Bosh's final media interview

There will probably be some quotes and articles coming up later, but listening to it I came away with the following impressions:

You could read his overall comments as anywhere from not having made up his mind to he's definitely leaving.  He was pretty guarded about saying anything that would imply he knows he's leaving, but there's no upside for him to make such a comment and a bunch of downside given he's in a room full of Toronto press.  He certainly didn't give Toronto any type of endorsement.

He's going to leave via S&T if he goes.  He discussed working with the GM regardless of what happens which means that he wants all six years, and it means that Toronto will have some leverage in the situation.

He wants to play with an elite guard.   That makes Miami and Chicago early favorites, with the Knicks having some type of chance if they can bring in an elite guard with the rest of their cap space I suppose.  It also would leave open the possibility for a S&T to a team like the Lakers.

He wants to be on a team that can compete for a title.  I'd guess that makes Miami and Chicago the most interesting than other teams with capspace, but it does make you wonder what would happen if a team like Utah or New Orleans got into the mix in a S&T scenario.   Obviously a S&T is far more complicated with a team not under the cap, but it still can be achieved.

He strongly denied having any type of decision worked out or deal with any team.  He said if he knew, he'd tell everyone to get them off his back.

Said the Raptors not making the playoffs wouldn't effect his decision, but he kind of contradicted himself in his statement about it, as he discussed how he assumed they'd still be able to get in without him.  I think it came down to not wanting to show his hand that he was leaving.

He says he and he alone will make the decision of where he plays.  His friends and family know better than to waste their time influencing him because it won't work.

Said that Vince Carter leaving Toronto probably adds to the speculation that he would also leave, but he thinks the overall state of the league having so many top free agents is why there's been so much discussion centered around the players who can leave.

That's my impression anyway


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  • Oklahoma and Houston make a lot of sense in a S&T.


    If these scenarios occur, Wade will leave Miami for Chicago. Each one of these are real possiblities:

    1. Lebron stays in Cleveland. Even worse if he goes to New York.

    2. The Suns, who clinched home court in first round yesterday, advance deep into playoffs. Stoudemire stays in Phoenix.

    3. Lakers don't win title. Trade Bynum or Gasol for Bosh. This would be an ideal trade for both teams and it keeps Kobe happy.

    4. Joe Johnson stays in Atlanta or goes to New York if Lebron says no.

    That leaves Boozer, Gay, and Lee as the only big names left. Are any enough for Wade to commit? Keep in mind that the Bulls, Clippers, Nets, and Wizards have cap space to chase these last three players. Not to mention the Knicks with or without Lebron. I can see all of this falling out if the Suns rise and the Lakers fall.

  • So Doug,

    Is there any case scenario that we can trade for Bosh this summer and Keep Rose and Noah as well?

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Exactly what I was thinking...

  • Who would we trade for him? Besides Noah and Rose, I'd trade anyone else on the team in a heartbeat (but Taj would seriously upset me although I'd probably throw him in the trade if needed) But that doesn't leave much desirable for the Toronto Trade...

  • That's not near as bad as I thought it would be...You don't think other team's would put together a much more attractive offer for toronto?

  • In reply to Matthew:

    they said they didnt want beasely.

  • In reply to Matthew:

    Don't both the jazz and the hornets have strong available pieces, but lack considerably in funds? I cant see either the jazz or the hornets putting bosh and either paul or williams on the same team. they wouldn't be able to afford it.

    But If new orleans wants to cut costs by trading away okafer or david west, we might send over taj, west or okafer could go to toronto, and we could get bosh. just saying.

  • They wouldn't, or at least it seems that way. I just hope the Gibson love doesn't make them think they're better off with Johnson and what they currently have than a trade for Bosh.

  • If Toronto won't budge from Noah being included, would you prefer Bosh over STAT and Boozer signing straight up?

  • In reply to kbar17:

    how much do they want? bosh may be worth it-ish. stat-definately maybeworth it-ish. boozer at 14 million might not be so bad, but his health is always a concern.

  • In reply to kbar17:


    Toronto just up-loaded the full Chris Bosh EXIT interview.

    I believe you wanted to disect it further.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Here's the second part of Chris Bosh's interview.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Here's the third part of Chris Bosh's interview.

    He had some interesting things to say overall.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    NJ gives up Devon Harris (make room for John Wall) in exchange for either Deng or Hedo. We sign Joe Johnson outright (or Wade in a perfect world) and do a S&T for Bosh for Deng and Hinrich. Brad resigns for the min. Leaves us a gaping hole at SF, but who cares? The salaries all work. We start four All Stars and Doug Thonus. (Maybe trade Taj and JJ for a decent SF.)

  • I'm not sure I agree with you on Houston in terms of whether Bosh would like to play there. There's a fair amount of young talent on that roster plus Yao (depending on your opinion of him and his future health). There's the Texas connection as well. Whether they have enough to get a S&T done without killing the roster is debatable. Darryl Morrey is fairly creative on player moves too.

    This is Oklahoma's chance to add one more major piece to their core before their young players cash in. Durant is obviously a max player, but I don't think Westbrook gets anything close to that. Green is likely part of any S&T for Bosh. Everyone is also assuming the new CBA will limit future salaries, so extensions for Durant and Westbrook could be 10-25% lower than we expect today. That helps from a total dollar value even if it doesn't help in terms of whatever the cap structure ends up being. Do you have any insight into Clay Bennett's wealth level? This is their first test on what type of owner he'll be (Cuban - spend on a winner even if they don't turn a profit or Reinsdorf - profits come first).

  • Toronto has less leverage with a team under the cap that can sign Bosh outright even if he is reluctant to sign without that 6th year. If the option is Gibson (cheap, decent player) + picks or nothing, then you've got to take it. If it's a team like Houston (just an example) that is over the cap, then they have way more leverage.

  • I guess the issue is:

    Are the Bulls a Championship contender with Chris Bosh and without Noah?

    I dont know. But I'd have to say they'd be closer, although man its really tough to envision losing Noah.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Yeah, losing Noah would suck. Though, when he's making $10 million a year, he's going to be considerably less of a value. I think you still have to do the deal though because it's much easier to find an energy / defensive big than it is to find a guy like Bosh.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    We just gotta hope we sign him outright....a team of

    Rose,Bosh,Noah,Deng,Taj,Kirk and some solid bench players is a contender in my eyes.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    What if the bulls signed Johnson then traded Gibson, Deng, Miller and draft picks for Bosh then the bulls have Rose Hinrich Johnson Bosh and Noah. Miller is cut and the bulls pick him back up as a bench player.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Given the type of player that Bosh is, I am not sure that the Bulls are any better with bosh and without Noah.

    If they are it will be marginal, and only on the offensive side of the ball. Noah is the perfect compliment to the high scoring low defense power forward, which pretty much all of the free agents are.

    Noah and anybody else, Johnson, Amare, Boozer, Lee is most likely better than Bosh without Noah.

    As the NY Post recently pointed out, Bosh is not statistically significantly better than David Lee, at least offensively.

    This is likely the Bulls last shot at greatly improving their talent base, they have to do something that is more than marginal or incremental.

    S&T in free agency are usually still boderline giveaways talent wise. Look at the Scottie Pippen deal after the repeat 3 peat. The Bulls got garbage back.

    There is no need to include Noah in a Bosh deal, if Toronto or Bosh get a better deal, the Bulls should just move on.

    Bosh is not Lebron or Wade for that matter, he is much closer to everybody else than he is to those guys, he isn't worth it.

    Toronto with Bosh over the past 5 years has accomplished exactly as much as the Bulls did with Gordon over his 5 years, squat.

  • putting noah in the deal really lowers our status a contender. Taj is a great 3'rd big man, but we'd need a serious upgrade in both 2 guard and either 4/5.

    Conversely as the team is currently structured, Put bosh on this team and we're pretty awesome. Bosh and rose as the first and second scoring options(i dont know whose who). Deng is the third scoring option. Hinrich plus a shooter and noah can all be the 4/5 scoring option.

    i really like bosh for that reason. Loosing taj and some low level draft picks for the next couple years sounds amazing. if only toronto wanted a pf. Bargani seemed to be able to beat guys off the dribble, so maybe he does have the agility to be a pf. he doesn't do any of the things centers do, so i'm not to high on him as a center.

  • Salaries don't have to match if the team receiving Bosh is already under the cap enough to accept the contract. Here's a rough example. Say Chicago was $15 mil under the cap and Bosh was signing for $20 mil / yr. Chicago would have to send back $5 mil in salary (less actually...salaries have to be within closer to $4 mil)

  • Who's going to play SF for the Bulls if they trade Deng and Johnson?

    FA or draft pick?

  • Chris Bosh had some very nice things to say about this Bulls' team in the very beginning.

    That's a good thing.

  • Bosh an Rose had lockers right next to eachother at the All Star game....hopefully D Rose and him shared some words. Bulls need to be calling everybody right when the clock strikes 12. We cant treat any player different from another. Just cuase Amare might not be your first choice, you better treat him like he is though.

  • Yeah but the bulls will have to sign and trade so in this case, the bulls may come out with two stars to bud along with Rose I knew Miller was a free agent, but wouldnt it work if the bulls signed him and then used him as trade bait? As long as the bulls dont give up Rose or Noah they should be okay.

  • Doug, does this mean that you have finally decided that you would not include Noah in a sign and trade for Bosh.

    A while ago you said that we had to do it, no matter how reluctantly.

    I am not sure that the Bulls are any better with bosh but without Noah. Bosh almost needs a guy like to Noah to make him valuable.

    The most important goal with this shot at free agency is to increase the total talent of the team.

    Trading Noah does not accomplish this. If Noah has to be included, I would move on to the next free agent target, even if that is Joe JOhnson, Amare, Boozer or Lee.

  • It sounds like Bosh is going to be taking his time this offseason when it comes to picking a team. This can be very problematic for the Bulls. I hope we come out firing and offer the Max to Bosh and Amare then some sort of under the max deal for Boozer and Lee. Take the first one thats willing to sign. I really hope we don't get caught up in waiting for Bosh and then strike out on other free agent possibilities.

  • You are obviously discounting one possibility, no matter how remote it is.

    Landing Lebron, instant title contender.

    Actually, landing any of the top 5-6 guys, while keeping everybody else, puts us in the conversation with all the other non Lebron, non Kobe teams.

  • So it sounds like we are judging Deng's play/value relative to his contract(becoming more hideously attrocous by the day).

  • The Bulls need to save enough cap room to bring Asik over next season, otherwise we are in beyond dire straights for big men.

    Noah will surely breakdown trying to handle it all by himself.
    We will miss Miller dearly next season.

  • So, if your deal somehow went through, do you think a team of:


    Could contend. I mean it seems really good on paper with weapons everywhere and Deng probably the least best player on there.

    Why couldnt we swap Deng and Turk, or is it just the contract? I feel it wouldnt make much sense to do that deal if they already have both Jack and Calderon.

    If we somehow did a Bosh and Turk for Deng, Kirk and picks deal, would that be feasible and if so, how do you think that would work longterm? Could we content?

  • If they Had Durant and Bosh, that would be sooo unfair. I am already a fan of that team but come on.


    Sooo unfair. They could prbably get a good rookie with their pick to play SG if that happened. they would be better than Portland IMO.

  • Realistically, LeBron and Wade will most likely stay....If im the Bulls im going hard at Bosh, Amare, and Boozer. We have to at least get one of those guys. Asik will be a bum imo...Bulls should really look into grabbing a couple 2nd rounders to help fill out the rotation. #17 pick- Paul George SG/SF Early 2nd Rounder- Renardo Sidney PF/C Early 2nd Rounder- Lance Stephenson SG....Get it done Bulls. Go after Doc Rivers as well.

  • I like Gringo Rican's quote:
    NJ gives up Devon Harris (make room for John Wall) in exchange for either Deng or Hedo. We sign Joe Johnson outright (or Wade in a perfect world) and do a S&T for Bosh for Deng and Hinrich. Brad resigns for the min. Leaves us a gaping hole at SF, but who cares? The salaries all work. We start four All Stars and Doug Thonus. (Maybe trade Taj and JJ for a decent SF.)

    Doug Thonus, you'd be a 1 man fast break with those big NBA players chasing you!!!! You'd just need to play hot potatoe/keep away and keep that ball moving to your 4 teamates!!!!

    Yeah we get Bosh, keep Noah, and lucky enough to get DWade, to a much lesser extent Joe Johnson...Doug for the minimum we'd be set...then just a bunch of scrubs for the minimum as well. Book the NBA Finals next year for the Bulls vs the Best in the West!!! ;-)

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