Rose out; Noah looking better; Deng looking worse

Per KC Johnson, the Bulls will be without the big three again.

DALLAS -- Although Kirk Hinrich returns from his one-game
suspension, Luol Deng, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah again will sit
Wednesday night with their respective injuries.

Also, while listening to ESPN 1000, Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago mentioned that Luol Deng can barely walk on his calf and hasn't done anything since being injured.   While we never know what a player is feeling, he made it sound like Deng could definitely be out for quite a bit longer.

That's obviously bad news for Bulls fans on many fronts.   First, the idea that Deng could have a more serious injury brings back nightmares from last season where he was out for awhile, and then he just never came back.

As for Noah, Friedell said that he ran pain free which is obviously a good sign that he could come back in a reasonable time frame.  Hopefully Noah has some more pain free workouts and is good to go soon.  Of the two, I think he's more crucial to the Bulls success.

Rose will presumably be back after the Dallas game this evening I'm guessing.

As a side note, I'm sorry Mr. Friedell, it must have been painful to listen to Jurko's daily rant about how the Bulls should lose the rest of their games to chase a better draft pick while not understanding that losing out would destroy the Bulls odds of free agency and that they still likely can't get the 10th pick even if they fail to win another game this season.


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  • In his article last night K.C. said Noah wanted to play Sat vs 76ers, but team might hold him off till Monday. As for Deng he said last night that he was told that the injury was going to take 1-3 weeks.


    Mr Happy-

    For the record, both Rose and Noah have both personally said they wanted to play. Management is making the decision to sit them. Just in case you were going to question thier toughness and heart. See what management understands is that it makes absolutely no sense in the world to risk re-injury on the 3 guys that will most certainly be here next season.

    Lets play the hypothetical situation game, for fun. Derrick returns from his injury "too soon" and causes strucutural damage to his wrist by taking another nasty spill...causing major offseason surgery.

    I ask you, is that worth it for an 8th playoff seed, first round loss?


  • Whats the difference of holding out Rose for 1 more game where you have about 5 percent shot of winning with him

  • This just in: K.C. Johnson reports in his blurb on Noah being close to ready that James Johnson has been "habitually tardy this season."

    I don't know about you guys but if true that really concerns me. My hope is that if Deng is out Johnson gets a lot of minutes 36 or more a game, and puts up some solid scoring numbers. Then if by miracle we do get a name coach he decides if Johnson is worth keeping/he can get him to turn it around. If not, then we trade him for a pick somewhere in the same neighborhood we got him(17-22)/or a player his value will be up.

  • In reply to SamS:

    KC is funny if this has been going all season why is he just now finding about it. Remember beat reporters reall in essence work for the tema so that they can get their juicy scoops. Rmember when Derrick cut his hand etc...Players in the NBA are treated special from birth. To me this is nothing more than a cover up for if KC really wants to impress me tell me the inside scoop on all the bulls.

  • In reply to SamS:

    for our current problems we just have to blame JR he loves deng and kirk and players that are better than them sit behind them i.e BG and John Salmons. He chosse Vinnie etc.. please name me the best players on the team and don't tell me kirk and deng. i used to love deng but he refuse to get better inside and out enough ready with him. excuse the rant

  • In reply to SamS:

    So basically the worst case scenario appears to be true and the Bulls have been lying about Deng's injury again. I mean I expect some PR spin about things like Ben Gordon leaving, and the bit about him not having playing time because of Pargo was so laughably transparent that who really cares anyway. But pretending injuries are minor when they are major really sucks.

  • I think it depends on how late this guy is coming to practice. No one knows the circumstances. Maybe he always forgets how bad traffic is

  • Good im glad we are sitting them again. What are the chances the Bulls beat the Mavs at home right now? Not very good even with Rose. Id sit them out the Cleveland too probably. The game we have to win is the 76'ers game. I expect all of them to be back for that game and there after.

    Ya, thats really disappointing about James Johnson but like someone said, you dont know whats really going on. The Bulls probably just finally got tired with it or James came a little to late this time.

    I wonder if Deng is a healthy eater...theres always something wrong with the guy. I wonder if a change of diet would help him. He seems to have weak bones imo.

  • I'm guessing that hypothetical assumes that the Cavs will be without Lebron James much like the Celtics were without Kevin Garnett last season, otherwise both series are sweeps.

    Hypothetically, the Bulls could win the lottery again and get one of the top 3 players coming out, of course they can only do this if they miss the playoffs. Assuming that we make any use of our cap space this summer, the 2010 draft should be the last shot that we will have at winning a lottery pick for years to come.

    At this point, I am not advocating tanking, since you are right, we probably can't sink to 10th anyway, but just like trading Salmons was necessary to ensure that we can play the 2010 free agent game, missing the playoffs is necessary to participate in the 2010 lottery and have a chance(however slim) to luck into one of the top three picks.

    There is absolutely no point in pushing guys who are this fragile to play if they are not 100%. Is another first round playoff defeat really going to make any free agent look more favorably on the Bulls.

    At this point I prefer a shot at the top three over a first round playoff exit.

  • Unfortunately, Johnson appears to be the new Tyrus.

  • Doug-

    I was saying at this point, there is no reason to rush these guys back...thats really it.

    First off, I strongly believe that our performance, or better yet, whether or not we even make the playoffs, will have little to no impact on our ability to sign a max FA.

    Secondly, if your saying that we could, even hypothetcially, push a healthy Cleveland team to 7 games, then we must be watching two different teams.

  • I agree that Rose and Noah should not play unitl Saturday against Philly at the earliest.

    However, at this point I would actually prefer to see Johnson play the rest of this season than Dung. However, if Dung is out the rest of the season because of another "weak/soft" injury it will absolutely kill any trade value that he might have built up with his season to date.

    My greatest hope for this summer is that we find a way to use Dung in a sign and trade for one of the top free agents which could allow us to add 2 top free agents this summer instead of just one.

    The only way that can happen is if Dung returns quickly from this injury and plays at least at the level that he has played so far, apparently that is not going to happen. Welcome to despising Luol Dung at $12, $13, and $14 million per year.

  • Doug,

    Consideing that No-Shot Noah will more than likely be out of shape and winded and everyone knows that the weak Deng's track record says that he is fragile and he hardly ever shows up at crunch time. Why would any one with logically assume that these Laff-A-Bulls could beat anyone in a playoff game! Why risk injury to Rose for any reason?

    Logic says that they should rest the wounded and shoot for a lottery pick and maybe Paxson the clue less will have another quality player fall out of the sky on top of him!

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