Noah calls Garnett dirty, notes the obvious horrificness of the refs

Per yahoo sports:

"He's a dirty player," Noah said after the Bulls practiced at Quicken
Loans Arena in preparation for Monday's Game 2 against the Cavaliers. "He's
always swinging elbows, man. I'm hurting right now because of an elbow he threw.
It's unbelievable. He's a dirty player. It's one thing to be competitive and
compete and all that.

"But don't be a dirty player, man. He's a dirty player."

"He knows what he's doing," he said. "It's wrong. I shouldn't even be
talking about this stuff. It's crazy."

Per the Sun Times:

''If I say anything about calls, is that a fine or something like
that?'' Noah said. ''I'm not criticizing anyone. Of course, I'm biased,
you know -- I'm playing on the court -- but I didn't feel like some of
those calls were fair.''

Opponents of the 7-1, 325-pound O'Neal have been saying that for years. Still, Noah wouldn't blame his woes on the officiating.

''I wasn't really happy with the way I played,'' he said. ''I ... have to ... bring a little more energy.''

I know some people will be upset with Noah for addressing it, but personally, I like it.  It's clear from his last quote that someone else broached the topic with him, and that he didn't bring it up himself.

A lot of people would rather have him not talk, but people complain all the time about cookie cutter answers and players not saying anything, but then rip on them when they do.  Keep talking Joakim, as if you'd stop if I asked anyway.

As for the comments about the refs, they're geared more towards calls he got than ones Rose didn't get I'm sure, but that was also some serious BS.   The worst was perhaps the third call in the first half where Shaq just threw Noah out of the way with his off arm and then fell over.   Even the announcers ripped on the call and said it should have been offensive or no call.

Oh well, hopefully the Bulls sent a tape to the league, and there will be a point of emphasis made on Derrick driving and Shaq just throwing people.   Unlikely, but one can hope.


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  • Yah I'm glad Noah addressed this too, he did it preety brilliantly too lol, by pretending he didn't know the rules, proceding to say he's not critizing anyone, but clearly doing it anyway...if the refs don't call fouls on Shaq next game I'd love to see Noah take a swing at Shaq, even if he gets suspended for a game. You just cant let Shaq get away with that kind of Crap. Noah became my favorite player half way through the season and only seems to grow more and more on me each day....

  • Let's hope the Celtics crush Miami in 4 if we hope to have any chance to swoon Wade away from Miami..and that he scores 30 or 40 points a game while his team plays bad defense and is idle on offense.

  • I feel that the refs want to be liked by Lebron so they will cater to him. I just think Rose needs to be more dramatic. Callup Vlade Divac and take some tips on swwoning the officials for the calls.

    Rose will definitly get those calls in chicago but we need to tie the series if we even want a chance. If we can somehow tie, then we can definitly be a real player in FA next summer. I think we need two wins two be signifigant and just not a dead horse getting beat by the Cavs.

    My biggest concern is the Boxing out, and rebound.

    Doug, what do you think about Starting Miller and Maybe one of Warrick/JJ to match Jamison and Shaq, while leaving Noah and Taj out for Varejou and Z. I think it will be signifigantly better. I also think if we went with JJ and Miller, we would have more offense than Noah and Taj to start the game off. Not that they both get major minutes, but just so the Cavs dont get on a crazy run with Shaq. We need to matchup better. And Switch offs of Jamison and Lebron between Deng and JJ wont be as bad at that point. Then we can bring Warrick in at the three on Bron.


  • Usually, I think you shouldn't try to give the other team extra motivation, but in this case... I like what Noah is doing.

    They're already underdogs. The more he talks, the harder he'll have to play to back it up.

    Plus, like you Doug, I hate the cookie cutter answers. Did you see that 10 year (or however old) kid that was in the news within the last couple weeks? There was a video about him playing basketball and how great he is... and blah, blah, blah. And then in interviews, he and his dad were giving the standard cookie cutter answers. We get it. Made me want to abuse a child. Not good.

  • speaking of centers, any chance asik is nba ready/bound?

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    he is rail thin and pretty poor around the rim. Right now it doesnt look like Asik would be able to help us out 20% than what Sonny Weems would have.

  • Thank God Ben Wallace and Adrian Griffin are not hear otherwise those bitches would look to suspend him for one game lol.

  • I think that Miami is going to make a series of it. They had it going for a while and then fell apart. I bet they win at least 2 games if not 3. Although, I am not sure what that means, the Celtics are done, just like KG is.

  • The crap that Shaq was getting away with was ridiculous, especially the 3 day(I mean second)violations.

    However, I cannot understand the lack of calls that Rose gets, he simply does not get the same calls that other stars get, and it is getting ridiculous. I really don't know what the answer is, other than the entire Bulls team going crazy on every play and getting T'd up until he starts getting calls.

  • I dont think we have any hope of Wade coming to Chicago after that last interview in which he said Miami is pretty much in the drivers seat. They can sign a big man AND still have the money left to fill out the roster with something other than minimum salary players. I put our chance at landing Wade at about 1.7%

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