That was too disappointing for words

I'm feeling a little Jim Mora after that:

The season isn't necessarily over because of that loss, but the margin of error is incredibly small now, and it's hard to see a team that lost by 30 winning nine of the next 11 games.

Game analysis?   I don't know how you analyze that.   For once I think I agree with Mr. Happy and want to go all caps on you with some HEART, LEADERSHIP, and EFFORT.   With your season on the line, how do you possibly come out that flat?

Just ugh.


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  • Like I said last night: YUCK!!!

  • Did I actually hear a Bulls' player (Taj Gibson) use the words MAN-UP and HEART?
    (Taj Gibson inside the lockerroom.)

    I believe so. What do you know? He's right and so was I!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Don't forget TOUGHNESS!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Wake me when it's over. The season I mean which now it basically is.

    I only saw the first few minutes of the game, but man Hinrich, Miller, and Rose's defense was awful. I knew their could be trouble/a tough game with the time off and the national audience plus Miami's defensive system they run at times has been suffocating to teams this season. They should have beat the Lakers at L.A. if not for a ridiculous Kobe falling away thirty footer at the end.

    That says something about their system based on Riley and implemented by Spoelstra if they can basically beat L.A. at home with their personnel. Of course with that personnel and an imperfect coach/Spoelstra they also look bad at times. Last night was not one of those times. They knew they had been beaten pretty badly on a few different occasions in the last couple of years at Chicago. And they went out with a game plan and energy to kick our ass.

    Right off they did what they like to do against other team's scorers which is place a big in the lane shadowing the defender of (in this case Derrick) as a backup. Apparently it worked as Rose was awful 5-16.

    Besides blaming Derrick and the supporting cast for such a meager showing in a big time national marquee game I'm going to blame someone else as well. One Vinny Del Negro. This game was without doubt the final huge nail in his coffin. Like in so many other what have come to be familiar blowouts, sure talent wise we are undermanned. But the Bulls do have a decent core with Derrick, Luol, who now shoots threes and actually has been showing up in some second half's/fourth quarters, Noah, and Taj.

    I do not believe that Derrick with a quality coach does not get some adjustments made for him to implement: multiple screens/a wall of two bigs, running picks the way other teams do and not the old fashioned stand as a wall way the Bulls/Vinny still run it, and then slipping screens etc. etc.

    Technically Vinny is still a novice. It's sad when you think about the Vinny hire when experienced coaches with an NBA Finals pedigree like Rick Carlisle and Avery Johnson(who they basically blew off to run after D'Antoni) who Reinsdorf then insulted so he wouldn't have to show him the money! And this from the same organization that blew the bank on a 32! year old with his worst rebounding year in six years(and that was supposed to be one of his studly/game assets).

    So what are we left with now? A dynamic, respected team that will attract the likes of Amare, Bosh or(ha, ha) D-Wade? No f-ing way. I don't know which I have more doubts about; whether after blowing off Avery Johnson and insulting D'Antoni if a name coach even wants to come here, or with the Bulls record of mostly shoddy teams and misguided personnel moves why any big time F.A. would want to come here.

    Honestly if the Bulls don't get a good/name coach in here preferably a good(point)guard coach for Derrick like Byron Scott or Avery Johnson, then I'm not going to watch many games next year or as closely. For the sole reason that I won't be able to watch Derrick's career mangled and stunted by some clueless A-hole like Vinny( no offense personally as he is a nice guy yada, yada).

  • In reply to SamS:

    vinny is gone.. thats a def. and avery is a inflated coach.. he took over the best team in the league when he got the job and had a mvp candidate whos still to today is one..warriors vs utah(utah) dallas vs warriors(warriors)..utah wasnt better than dallas at all but proved by strategy how the handle a team with momentum..avery isnt that good of a coach.. and nor is a good evulator of talent(devin harris)... b.scott has a incredible track record and comes at a perfect time for us..rose needs a pushy point guard coach and byrons def that.. vinny out..byron in..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I agree that Byron Scott is my number one choice for the Bulls, specifically Derrick. I'm really not crazy about Avery Johnson, but I do think he'd be good for Derrick without doubt. I just don't know if Scott wants to jump right back in or hang out with an easy gig at ESPN. And why he would he want to come to Chicago with reasons I stated above? Unless he sees they can land a second star to play with Derrick(, and somehow miraculously dump Hinrich's contract. Honestly, I wish they'd buy him out).

  • Wow...Mr Happy has infected Doug with his Capitalization virus smh....

    What is this world coming to...

  • Paxson has created the Laff-A-Bulls! He is clueless and incapable of success!!!!!!

    Noah is at risk. Why play him now?? He may never be than a role playing rebounder but he can help! Unless he proves to be more fragile than Deng?? If Gibson is at risk for more injuries, sit him too.

    Start Rose, Murray, Johnson, Gibson & Miller. Give big minutes to Law, Warrick and Brown.Let's see what they can do!

    Glue and screw the pathetic Hinrich and Pargo to the bench, enough is enough! They are not NBA starters.

  • In reply to Alex:

    You're one of those posters who always seems to blame the wrong person. If you're going to blame a non-player for the performance last night, it pretty much has to be VDN or someone(s) on the coaching staff. They didn't lose because they were greatly outmatched in terms of talent.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I blame Charles for providing the Titos with bulletin board material. ;)

  • In reply to WearShades:

    Vinny Del Negro sucks at being a basketball coach lol That was embarressing. Like someone else said, Wade didnt even beat us. To me, I think the Heat are actually a really bad team, but because they have Wade...they are good enough. Jermaine Oneal looked like his old self last night, destroying the Bulls. Vinny....Im sorry, but i think your done here lol

  • In reply to Csharp:

    My favorite line from last night was Kevin McHale at halftime. He said that J. O'Neal "must have found the Hot Tub Time-Machine!"

  • In reply to Csharp:

    they'll end up with David Lee and Chris Duhon, then trade for Noce midseason

  • In reply to Csharp:

    lol ^ this is funny

    Jioha i agree with ya...this game wont really mean anything when we are chasing after Bosh,Amare or Booz this summer. I do think that Wade coming to Chicago is pretty much a no go though. He seems pretty set on staying in Miami and trying to bring someone there. Which he will. The guy has plenty of money to come to Chicago whenever he wants, he is usually here for most of the summer anyways running camps and stuff. Focus on Bosh and Amare.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    Ahh, fans. Always making sweeping pronouncements after a big loss or win. The next big win over a playoff-bound team (assuming it comes this year) will bring back accolades and dreams of big FA signing(s) in the summer. Gotta love fans. After all I am one myself.

    Last night was pretty ugly, but it was only one game. Sure it was on National TV and against one of the teams we're chasing in the playoff race and against one of our main FA targets, but when the season is over, the new champion is crowned, the draft is in behind us and FA season is open last night's game won't mean SHIT. I'm worried less about our record and more about the game plan for the summer. We may not be playing consistently, but we have a lot going for us that makes us a top FA destination. We have a great city, a great young point guard, some talented pieces and an organization with a winning tradition. We're ready to get back to that tradition and FAs will want to be part of that (and get paid at the same time).

    It's been more than ten years since our dynasty ended and the long shadow that is His Airness, left town. It's time for the next chapter in Bulls lore and the future is bright. FAs can see that. We've got the money to make it happen and one of the greatest fanbases in the league. LeBron and Wade may choice to stay put as they have, will and/or can win championships with their respective teams. The Cavs are obviously the favorites to win this year and have built a team that will be contenders for the foreseeable future. Wade has already brought a Title to the Heat and can retool this summer to return to contender form. But despite the money other top FAs can make by staying put, none of them have a brighter future than the Bulls. These things count for something.

    Making the playoffs will be nice but is of little consequence. The Bulls will throw a lot of money somebody's way and somebody will accept and help make the team much better. The Bulls future is bright. We just have to weather the storm and wait to see what happens.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I would agree if they get a good coach which is a big if, and if they land Bosh, Stoudemire, or the least desired Boozer again only to play together for a good coach like Byron Scott. When they hire that top tier coach I might join your sentiments, and anybody who says a good coach is overrated should talk to Pop, Brown, Riley, and Phil. But I won't believe it until I see it.

  • I think the most disappointing thing is that they blew us out like that with Wade only scoring 12.

  • Miami is a good team, not an elite team, and the Bulls should be ashmed of being beaten down so bad at home on national tv (TNT). You could even see this ugly game on multiple views online if you are a glutten for punishment! I think DWade took it easy on us by only scoring 12, but he didn't need to do more with G O'Neal dominating and scoring at will. It was pretty sad to see the lack of effort for a game that was huge for us to win, not only with Miami being ahead of us for a playoff spot, but national coverage with the traveling crew of Barkley, Kenny, other dude...also to maybe woo DWade to joining this group in Chicago and return home.

  • Thought id seen some disgusting performances this year. This was as low as I can think of.
    Im with the all caps crew on this one...pathetic considering the implecations. I guess its a good thing 90% of this team is gone next year. Good luck with free agent bids, what a wonderfulplace to come to.
    And on the year I buy league pass. I hope the entire world throws tomatoes at these idiots. Even old man Jerry needs to publicly sham them again.

  • Since the Bulls lost any chance they had at landing DWADE via free-agency last night and Joe Johnson is NOT worth a MAX CONTRACT, I think it's time to start looking at the NBA DRAFT.


    #1.) Quincy Pondexter - University of Washington
    #2.) James Anderson - Oklahoma State University
    #3.) Xavier Henry - University of Kansas
    #4.) Lazar Hayward - Marquette University
    #5.) Ryan Wittan - Cornell University
    #6.) Jon Scheyer - Duke University


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    here goes us panickinq again ..smh .. were not 8 games behind..toronto isnt no lock.. -_- were 2.5 games out..and with a easy sched ahead we'r in better shape than toronto..& please if were soft and lack effort than what does toronto do.. we have 2 of our best players out and not the same.. 2! and were only 2 games back? are you serious? the 18th pick aint getting us nothing but another taj gibson..give it up..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hayward is a forward, and an undersized one at that. Scheyer is a combo guard who won't be able to do nearly what he does at the NBA level, and consequently will have to spend a significant amount of time adjusting. He may not even go to the NBA.

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