Rose, Deng, Noah, out vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Per NBC:

Derrick Rose (wrist) and Luol Deng (calf) are
both out for Friday's game against the Cavs.

This will the fourth straight game that Rose
has missed since he ran into the brick wall known as Dwight Howard. The
injury may be more serious than the Bulls are letting on because they
are quickly slipping out of the playoff race with Rose watching. There's
no timetable for Rose's return, with Jannero Pargo and Acie law
splitting minutes at the point.

While they don't specifically list Noah, I'm sure we're all aware that he won't be playing.   Could Rose's injury be worse than the team is letting on?   I suppose it's a possibility.   If he was 100% then he'd obviously be playing even if the odds of us winning were near 0.

So clearly Rose isn't 100%.   How close is he?   I don't know.  If it was a game we had a reasonable chance to win would Rose suit up?   We'll find out against the 76ers.   I think if he misses that game then it shows that things are worse than management is letting on.

Times like this make you wonder about the relationship the Bulls medical staff has with the PR department.   The Bulls seem to frequently have players whose injuries are far more significant than they first appear (Deng in consecutive years, Rose now, Rose earlier with the ankle, Noah now, etc.. ).   

Is management purposefully underselling injuries to help move tickets, is the medical staff consistently under-diagnosing injuries, or have the Bulls really had a series of fluke injuries that ended up being worse than anyone could guess at the time of initial diagnosis? 


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  • The Bulls want to sell playoff tickets! Should they risk Rose's health? No way! Will the Bulls beat anybody in the playoff this year? Very unlikely! Shoot for the lottery!!!!

    Start Law, Murray & Warrick and play Johnson & Brown big minutes to see which ones are worth keeping!

    Glue Hinrich and Pargo to the bench, everyone with a brain knows what these two can do!

    Noah has a hard time getting and staying in shape when he is healthy. He won't be in shape for the rest of the year. Let him sit out the season and heal while he works on his upper body strength. Then next year, he might not get embarrassed by guys like Bogut and Kamen who are not all stars!

    Deng is hurt again, nothing new! When healthy he hardly ever shows up at crunch time! If he is healthy maybe some other dumb GM will trade for him.

  • You have got to be FRIGGIN kidding me.

    These guys SUCK!! As far as I'm concerned, John Paxson should trade all 3 of them. They have no HEART and TOUGHNESS whatsoever. This is bulls*h*t.

    I saw a kid playing for the Washington Huskies last night playing with a broken hand. That's HEART. That's TOUGHNESS. I'm just about ready to give up on the Bulls this season.

    Get me Evan Turner and get rid of "Robin" Rose...please!!!

  • hey mr happy, lebron just missed a couple games. trade that scrub and pick up damion james or something.

    don't overreact dang. a lotta college players play through their injuries because they're fighting to GET a paycheck in the nba and the gap between players are much larger. when you get to the nba, there are suitable backups and you need to be at the top of your game to be able to be effective. in college you can dominate weaker teams with one hand. not in the nba.

  • Hey Ike,

    Noah made me happy when he ran off his mouth to the "King" Some one should have said someting a long time ago.

    However, when the king headed in Noah's direction, Joakim looked like he was going to cry! Noah did not stand up like a man, he just quivered like a coward.

    Next to the BOZO suit on draft night, Noah's most embarrassing moment was his cowardly antics in Cleveland!!
    Noah was smart enough to stay seated with his big mush mouth shut. LBJ kept talking!

  • MR need to chill dude lol

    And the Bulls can get into the lottery we just need the Clippers to start winning. They just beat the Bucks the other night and now they have the Kings and Warriors coming up...If they win both of those games they are only 3 games behind us for that 10th spot. And if the Bulls continue to lose then ya, we can land in the top 10. But i dont think the Bulls will continue to just keep losing.

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