Bulls ticket give away update

Okay presumably you've seen the Bulls ticket giveaway update.   I just wanted to respond in this space here.   So many of your stories have meant a lot to me personally, so many of you I've known or talked to for so long.   It's really impossible to choose, and before getting too far along, no, it's not too late to still sign up, just add your comment here. I've read all of your comments.  
Don't take the comments I replied to as meaning anything special.  I've
decided that I have to give away the tickets at random, because
honestly too many of your stories mean something different to me in
different ways.

I recently found out my work was closing their office, and had a
termination date for my job.  I had to start hunting for jobs again
only to find out just how short in supply they were.   I did find
something, but I really sympathize with those of you still in the hunt,
and those of you in college about to enter this fray with a load of
debt and a scary job outlook.

My family has had a ton of health concerns recently, those who know me
personally know it's been a bumpy rid for a long time, so I really get
what those of you going through health problems are dealing with too.  
Sometimes you just want anything good to happen to you to brighten up
your day, and I know how much more it can mean when you're suffering.

I have two kids, and I took them both to their first games at different
times this year.  I was a stay at home dad for seven years, so those of
you who just want to take their child to their first game connects with
me too, and those of you who want to thank a parent, well I've never
found a way to thank mine properly for everything they've done.

And die hard Bulls fans?   How could I not emphasize with you?   I've
got 30000+ posts on realgm, 100+ podcasts, and god knows how many blog
entries here.   If there is some kind of insanity barometer for how
much time you can spend following a team I've crossed it.   For those
of you who've sat there and tried to find illegal streams to watch
summer league games, I feel you.

I want to give you all tickets, but I can't.   I have 11 pairs of tickets to give away.   Four to game A, five to game B, and two to game C.    I wish I could do more, but I'm one man just paying out of pocket for this stuff, so there's a limit on what I can do.

Anyway, I've decided to give the tickets away randomly.   Trying to decide who deserves them more and who I like more is virtually an impossible decision.    I will announce the winners on the day the Bulls clinch the playoffs.   It will be some type of entirely random drawing.

If you want haven't entered and want to enter, do not reply to this thread (if you want to discuss the contest further you can reply here, but entries go here).


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  • " those of you in college about to enter this fray with a load of debt and a scary job outlook."

    thanks doug the end of the semester wasn't worrisome enough. :P

  • Wow just got home to see this. Doug is a very good guy to be doing this. There aren't many people as generous as DT.

  • also hate to be a Debby Downer but Toronto is beating the Pistons pretty good late into the 3rd.

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