Bulls in the playoffs

Joakim Noah dominated the game in the first half carrying the Bulls.   Derrick Rose dominated the game in the second half when the Bobcats threatened to make it a game scoring on three or four straight possessions.    Taj Gibson rebounded from some poor performances to play outstanding on the glass, and the Bulls are in the playoffs.

The Bobcats rested their starters in 2nd and 4th periods, but the Bulls did a nice job against the starters as well, and the game was never really in serious jeopardy as the Bulls led wire to wire.

If there was anything to worry about this game, it would probably be that Luol Deng just does not look healthy.   I don't know how much better he can get in the two or three days off that he'll get going into the playoffs, but a slowed down Luol Deng is not going to get it done against LeBron James.

We'll have to hope James Johnson's tear in his plantar fascia isn't bothering him too much, because he's the only one on the team who even has a hope of covering LeBron [as small a hope as that is].   James Johnson has actually been quite a surprising defender.   He's done a very solid job on his straight up man defense and a nice job on help defense.   His biggest issue is getting lost off the ball, something that isn't likely to be an issue with LeBron who will be predominantly on the ball.

Plenty of time to break down the Cleveland series later.   I'm going to take at least one night just to enjoy this victory.


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  • Great win, and the Bull's controlled their own destiny with Toronto winning the last 2 also...Defense will be key in the playoffs for us, which Bull's team is gonna come out to play? Also substitutions will be extremely important and Vinny better not give Pargo 1 minute or I'm gonna be upset. Watch Rose's, Pargo's, and Deng's (cus of who he's guarding, and injury questions)defense, that will make or break us, along with Hinrichs shooting. We have to give great effort into every game and shoot well the whole series to take a few games away from Cleveland (and maybe still have a pipedreams hope of upsetting Cleveland). Good news is everyone preety much healthy (besides some lingering injury issues like plantar fasciatus/Deng whatever he has) and I'm just glad we made the playoffs...Also I heard Dwayne Wade sold his Miami home very recently and I also heard about this Dwayne Wade, rejection of a photo op with a well known new york mobster, which created some issues story I've ever heard about Dwayne Wade points him away from Miami, away from New York, and Towards Chicago, nothing I've read proves he's coming here or even says its more then likely, but put everything together and you could make a preety strong case that we have a legitamant chance he's coming back to his home town, filling in the chicago backcourt with Rose. I'd say we have a 30% chance of getting him, while we have a 60% chance of landing Bosh now, both of those differ depending on how we play against Cleveland.

  • The last couple of games have been a great advertisement to free agents. Noah and Rose coming up with the goods big time in a must win game.

    I don't care whether we win a game against Cleveland, so long as we play them tough and again, just showcase the team. I really think we're a great chance at Bosh, since we're the perfect situation for him. We have the defensive center to put next to him that he's not going to have in NY or Miami.

  • Great last 3 games by the Bulls. This team healthy would have had a better record for sure. As for Deng like DT pointed out he doesnt look good, we will need help from guys like Warrick and Flip to have a shot.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I'm sure we would have won at least 7 more games had we not had the serious health issues this year. That 10 straight losses alone would have probably given us more than 5, considering how we were playing before everyone went down. Obviously that changes other teams' outcomes as well, so you can never say, but I think we'd have had the 5th seed, and contended for the 4th as it turned out. Especially if you include Derrick starting off the year with the sore ankle.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I want to go on record as officially picking the Bulls in 7. I know it's a long shot, but I'm feeling good, dammit! And if it DOES happen, I want to be on record for it.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Duke, Please leave the drugs alone. There is no way the Bulls will win this series, the Bulls simply do not have a strong enough bench to pull off the upset.

  • In reply to floydmont:

    Yes, good point. Our bench is going to be the reason we don't beat Cleveland. Not our lack of a low post scorer, poor shooting nights from Kirk Hinrich, or the fact that the other team has the best player in the NBA. It's that darn bench that's keeping us down. :)

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Great win by the Bulls! Now the playoffs against the Cavs. I was telling my friend that in March Madness parlance, we're not just the #8 seed playing the #1 seed. We're the "play in" team playing the overall tournament #1! But if Northern Iowa (not the "play in team, but still) can upset Kansas, then we can beat the Cavs. I'm also calling the Bulls in 7.

    While we have our issues, the Cavs have a few, too. Namely a returning and (hopefully) rusty Shaq. With him and Big Z back in the mix that should clog up the lane again for Lebron (and unfortunately Rose on the defensive end) and slow their team down overall.

    Whatever the case, I'm hoping for another good from the Bulls. These next few months should be fun and exciting! Go Bulls!!!

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Yes, Dung the marshmellow has never looked worse. At this point does he even have a single discernable NBA skill?

    It is hard to believe that he is that seriously injured if he is playing 40+minutes a game. Maybe he is a lot older than his birth certificate would indicate, maybe he got his money and has given up trying, maybe he is just permantly injured.

    Whatever the case may be, right now he is playing like garbage, and if this is how he is going to play in the playoffs, then I would rather he didn't play at all, since I am not particularly fond of watching garbage.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Sorry Bulls fans, this just in from the NBA offices, David Stern has announced that no team that lost more than one game to New Jersey will be allowed to compete in the playoffs.

    Stern will hand pick the team to replace the Bulls.

  • bulls win it in 3. i'm pretty sure half the nba is terrified of pax right now. he's secret weapon.

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