Bulls should pursue Rudy Fernandez this off-season

Enjoy Rudy Fernandez while you can, Trail
Blazer fans, through the rest of the season.

Because the Spanish sensation won't be in a
Portland uniform next season.

Fernandez will do his best to help the Blazers
achieve success in the playoffs. Then he'll be gone - perhaps to play
professionally in Europe next season, perhaps to another NBA team via an
offseason trade.

The article goes on to discuss how Rudy wants to start, doesn't like the slowed down half court McMillan system, and misses his friends/family as reasons he won't be back with the Blazers.

Rudy hasn't played well this season, but he's a very good player.   He's on an ultra cheap deal for two more seasons, and he'd be a steal if he could be acquired cheaply from Portland.   Now Portland doesn't want to trade anyone cheaply.

I think Kevin Pritchard fancies himself the next Jerry krause needing to annihilate every team on every deal.  Will Rudy really be available for anything reasonable?  Don't know, but the Bulls should throw out James Johnson or their draft pick in this year's draft as an offer for the guard.

Fernandez is not without risk.  The fear that he may leave the NBA for Europe after two seasons is legitimate.   If he doesn't do so, he'll likely require quite a large deal [full MLE+] to keep him here.   However, acquiring Fernandez could be a huge benefit.   Despite his poor shooting this year, I'd expect him to shoot over 40% from the three point line the next two seasons.

The Bulls desperately need shooting and won't be able to find a cheaper option who can deliver that type of shot making.   He's also a solid ball handler and play maker, not enough to be a pure PG, but enough to allow Rose to work off the ball occasionally if the Bulls desire.

Make no mistake, Rudy's a talent.   A talent greater than this year's stats make him appear.   If the Blazers are looking to get out while they can then the Bulls should see if they can get something done.



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  • Thanks for the link Doug. I liked your idea of using the draft pick. I'd be very comfortable trading Milwaukee's pick in a trade to get Rudy.

  • You can do much better than Rudy....give me a break...

  • I think he might just head back to Spain.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Who cares if he goes back to Spain, when your players become FAs they can leave for another team, I don't see why a team in Spain being that other team should change anyone's mind.

    If we like what he can do for us while under contract we should get him. In two years we'll have Kirk as an expiring to trade for a replacement if we think Rudy is leaving.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Chris Bosh will need WEEKS to recover after SURGERY.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Poor baby.

    as for Rudy, hell no. He is always unhappy. If he doesnt like the NBA than get the hell out.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Get Rudy now!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    1st Get me either Bosh or Amare.....then get me Rudy. Either James Johnson or this years draft pick. He is a vet who isnt afraid of nobody. The guy is a pro that can play the SG and can hit the 3. Ill take that...plus he is a solid defender i believe. He has the same mentality as Nocioni use to have....he will come to play everygame.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Don't know if the money works but Kevin Pritchard is a KU guy. Any way to include Heinrich in a deal? I like Kevin in that he always shows up and competes but the reality is we need much more at SG...not that Fernandez brings that much more but it's a start.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Oops. I meant "I like Kirk in that he always shows up and competes."

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Ya....if he was coming off the bench for us, then ok thats a different story. But since the Bulls have genouses in the front office, we forced Hinrich to play a game that he isnt use to. We pretty much forced him to be a SG and a guy that needs to score about 10-12 points a night for us to win. Thats not what he does. He is comfortable with coming in and playing good D and running the offense. To bad the Bulls dont notice anything. Not trying to bring up old stuff BUT Hinrich should of been long gone and Gordon should still be in a Bulls uni right now. Rose,Taj,Noah,Deng,Gordon would of been a really nice team for this year....a big time FA would DEFF sign with us for sure with a team like that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    http://games.espn.g o.com/nba/tradeMachi ne?tradeId=29cljul

    Additional Assets to Complete trades
    2011 1st (will not be a lottery pick) Late First Rounder

    2012 1st (Charlotte Bobcats)Possible Lottery Pick
    2012 1st (will not be a lottery pick) Late First Rounder
    2012 2nd Late Second Round Pick

    2013 2nd Late Second Round Pick

    Luol Deng
    James Johnson
    Vladimir Veremeenko. Draft rights

    New Roster!!!!

    Derrick Rose 21 /6-3 /190 /$5,546,160
    Jerryd Bayless 21/ 6-3/ 200/ $2,292,600
    C.J. Watson 26/ 6-2/ 175/ $3,600,000

    Rudy Fernandez 25 /6-6/ 185/ $1,246,680
    Kyle Korver 29/6-7/212/ $5,000,000

    Ronnie Brewer 25/ 6-7/ 227/ $4,750,000
    Omri Casspi 22/ 6-9/ 225/ $1,254,480
    Shane Battier 31/6-8/220/ $7,354,400

    Carlos Boozer 28/6-9/266/ $14,400,000
    Taj Gibson 25/ 6-9/ 225/ $1,117,680
    Kurt Thomas 37/6-9/ 230

    Joakim Noah 25/ 6-11/232/ $3,128,536
    Jason Thompson 24/ 6-11/ 250/ $2,178,000
    Omer Asik 24/7-0/ 255/ $1,721,000

  • i've been saying it all year. get me rudy. he's a great finisher around the rim has good size and athleticism. he can be our starting 2 guard any day.

  • If he is suspect to leaving in two years and the bulls do get him...whats the back up plan after he leaves? we do want to compete for the next 5 to 10 yrs. or longer right?

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The talk about him leaving centered around how he was being used in Portland. Presumably he jumps into a fulltime starting role or at worse the unquestioned 6th man. That's worth it to me.

  • I wouldn't worry so much about him leaving unless he doesn't click here. If he's happy and successful, he's likely to stay. We'd have to pay him and I don't know how that fits our cap after taking care of Joakim and Rose, but if he likes it in the Chi he'll make arrangements to bring his family to visit more often. Reading the article, right now there's nothing that makes him want to stay. A new team may be what he needs. After all why did he come to the NBA in the first place?

    While I like James Johnson's potential, I like this move if we go after a FA low-post scorer and not a shooter. I'd still like to see the Bulls move Kirk and possibly go after Bosh and Joe Johnson but I'm not sure how to make that happen financially.

    How does the luxury tax work? Does that only kick in when you're re-signing your own players rather than bringing in FA?

  • This post is evidence that Bulls Confidential can be blamed for Bulls fans overvaluing players. A piece comes up about how great Gibson is, and now we don't need Bosh. A piece comes up about how we should go after Rudy, and suddenly we don't need Wade either...

  • no i agree. i should have clarified that i was responding to houston. portland is very difficult to deal with, and they have a lot of assets, but they dont seem to be willing to trade them for anything short of lebron james.

    they lack big man depth and sf. JJ and a draft pick might be a good trade. I doubt they want anything to do with hinrich. I'm not sure if miller could be used. :(

    Taj for rudy makes me nervous.

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