I was soooooo Wrong

As pointed out by Kenyalla Wright, a frequent commenter, I doubted the Bulls would make the playoffs in the midst of their terrible slide, and promised I would own up to my lack of faith if they should make it.  (note to readers, if you make a bet with me, expect me to forget it 2 minutes after making it, this is good because I will pay up when proven wrong, but will never remember to collect if correct)

I declared the season done with Joakim Noah's injury.   However,
Kenyalla's faith in the Bulls and Derrick Rose specifically have proven
to be well placed.

Kenyalla has also predicted Bulls victory in the first round against Cleveland, and I only hope to be proven wrong once again.

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  • KW has always shown himself to be a well reasoned commenter, so I assume the Bulls over Cavs prediction was just for laughs, though I think we'd all like to see it happen.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    It's what I want to happen and I can't bring myself to thinking otherwise.
    Also, I think Noah and Rose believe they'll win. If they really do believe it... you never know.

  • Hilarious, Doug. Now the best is paid.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:


  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Hey Doug,

    ESPN just had an article where Avery Johnson believes the front office issues could effect our recruiting efforts. http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/nba/news/story?id=5098963

    Do you think this is the case?

    Also, do you think there is a Scenario where we can S&T for Bosh and Keep Noah and still be financially flexible. Also, If we do have to involve Turk coming back, do you think thats a good move? Thanks

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Also Doug, i think you went to write "I declared the season done with Joakim Noah's injury." Not victory lol

  • So what would be your solution. I dont care if Deng goes but we keep Bosh. If we somehow got a third team involved to take Deng that would work.

    Do you think if we get Bosh Deng is likely gone or would Reinsdorf own up to his word that he would pay the tax for a contending team?

    Do you think if we did somehow trade Deng and whatever for Turk that we would be better, if not a contender? Or would we be the same minus Bosh?

  • Is there any trade you could possibly see to get rid of Deng but keep Noah. Our team without Noah and with Bosh probably isnt much better. Maybe we get to 50 wins maybe but thats healthy. 2nd round cap

  • This prediction of Bulls not making the playoffs almost came true..They got really some great breaks at the end. Overall, because of injuries they did deserve it though.
    But my question, what does it say for the Eastern Conference that Bulls can make the playoffs even with so much youth and injuries. I would say 76ers, Indiana, Detroit, Washington(until Feb) with semi-veteran teams couldn't do well..

  • I didnt like the job Avery did with Devin Harris in Dallas.


    Joe Johnson tells WCNN in Atlanta that he plans on staying with the Hawks.


  • I would never do that deal. Hedo is like what 6 years older than Deng? Hedo basically played this year like he didnt care anymore. Deng though injury prone put fourth effort when he played.


    Joe Johnson tell WCNN in Atlanta that he plans on staying with the Hawks.


  • Why trade Noah a minute before you have to?
    Doug, who could give this team what Noah does?
    Get Bosh, and let the team play together for a year or two.

  • Based on the Joe Johnson interview, it seems like the Knicks are out of the picture. It also seems like, if Mike Woodson stays in Atlanta as their Head Coach, then Joe Johnson isn't going anywhere.

  • Good We need to be focusing on a big man anyways. Rose and Noah...need to sell this team this playoff series. We play hard and with heart and steal maybe 1 or 2 of the games...Bosh will come. If we get swept badly...its going to be harder to bring him in.

  • What's up with the Bosh and Johnson pressers/interviews announcing that they are uncertain about their future? Nothing to report right now. I really don't understand Johnson talking about his future right now with the playoffs about to start.

    As long as Mo Williams is kept contained and doesn't go off shooting 3s like he did last week, I think this series is competitive throughout.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Mo Williams plays better without Lebron. King James dominates the ball and limits William's touches. Williams will still be a factor, just not a 20ppg 10ast factor.

  • Miami needs to get swept like no ones business for CB to come to Chicago! Go bulls. Bulls will stretch it to 7 games. hahah. I BULLIEVE

  • Ya so whats that mean? We can sign a Max Free Agent and another solid player for 4-5 mil?

  • NICE 1!!!! I wonder what a player like TMac would go for. He has clearly lost a step and is actually thinking about retirement. If he can get back to some kind of player he use to be he will probably stick around. I think of Tmac as a player that would be REALLY good on a good team. If he came here all he would have to do is play defense vs other SG's and make open jumpers that Derrick Rose created for you. That could be a very good role for him.

  • And why is Deng's contract so awful that he is untradable except for someones else's equally awful trash.

    Because Dung himself is looking more and more awful everyday, and has never looked like the player that we hoped he would become in the playoff sweep of Miami several years ago for even one single game.

    To me Dung has become virtually unwatchable due to his physical mopelike play and attitude. Somebody inject the guy with some testerone.

    When will fans and management learn that contracts do matter, a lot, almost as much as actual effort on the floor.

  • Doug, I wouldn't feel too bad about losing this bet. The Bulls were toast, and I totally agree with you at the time.

    They and we got lucky on 2 fronts, Toronto imploded in general and specifically when Bosh broke his face in a freak accident. If Bosh plays the final 6 games or so, Toronto is in an we are out.

    Secondly, given the history of PF injuries I never expected Noah to come back and play effectively, we were lucky that he not only came back at all, but that he was quickly dominant when we needed him most.

    I would say that luck trumped prognostication skills in this case, as it often does.

  • #1.) Sign-and-trade (Hinrich, Deng and Gibson) with Toronto for Chris Bosh.
    #2.) Sign Dwyane Wade outright away from Miami.

    PG - Rose
    SG - Wade
    SF - Johnson or a vet like QRICH or OUTLAW
    PF - Bosh
    C - Noah

    That would be ideal and amazing.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hah.....Bahahahahah....why the hell would Toronto take on Hinrich and Dengs contracts? That makes no sense at all...Yah like maybe this would happen if we could magically controll both sides of a trading perspective but we can't. Toronto isn't just gonna accept all the crap we want to give them when they have other options. The only good piece in that is Gibson, and Gibson and 2 horrible contracts for a near superstar is a ridiculous proposal Toronto will never accept, we'd be lucky if we could get rid of one of the 2 for Bosh...

  • Like I said up-top, it seems like Joe Johnson wants to stay in the ATL along with Woodson.

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