Hinrich suspended one game; Reffing crew gets to keep working

Kirk Hinrich was suspended one game for bumping a ref

Kirk Hinrich has been suspended for one game after bumping into referee
Bennie Adams Friday night when he was ejected with his second technical

Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations,
announced Saturday that Hinrich will serve his suspension on Tuesday,
when the Bulls face the Memphis Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum.

I've got no problem with that.  You can't bump a ref.   How about suspending the ref for making perhaps the worst flagrant foul call in the history of the world?   How about at least downgrading the foul (not that it will likely matter), given the fact that it was one of the most atrocious things ever.

If I were Brad Miller, I'd love to get a copy of the play where Rondo punched him in the face and this one and send them next to each other to the league playing side by side and ask "Seriously WTF is wrong with you dillholes?".   

The NBA hates Brad Miller.


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  • The league has people in the stands every game to observe refs, if they do something wrong they are not given playoffs games based on how many mistakes they make.

  • How many players will we actually have able to play in the next game?

  • Brad Miller will knock Wade on his ass when they play in Chicago

  • Brad Miller should grow up to be an NBA commissioner.

  • I dont think its that the NBA hates Brad Miller...its that the NBA protects its stars and difference makers. Dwayne Wade is one and Rondo was the one in the playoffs series last year.

    Of course the NBA needed to realize by continuing to let Rondo get away with basically murder, you get what you got in Game 6 where Rondo threw Hinrich into the scorers table (And while should have been thrown out of the game, was assessed a flagrant one). After that Doc Rivers yelled at him and told him to keep down the aggressiveness..If fact if you watch Game 6, you will see when the Bulls tied it in the 4th quarter at 101, Brad Miller's lay up..Rondo was in a position to make a play at Brad Miller (likely taking him out again) but you see him back off at the last second, likely because he knew there would be shit if he did something again.

    Now, Brad has taken revenge on Rondo and Rondo plays into it, withering in pretend pain making the refs make the call. Then of course a minute later Rondo is perfectly fine.

    But the NBA of course, were it any other players but Rondo, Pierce or Ray Allen in last year's playoffs threw Kirk into the scores table they would have been ejected from the game.

    I cant say Game 5's situation would have been any different though. Refs typically dont call flagrant fouls on the last play of a game, because it ruins the "integrity" of the game. They don't even like calling fouls in those situations. Of course I'm just waiting for a head to be taken off in the closing minute of some game one of these years where the refs will be forced to take action.

  • So the big question for the immediate future for guard rotation minutes now is....Acie Law, Devon Brown, or Pargo? I say Acie Law...with Devon Brown as the 3rd guard coming off the bench, and Pargo behind him. Brown deserves it more, Pargo just chucks up buckets all the time, he seriously like a ben gordon who can't shoot.

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