Chicago Bulls @ Toronto Raptors, 5:00 PM NBA-TV

An intense battle for the 8th seed of the Eastern Conference will begin tonight, as the Bulls visit the Raptors in Toronto. Both teams have an indentical 38-41 record and whoever wins tonight will have an advantage going into the final two games of the regular season.

Toronto is playing without star, and possible Bulls target this summer, Chris Bosh. The seven-year veteran is out for the season, whereas the Bulls are finally healthy. But despite a full line-up, the Bulls still lost to the New Jersey Nets on Friday.

Bulls All-Star point guard Derrick Rose fouled out in the 2nd overtime against the Nets, and the team crumbled without him. Rose had one of his rougher NBA games, as he was screaming at referees and struggling to hang onto the ball.

Head coach Vinny Del Negro was told by management he could play center Joakim Noah more minutes, but instead sat him on the bench in favor of Brad Miller who had a major game. Del Negro afterwards wrote it off as 'miscommunication'.

Miller scored 27 points, pulled ten boards and swatted three shots. Noah added 16 points, nine rebounds and four blocks, while Taj Gibson and Kirk Hinrich pulled down nine rebounds each. Hinrich in fact was one rebound and one assist shy of a triple-double. His opponent, rookie Terrence Williams, did however get one. 27 points, 13 rebounds and ten assists for the swingman out of Louisville.

Forward Luol Deng brought some range with him, knocking down three-of-four from behind the arc. Deng is shooting 39% from behind the arc this season, but has taken just 77 attempts. Chicago could use more long-range shooting, and will undoubtedly try to acquire such help in the summer.

Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani has always presented the Bulls with a problem. The seven-footer can shoot over the defense and and stretch the floor effectively. Joakim Noah will try to close out of the Italian tonight, and force the ball out of his hands.


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  • I think we win this in a close one. I dont know for real but I hope so.

  • which team wants it less? battle of the halfwits...let's just give the Cavs a bye...these teams do not deserve playoff time.

  • It's do or die time!!

    I remember when Pops Mensa-Bonsu killed us last year around this time, I bet the Raptors wish they wouldve held on to that guy now that Bosh went down...

  • How much HEART, TOUGHNESS and LEADERSHIP does this Bulls' team have?

    We are going to find out tonight.

  • mrhappy likes to use CAPITAL LETTERS

  • because he's a douche

  • fb_avatar

    check out Joakim dropping the dime to taj, playing a little point-center

  • Raptors D is awful. They have the worst transition defense I have ever seen. The worst with Bosh. The games against the Pistons and Knicks are not automatic wins for them. Bosh is gone next year. I suggest we all cheer for the Lakers. If they get beat they'll have to trade Bynum or Gasol to keep Kobe quiet.

  • The free agency picture will get ugly fast if Lakers get Bosh in a trade.

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    this game reminds me of the first couple after the trade deadline when we first got hakim and flip. That was probably the 2nd best stretch of ball the Bulls played this year (after the west coast trip). This is good to see.

  • good win for the bulls

  • Those are the kind of BOOS I like to hear.

    Nice and needed win by the Bulls.

    It's time to turn the page and go beat the Boston Celtics on Tuesday.

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