Bulls beat Bobcats;Toronto almost chokes against Philly

Two nights in a row, a team trying to stay ahead of the Bulls needed OT to beat a pathetic team, but both times they managed as Toronto topped Philly.

However, the news was better at the United Center where the Bulls looked like they were about to choke and then stomped on Charlotte's throat instead.

I think what scared me most about the potential choke was it was Larry Hughes' five straight points that gave the Bobcats the lead.   A lead that I felt was going to become insurmountable as the Bulls had a long, long stretch where they simply could not score from the middle third to the early fourth. 

However, once they got back on track it was all Bulls.   With about six minutes left the Bobcats led the Bulls 82-76, but they only managed three points the rest of the way,  Joakim had a couple dunks off some nice passes from Rose, Kirk nailed a three, and the Bobcats fouled a ton trying to catch up, but just inflated the margin of defeat.

Obviously a big win.   The Bulls are now effectively three games back from both the Bobcats and the Raptors (two behind the Raptors, no tie break, three behind the Bobcats, chance to win the tiebreak in the season finale).    

The bulls have six games left and will need to win at least five of them to make the playoffs.

Hats off to Taj Gibson for putting up another double double, he's been getting big double doubles as well.  Kirk Hinrich also had a monster game with some great shooting.   Derrick, of course, played well, and Noah did a great job on the boards too.

As for your former Bulls, they all looked pretty mediocre.   Tyson had two points and four boards in 22 minutes, Hughes chucked up 14 shots while hitting four, and Tyrus had the best night of the group with 10 points on four of seven shooting.


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  • Taj Gibson is the man, how did so many GMs over look this guy? he has been a real gem. Taj and Noah just flat out owned the boards tonight. Rose and Kirk were also very good. Its so good to have Deng back because it means less JJ (even though he was out tonight). Did you all see that dunk from Noah on Tyrus? lol i screamed so loud.

  • what did you all think of that Bogut injury tonight? looks like he tore up his elbow real bad, they still got the win over the suns though.

  • It's nice Phoenix decided to take the night off against Milwaukee. Bogut did suffer a NASTY elbow injury though. We'll see if they can hang onto to their playoff spot now.

    Schedules get tougher for everyone (Bulls, Toronto, Charlotte and Milwaukee) this upcoming week. So, it's make or breat time for the Bulls.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Bucks will hold on to their playoff spot but will get swept if they dont have Bogot.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Nothing against Bogut and I hope the injury wasn't serious but, it would be nice if he isn't back for our game against the Bucks

  • In reply to postdiction:

    trust me he wont be back.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Do you guys think both Noah and Gibson can be 10/10 guys next season?
    I love the energy/defense/shot blocking/rebounding they play with. If only one of them had a reliable low post game we would be set.

  • In reply to postdiction:

    It really depends on minutes. If they're both starting and healthy, definitely. But if they're both starting, it means we didn't get Bosh or Amare. I'd rather have Noah starting alongside Bosh, and have Taj coming off the bench.

    It's too bad Amare can't keep his head on straight. He's been really good with all around dominating performances lately, but he's done that before in spurts, and never keeps it up.

  • In reply to postdiction:

    While I am still rooting for us to get in. The only way that getting in becomes a benefit is if we are able to pull off a reasonable repeat of last years Celtics series. does anyone really see that happening. We would have to go at least 2-4 against the Cavs and be highly competitive in the losses otherwise I think that we diminish ourselves as a freeagent destination.

    I cannot see the Bulls winning any playoff game that Lebron plays in, so maybe we are better off rooting for our point zero something chance of winning the lottery.

  • In reply to postdiction:

    Noah is a given. Taj depends on Amare and Bosh.

    Unfortunately, I believe that Noah and Taj are about 3 inches from being the top center/power forward combo in the league.

    Noah is only 6'10.5, and Taj is only 6'8.5". If Noah was a true 7'0", and Taj was a legitimate 6'10" I believe that they could be a dominant pair.

    However, as is they are both slightly undersized, in addition to slightly built and for this reason alone they will be good but not great or dominant players.

    3 inches that is how close we are to competing for a title.

  • Bucks played well tonight even though they lost bogut early.

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