Johnson pulled from starting lineup for showing up late to practice

Per KC Johnson:

MEMPHIS -- Acie Law has replaced James Johnson in the starting lineup
for the banged-up Bulls on Tuesday night against the Grizzlies.

Two team sources said Johnson came late to Monday's practice at the
Berto Center and thus forfeited an opportunity to start coming off his
20-point effort against the Heat.

"I'm disappointed in myself,
Johnson said. "I just have to take the consequences like a man and make
sure it doesn't happen again."

So this clarifies everything.

ESPN was right originally, but they didn't explain what was going on which made the coaching staff look inept.   KC finds out that Johnson is out, but it's for disciplinary reasons.

I'm disappointed.   I'm disappointed that Johnson is shooting himself in the foot when he should have an opportunity to play [he still probably plays big minutes].  

Oh well, I'm still hoping he plays quite a bit despite his tardiness, I don't think you need to punish him too much unless his tardiness was very severe.   I'm rooting for Johnson to play a bunch, because I have nothing else to look forward to in this game.

So now the Bulls are back to possibly the worst starting lineup of any team this season with Pargo, Law, Murray, Gibson, and Miller.  Ouch.


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  • Vinnie is kidding me right there are a lot of things that go on that are not professional but you are trying to win. i mean this is crazy but i think the GM wants to tank or something. Vinnie constantly let thiings get out that should be handle from the inside. He is useless

  • they would be up more but Pargo and now going into the fourth J is balling but he took out Acie.C'mon Vinnie They need to have JJ handle the rock the kid can ball and pass

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    Sometimes it's like Pargo completely forgets that he sucks.

  • I like Law, wish he passed more but what can you do. I herd a rumor James Johnson is always late to bus rides etc, i guess they finally got fed up.

  • and yet again

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    It's very simple:

    Jannero Pargo = big bag of suck
    Acie Law = player with skill and an actual future

    So why do we have to keep playing the bag of suck?

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    Wow...nice. I'm still watching the comcast postgame. Doug, are we gonna get a post on Chris "Jar-Jar" Bosh going postal on his teammates?

  • Acie Law has gone to the rim fearlessly just like Hinrich!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol Thats funny ^

    Acie will be here next year imo. He is a cheap player that can fill that backup PG position and can provide a little bit of scoring. Bulls are asking to much from Kirk right now. He isnt a scorer and thats what we are asking him to do. If we can land a guy like Bosh, Kirk can go back to his old ways of just playing hard scrappy basketball.

    If the Bulls can knock the Raptors out of the Playoffs....Bosh's chances of coming here just got a whole lot better. He came out in a interview sometime this year and said that he did not want to play 2nd fiddle to anyone. So if its the Bulls or the Heat....i would think he would pick the Bulls if thats really the case.

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