Joakim Noah not doing well physically

Lots of stuff in this Swirsky video, but the one thing I found most interesting was Joakim's description of himself mentally and physically after Chuck Swirsky asked where he was at:

"Physically, pretty bad.  Mentally like 250%, I feel great and I'll be ready for tomorrow".

Looks like Noah is really playing through the plantar fasciitis right now, and he played the most minutes on the team.   He's really gutting through it, but that doesn't surprise me.   I've always thought Noah was the type who'd do that.

He's always been about winning.  For whatever reason, people had the impression that Noah was a goofball even though he's always been a team first guy.  At Florida he cost himself millions of dollars to win another title, and he was successful.  

Hopefully his foot holds up tomorrow, and he can recover a bit in the 2-3 days off before the first playoff game.


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  • Mind over body.

  • I love this this guy! Wish Deng could be tougher to maximize his potential! Wow I wish we won that Nets game then we could rest Joakim tonight and still make the playoffs after that awesome win against the Celtics last night and the ton of minutes Joakim put in.

  • He is a different personality in the NBA. He is international in outlook but has the aggressiveness of an American player. I hope he toughs it out for a few weeks and make the playoffs/give us a good series against the CAVS..


    My boys E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson will be testing the NBA Draft waters.

    Although I have no affiliation with Purdue University, I would LOVE to see both these guys in a Bulls' uniform down the line. Right now, I'm guessing they go back for their Senior seasons.


    E'Twaun Moore

    JaJuan Johhnson

    * I know for a fact that Paxson has been scouting Purdue games this year.


    E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson plan to test the NBA Draft waters.

    Even though I have no affiliation to Purdue, I would love either one of these guys in a Bulls uniform down the line. Personally, I think both go back for their senior seasons.

    * I know for a fact that Paxson has scouted Purdue games this year.

  • That clip to me shows why I love having Joakim on our team. Just the joy and ebulliancy(or however the hell you spell that word - for some reason these site spell checks aren't running for me since I switched computers). Where do you see that joy and fun from these NBA kids today in this hard, urgently commercial world?

    The point he made about it being somewhat unfair for media focus on Vinny/Pax Family Feud after such a stirring victory. And he's right. That spat should not become a negative media blabfest that overshadows what is becoming and could continue on as an exciting, special time.

  • They should've shut him down 2 months ago.

    My hope is that this push to lose in the first round doesnt have long term implications for Noah.

  • There may not be a more childlike nickname for Kirk than the one that Noah gave him there.

    Unless I missed something, he didn't say the reason for him being "physically pretty bad" was the PF. Perhaps it's due to the exhaustion from the Boston game?

  • It's good that the Bulls are playing on the road. If they were home, they probably would be inundated with this Pax/Vinny fight. I hope they don't lose their focus today with all this nonsense going on.

  • It's great to see Noah in good spirits. He knows that the finish line is close and you've got to finish hard. Definitely love to see that.

    I wonder how Taj is feeling. Last couple of games he's seemed to be a step slow.

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