Stacy King hip-hop superstar [this is AWESOME]

Created by one of our regular commentors, Justin, check this remix of Stacey King in his hip hop debut:

My only goal now is to somehow get this to the attention of the Chicago Bulls PR department, because it's SOOO awesome.

Go and give this a 5 star rating on the youtube page here.

Also, if you were interested in an mp3 of this you can download one here.

Someone needs to send the memo to Steve Schanwald to get this on a commercial for season tickets [in fact, I am that someone, but someone he'll listen to would be even better].


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  • This is all sorts of win.

  • Nice!

  • Stacey King needs to MAN-UP

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    Showed this to one of my girls who couldn't care less about basketball and even she knows it's dope.

  • That was awesome. I rated it. 5 stars.

  • With the right coach, Byron Scott, and another All-Star, D-Rose could be one of the baddest men on the(NBA) planet. And we could be seeing a lot more of this with a legit big and some three shooters: okie doke crossovers and dope dimes. It could be Jerry/Bulls marketing and national product marketers. It could be.

  • Notice how he went up with two feet instead of one on the both dunks.

  • I like this comment.... " Stacey King needs to MAN UP" lol

    Ya get me a coach this summer Bullies...Byron Scott,Avery Johnson,Jeff Van Gundy whatever...maybe even ask Coach K...(doubt that would happen and college to pro doesnt usually work well anyway) Then put another star next to Rose...perferrably a big man and watch out for the Chicago Bulls next year.

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