Official statement from Gar Forman

Per Bulls Press release:

Chicago Bulls are focusing all of our energies into the remainder of this
season and, as such, were disappointed at the recent stories that may have
distracted from that.  Reports of a recent internal disagreement between a
Bulls executive and the Bulls head coach were the result of each expressing
their passion about the health and well being of their players and the
desire to win basketball games.

event occurred in Coach Del Negro's office, not in the locker room and not in
front of the players, as some wrongly have reported. This disagreement, while
not communicated well by either party in the heat of the moment and in the
immediate aftermath of a tough loss, was a result of conflicting views,
but all based on the fine balance required to ensure both the immediate and
long-term success of the team and the health of its players.  The fans
well know that the Bulls are dedicated to the team's day-to-day success, but
first and foremost want to protect the health and well being of its players.

Bulls have a full and complete understanding of what took place, but, as
requested by all parties, will address the attendant issues with the
participants after the season is over. At this point, everyone intends to
keep focused on the remaining games.  


Not much there really, but I don't know that I'd expect anything different.


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  • Did Gar Forman change his name to Gar Fireman?

    With his statement, it seems to me like he is trying to put out this fire.

    It's not happening, especially with Stern now set to look into it.

  • This is only going to get uglier

  • it might limit the number of suspects that are the leak.

  • I guess they can't keep it in house now with the league getting involved. maybe now the Bulls will stop people around and start getting this organization back together.

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