Bulls waive Jerome James; Sign Rob Kurz

Well obviously Jerome James is no loss to the team unless the Bulls were collecting insurance that they can no longer collect.  I do wonder a bit about this move purely from the perspective of trying to work in a guy like Kurz with only four games left in the season.
Here's some info on Kurz via draftexpress's article on the D League showcase a couple months ago:

Rob Kurz
had a great first game here, doing everything you'd expect him to do,
but sat out the second game. A very smart and efficient scorer, Kurz has
a deadly jump shot with three point range, while he's also been doing a
great job crashing the boards in D-League action this season.

Kurz is a role player with a clearly defined skill-set and a very good
understanding of the game. Since he already spent the majority of last
season in the NBA, it wouldn't be unlikely to see him called up at some
point. For a team looking for a combination of frontcourt depth, smarts
and outside shooting, there probably isn't a better option in the
D-League. As long as the team is content with his defensive limitations
and not expecting a huge amount of upside, Kurz would be a solid option
for a minimum contract.

The skillset certainly sounds like something we would like to have.   A guy who can provide some size and shooting (46% from the 3 point line in the dleague this year, 39.5% with GS last season) would obviously help us considerably.  

I'll go out on a limb and guess he can do nothing other than shoot given his overall FG% was worse than his 3% for GS, and his rebound rate was pretty pathetic for a big man.

Still, maybe he gives the Bulls something, clearly Jerome James was not.


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  • Yay only becuase we finally have James off the roster.

    So Doug, does this have any effect on our free agency money?

  • You think this has something to do with the foot injury JJ has?

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    more so his appetite.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    oops i though you meant Jerome James.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Better late that never. Will VDN play Kurz? Probably not.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Who knew Rob Kurz had a highlight reel on Youtube? Go figure!!!


    Check it out.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    You got to love the MACHO MAN song to go with his highlights...haha.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Nice! I like his block on Brad Miller...that was funny.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Rob Kurz is terrible....we need a BIG SG that can play some D. Go get me James White. Rob Kurz...come on now. He is terrible.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I wish we couldve picked up marcus landry, the celtics just waived him....

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    Why now? We had all the chances in the world to grab a solid D league player and we grab Rob Kurz? We passed on players like Shaun Livingston (Possible backup PG for Rose)and James White (6'7 Perimeter SG that could play some D) FOR ROB KURZ? Stupid decisions in the front office.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    We wont bring in a PG to run the team this late. Vinny wont play any other guard thats not on the roster already.

    Its mostly security and maybe a contributer. Taj and Noah may get hurt again so its mostly for that. Also JJ may be down so this may be to help him.

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    In reply to Csharp:

    "You can't go up weak against Kurz!", oh man, I'm loving it.
    Hey nothin wrong with a rangey 4. If he can pull a big away from the basket and make it easier for Rose to penetrate, I'm starting the Kurzwagon right now lol.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    The bulls are not going to sign another PG we have Acie Law who doesnt play as it is, I doubt this Kurz guy even gets in the game, that youtube video was hilarious, who made it for him, his sister?

  • In reply to Snypershawn:


    VDN bought Acie Law and Devin Brown a CHESS SET to keep them busy on the bench.

  • In reply to Snypershawn:

    it seems mostly likely the Bulls wanted this guy around for summer league play so they tied him up in time.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    What's the OVER/UNDER on the minutes Rob Kurz will get under VDN?

    4 games left...4 minutes max...haha.

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    We need some better scouts or something...how come all these other teams find all these hidden talents and we never find anything. Livingston and White could be rotation players for our Bulls team.

  • I was thinking about that too. Do you think he will play before the playoffs start of we get in?

    I think he will fit well with our run and gun style if he gets any minutes.

  • Its funny actually because the other day Jerome was saying how much management loves him lol. I am excited to see Rob play for us in SL this summer. He wont see anytime especially with us battling for the 8th spot but he is insurance just incase we lose every big we have lol. He reminds me of a more rugged and better shooting Najera from the Mavs.

  • Jerome James is one of the luckiest NBA players ever. 35 Million for 90 games played since 05-06.

  • They gave Rob #31, wasnt that Jeromes?

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