Contest winners

With the Bulls clinching a playoff spot, the winners of my contest are officially here.   Using the magic power of a random number generator on the web and a spreadsheet of all the people who entered, I have selected the winners.

To claim your tickets you must leave a comment on this thread saying you want the tickets.   I will then email the tickets to the email address associated with your chicagonow account.   If you want them sent to a different email address please note that in your comment.   Prior to sending the tickets to you, I will send you a test email to make sure that I have the email address correct.

Anyone who does not post a comment within 48 hours will have their tickets sent to a runner up instead.
And the winners are....

Home Game A / Game 3 - Thursday April 22nd - 6pm
mr happy


Home Game B / Game 4 - Sunday April 25th - 2:30pm



Robbie 3Q

Home Game C / Game 6 - Thursday April 29th - TBD [if necessary]


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  • I want tickets, pleassseee I have relatives in chicago and this will give me an activity and an excuse to do something with them

  • Bummed to hear I didn't win but this was still a great gesture by Doug.

  • Congrats to all the winners and like always DT you are the kindest guy out there for sure.

  • Mr Happy I fear for the person that gets stuck sitting next to you lmao, JK dude have fun.

  • Congrats to all the winners.

    Once again, big ups to Doug for making this happen for you guys.

    If any of you aren't using a spare I'd love to use it for you!!!!

  • Thanks Doug...way to MAN-UP...haha.

    In all seriousness, I really appreciate this.

    Go Bulls!!!

  • Game Yes, I'm (Mr)HAPPY to take those tickets.

  • Wow, that takes integrity.

  • Doug,

    I may have you email the tickets to a different account. I'll get back to you tomorrow.

    Thanks again.

  • Its very rare in this day in the world to find a guy like Doug, seriously it takes a generous person to do this.

  • Didn't win but Doug your always a class act for doing things like this. Thanks again.

  • Aw, darn, well if there is a chance for a runnerup, then I am still up for tickets. Thanks again Doug.

  • Thank you so much for the

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity Doug. Are you going to the game? Maybe we can meet up.

  • In reply to zozin:

    zozin please go sit near Mr. Happy and tell me if he is real or a robot. JK Mr. Happy

  • In reply to zozin:

    Dang, I never win anything. :(

    Jk, congrats to all the winners. Doug Thonus is a boss.

  • In reply to zozin:

    Congrats guys and gals, as always DT you rock.

  • In reply to zozin:

    I want the tickets!!!!!

  • In reply to zozin:

    See Red folks

  • In reply to zozin:

    someone steal me a rally towel per favore

  • In reply to zozin:

    AHHHH!!!!!! Thank you so much!! I very much want the tickets. You're amazing. I can't wait. This day couldn't have been much better!

  • In reply to zozin:

    Game 6! yess! thank you doug!! cmon bulls, game 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to zozin:

    I can't believe I won! Thanks a million, Doug!

  • In reply to zozin:

    Thanks for the opportunity Doug!

  • In reply to zozin:

    Doug, when my son Riley finds out about this he's going to freak. Thank you so much for giving fans like myself this opportunity/gift.

    I feel very fortunate, and hope the Bulls just play well/represent so all Chicago Bulls fans can enjoy this series. I've watched the Bulls since Jordan and Wooldridge. I saw Jordan play once with Oakley at the Stadium, but Ewing was hurt and din't play for the Knicks. Never seeing a playoff game, and being such a huge fan this is literally a dream come true.

    My email I'm using is the one I started this new account with as RoadWarrior on AOL. I'll let you know as soon as I get your message. Thanks again.

  • FYI:

    I sent you my other email address. Please let my know you got it.

  • I think EVERYONE who is lucky enough to be receiving Bulls' Playoff tickets would agree with me when I say...

    Thanks again Doug.

  • Thanks anyway Doug, Still a very great gesture! Im still going to game 3 anyway so maybe I can come say hi, where will you be at?

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