Take at least 3 walks around my neighborhood.
    Get the oil changed.
    Clean up.

    I've taken 1 walk so far.
    I've worked out once so far.
    Got the oil changed where I unfortunately found a new host of problems with the car...
    Working on that cleaning up...

    I'll get in a good workout tonight.

    I've been working on living a healthier lifestyle for about a month now. Changing my eating habits, cutting out all of the sodas and juices. Working out, just being more productive over all. It's been a good month so far. I'm looking to raise my workout levels and to have a more consistent, better balanced and timed diet.

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