Howard injuries Rose [again] in another blow out lost

Dwight Howard says Rose needs to go up with two feet instead of one foot in order to protect himself.   Bulls fans are probably suggesting that Howard just not block people by hitting airborn players with his body.

I fall somewhere in between.  Rose clearly can't always go up with two feet.  That's a ridiculous assertion, because it slows a player down a ton to wait for his second foot to catch up with the lead foot to go up stronger like that. 

On the other hand, Rose is going to take some hits to the body like that when he goes up.  Howard didn't flagrantly foul him, he didn't level Rose with his body or come down on top of him in some horrible way.  He didn't level him with his arms and throw him to the ground.   In other words, Dwight Howard wasn't playing dirty on either play [at least in my opinion].

Players who play Rose's style of relentless game attacking the hoop are always at risk to get hit and injured.   Especially smaller guys like Rose who attack and use their amazing vertical leap in the process.   They're naturally more helpless than say a guy like Corey Maggette who's chiseled out of stone and has a much taller reach profile so he's never as helpless when he attacks the basket.

In the end, this just is what it is.  Derrick Rose is a hard nosed, tough player.   He's not altering what he does due to the hits he's taking, but he's going to continue to take these kinds of hits, and quite frankly, it's likely to get worse.   I don't think we've seen Rose really get leveled yet.   For as strong as Rose is now, he's probably going to need to get even stronger to continue the style of play he does.

At this point, you just hope Rose isn't seriously hurt.

As for the regulars?  Well, they played like normal I suppose.  Flip Murray and Hakim Warrick continue to be worse than the guys they replaced.  Taj Gibson played hard and fairly well.   Kirk Hinrich missed shots, blah, blah, blah...

The only thing that stood out about this game was a chance to see our end of bench young guys.

James Johnson continues to show some hope and play better.   He scored 13, had 4 assists, 3 boards, 3 steals, and a block (unfortunately he also had 4 fouls and 3 turnovers) in 28 minutes.   He did get screwed early on a call where he should have gone to the line and instead collected an offensive foul.   If you subtract a foul and give him another two points, he'd have really had a nice night.  

He's far from great, but watching him recently, you get the feeling that if he was allowed to work through his growing pains early like Taj Gibson, that he'd be contributing at a solid level right now.   He's starting to show spurts of quality offensive play, and he's done a nice job all season long of forcing turnovers in his limited minutes.

Joe Alexander was on route to put up a five million [5 minutes no other entries in the box score] when he decided to make a name for himself by collecting four fouls in the next two minutes or so.  He did, mercifully, sink his first shot as a Bull.

Acie Law, while generally atrocious, had a few minute span where he looked like a stud driving through the lane repeatedly for scores.  Unfortunately, outside of those few minutes he shot 0-8 and had three turnovers.

Chris Richard fouled out in 18 minutes while collecting 1 rebound.   Ouch.

Devin Brown got into the game, for whatever good it did him.   He decided to try and shoot his way into more minutes by hoisting up five shots seven minutes.   He did score five points on those shots which is probably more efficient than the rest of the team.  

As for the game as a whole, well I said in the game thread, I hope they keep it within 30, they only lost by 29.   Nice job Bulls.


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  • I wanted to turn the game off after the Rose injury but I decided to watch because I knew we would be seeing the scrubs. Rose was not fouled hard so I dont know why many fans are complaining. Whats really bad about that play is that it was with less than 2 minutes left in the first and it was the Magics first foul of the game, horrid.
    some minor things i noticed:
    Kirk has been putrid for the past 3 years, love the guy but we need to find a taker this summer because he will never regain his form from 06 and prior.
    Chris Richard ok we knew you sucked but you played better than this in your last tour with us.
    Flip and Hakim look flat out clueless out there.
    Joe Alexander I hope you saved your money because you will never make another penny in this league.
    Acie Law I really liked what I saw from you, your fast and you can really get to the rim. If Rose is out tonight I want Vinny to start you.
    Taj you were our best player on the court
    James Johnson I like your aggressive, 2 of the early fouls on you were BS.

  • Didn't Howard get suspended last year because he coulnd't control his body when attempting a block and kept nailing people with shots to the head and face? You would think that he would have took some knowledge from that and would stop swinging at people as they go to the hoop. Its one thing to go up and block a shot but some thing else to create so much body contact with players that you are injuring them. Howard needs to watch some Dikembe Mutombo or Hakeem Olajuwon tapes to see the correct way to block shots. The way Howard goes at it is almost Laimbeer like, just with out the intent.

  • Doug, Sam Smith said the Bulls had the highest payroll in the NBA(largely due to Michael's salary) during their second run 96'-98'. When Miami won with Shaq and Wade(although that Finals officiating wise was a joke) do you know if/how far over the cap Riley/Arinson/the HEAT were? I've googled, and so far all I get is graphs without year by year caps and payrolls. It does look like they were over the cap on the graph.

    Also, if you had to guess do you think if Miami/Wade land Bosh, Boozer etc. they'd go over the cap?

    Gar Forman and I believe Jerry Reinsdorf both stated the Bulls could possibly sign two Max F.A.'s While I know that's considered likely hyperbole/B.S. is it fair when statements like that are being made to expect as a fan that there's no way the Bulls go over the cap with this summer's signings if guys(Bosh/Wade) are willing to come. The hope I cling to(just barely) is guys do realize how good Derrick could be with stars around him especially multiple/two stars. It could be scary really. But they'd have to bring in a name, Avery Johnson, Byron Scott what have you.

    So do you think there's any chance the Bulls really do attempt to land two Max guys, and then rationalize as a truly loaded contender they go over the cap(after a decade of fan powered profitability), and that includes a couple of decent bench guys to go along with Noah, Taj, Derrick, Luol, and two Max guys. Wouldn't they have to get the marquee coaching name in place before they lure/go for the two Max guys? Please tell me you think there's some chance if they can get the two Max guys they might go for it as they suggested to long suffering fans. Or are they just F-ing with us?

  • Howard didnt intend to hurt Rose...the guy went up for the ball...thats all. Rose is small, Howard is huge. What do you think would happen? Acie Law got fouled though and im glad Vinny got the Tech for that. That was a horrible no call.

    Only way the Bulls can get 2 bigtime FA's is if we sign and trade for 1 of them. It could happen but i doubt it will.Hinrich or Deng would have to be apart of it. We could revisit that Al Jefferson trade and then sign a SG like Joe Johnson or Wade.

  • Another trade rumor is the Bulls to trade Noah and Deng for Bosh....then sign Wade possibly. Personally i dont think that would happen.

  • Rose is out for tonight:,227627

  • IM not upset with the two fouls but the reaction from the Bulls....this team has NO many times are you gonna let people injure your best player with out any type of reaction...if u knock down rose we knock u down im so sick of this team no wonder other teams dance on them, and run up the score on u comeback from 35 down and yell this is my house on your home floor no pride or heart and it starts at the top

  • By the way...that was a ROOKIE 20 year old doing that on our home court....terrible.

  • If they literally are not allowed to go over the cap even if they are willing to pay luxury tax except if by trade then Los Angeles and Boston sure are "lucky." Think about it L.A. just happened to trade for Saq, Kobe, and Pau..? Jesus.

    What kind of illicit photos can we get of Bryan Colangelo(Toronto's G.M.) so he'll give us an L.A. style trade for Bosh. Course we no longer have expirings to trade so we're screwed anyhow.

    If that's the only way we can sign two Max Free Agents then W(hy)TF did gar and Jerry both say the Bulls might sign two Max guys?!

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