"No significant findings" in Rose MRI; Expected to play

Per ESPN Chicago:

The Bulls released a statement Monday evening that there were no
significant findings in the MRI, and Rose's playing status would be
updated Tuesday.

"He was sore [Monday]," Bulls coach Vinny
Del Negro said of Rose. "He jammed it on Shaq's foot. He was limping a
little bit today, so hopefully he'll be better and see how he feels."

Deng missed 11 straight games near the end of the season because of calf trouble.

knee and calf are a little bit sore today. It's that time of the year,"
Del Negro said. "Things are going to happen. You just got to get the
guys out there that are healthy.

"Obviously, we need
both those guys to play at a high level. I think they'll both be fine
and ready to play. But who's 100 percent at this time of the year? Not
many guys."

For some reason the phrase "no significant findings" bothers me.   Especially given that the Bulls found no significant findings in Deng's leg with a stress fracture last season.   I'm sure both Deng and Rose push through whatever they have going on for this final game.

They both strike me as the types of guys who would do that, I know people say Deng is soft and won't play through injuries blah blah blah, but it seems to me that while he's injury prone, he's also the type of guy who tries to play through them until he just can't.   He played through the stress fracture for awhile last season before finally admitting he couldn't go, then he clearly came back while still hurt for the stretch run and playoffs this year.

As much as people rag on Deng, he's still infinitely better than our other options at SF right now.

Paranoia aside, it's obviously good news if Derrick can play.  Without Rose playing at a high level the Bulls have virtually no chance to even compete in the game let alone win it.   How healthy are these guys?   Probably not very.   They're probably both baned up and suffering, but I expect they'll go out there and give it their all.

It probably won't be enough.


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  • Doug, with the way the Mavs are falling apart - again - in the playoffs, is there ANY chance that Nowitzki will opt out and change uniforms or demand a trade? It should be clear to him, that he won't ever win a title in Dallas. If there's the slightest chance, I think the Bulls should try to get him. He's the best Power Forward in the game, and imo, with his shooting ability, he'd be a perfect fit to Derrick Rose. Plus he has developed a post game over the years, so he can play inside out. I also don't believe that his game will regress a lot trough the next 5 years, because he has never been a very athletic player (you don't lose shooting or height) and he's such a disciplined pro and hard working player. Sure, Bosh would be great, but I truly believe that Nowitzki's outside shooting could put us over the top next year.

  • In reply to Rincewind:

    Dirk is staying in Dallas. I think Doug would agree with that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    ...that's the guy the Bulls' need, if they don't land DWYANE WADE.

    To Bulls: Carmelo Anthony
    To Nuggets: Luol Deng, James Johnson and Taj Gibson

    * Maybe Hinrich fits in that package somewhere as well.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Carmelo isn't on the block, and even if he was that package wouldn't get it done.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Roadwarrior, I think your tirade should be read to the bulls players before the game as a motivitational speech to get the team ready for battle, because thats what they need to see it as, not just another game but a battle for thier playing lives.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I agree with Doug. Deng has got a bad rap after he signed his contract. He tries his best. That's all we can ask from a player. The only problem is he gets hurt a lot and I am hoping he learns his body a bit better and will find a way to monitor his minutes in the future.
    If Deng is around next year, James Johnson has to develop to be a legit backup who can give 15/20 mins of good playing time.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I dont have a problem with Deng, he plays through most of his injuries and yeah you can tell he is on the court.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug. Thanks again for holding that ticket raffle. Even though the Bulls just didn't have it for the game on Sunday, it was still fun attending. I do wish they had spaced those 300 level seats just a little further apart though. My feet were pinned back below my knees. But most of the fans up there were very nice. A good experience.

    I'm thinking the next game will probably be pretty hard for the Bulls to get up for. Not only did LeBron play like Jordan on the offensive end again, but Jamison stepped it up, and clearly looked like an All-Star as he outclassed Deng. And that's no slight on Luol. He's fought hard, and played well most of this series though his three point shooting percentage is not good .144(yikes).

    I guess we should just give up thinking about winning another game after that decisive blowout for a 3 to 1 series lead.

    However, I'm not prepared to do that. D-Rose is averaging 25.6 ppg on nearly .460 shooting i.e stud. Joakim is at .552 with a 16ppg average and 14 crazy boards and 3 assists.

    Honoring those efforts does not include submission as an option. To at least attempt to fight for this game, the Bulls need to go to church. That's what they are calling what the Cavs are doing when they pack bascially all of their guys on either side of the paint. They are daring Bulls players to shoot.

    Well, f-ing shoot then. Why not. It's hard to believe with all the threes Brad hit against Boston last year that he has zero attempts in this series. At least that's what Bulls.com shows. And Deng, how can he get into a groove shooting so few threes? He's 1 for 8, and that's two shots per game. While no one on the Bulls shoots hardly any threes as part of their game, at least we know Miller, Deng, and yes Hinrich though he's streaky, can make them.

    Derrick Rose, jump out of your comfort zone, and shoot some f-ing threes. What have you got to lose? The lane is jammed up because even a stooge(sorry overstated, but Mike Brown's no coaching genius let's put it that way) can see the Bulls are no threat from the arc/perimeter because they don't even try. And their horrible deficiency in this area I also blame on Vinny. I don't care if you have guys "comfortable" shooting threes you have got to live with the threat of the three or die not trying. Yet he's not steered the team toward any kind of legit attempts all season. Thus the Bulls inefficiency is emboldened.

    Screw that.

    The other thing besides shooting threes in bunches(I don't care if you miss the first ten - it's the only way you're going to win so keep f-ing shooting) is slipping screens. The Bulls have to set up picks, and have Joakim, Taj, even Miller/whoever slip agressively and when they get it back attack the basket! And that play where they fake the pick and roll with Derrick and hold the screen while he drives/gets the ball back where th hell did that go to?! Run it!

    I'm not syaing the Bulls are going to win this next game. I'm not even saying they are not going to get their asses kicked.

    But if you come in with adjustments/a game plan to win and you fight with those new weapons then by god you've done your job, and represented yourselves, the team, and the fans well. I sure as hell hope the coaches have realized the Bulls horrible deficiency which is why the "Church" response was predicted before game Three by Cleveland's own newspaper the Plain Dealer. Every NBA winning team's arsenal includes shooting threes. It will be employed to the max come hell or high water, or the Bulls coaches are just plain f-ing blind after the Church experience on Sunday ironically. And Joakim and Taj have to attack the basket with seals and drives, spin moves, baby hooks whatever they f-ing got. I don't care if that big bastard Shaq is in their or Anderson(Sideshow Bob) Varejao.

    Please for all your hard efforts Chicago don't just submit to a guy who refers to himself as "I've had greatness in the past, greatness in the future, but this is right now." D-Rose, Joakim, Deng, Taj, Miller stop sitting around dwelling in the losing basketball you played in that last game, and go out there and use every tool in the book to take it too that conceited over the top jag and his ballclub so that they will be glad when this series is over, and will still know from fresh fought evidence that they were in a dogfight. I know I sound like Knute F-ing Rokne but Vinny's lack of using threes all year and in this series along with the other adnjustments in that last lie down game are why I am pissed because Derrick, Joakim, Taj, Miller, and Luol and Hinrich are capable of more. And while you're at it Bulls outrebound Cleveland's ass as well. And just kick their ass.

  • Quite frankly, the Bulls players don't need to be getting their knees, ankles or calves checked out.

    Someone needs to look at their HEART. We'll see who has one tonight.

    If they are going down, then need to go down FIGHTING!!!

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