Cross one complaint off the list

Bulls never in the running for Garnett, our roster didn't have what they wanted:

The lack of a promising young big man eliminated the Chicago Bulls from
being a serious player in trading for Kevin Garnett when he was traded
from the Minnesota Timberwolves three years ago, said the general
manager who dealt him.

Kevin McHale, who was the Timberwolves
general manager from 1995-2009, traded the franchise's biggest star in
July of 2007 to the Boston Celtics for a package of players built
around 6-foot-11 Al Jefferson, then a 22-year-old coming off his first
significant NBA season, averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds during the
2006-07 season.

McHale said the Bulls, long rumored in deals for
Garnett, who was drafted out of Farragut Academy in Chicago in 1995,
couldn't compete with the top two bidders.

"I talked to the
Bulls some about things, but at the end it really came down to I
thought the best offer was to get a good, young big man, either Al
Jefferson -- who we ended up taking -- or we were talking to the Lakers
about Andrew Bynum," McHale said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy
Show" on ESPN 1000. "Both of those guys were involved. It was just the
decision that we wanted to go with a big guy and try to get a post-type
player and a defender.

"We talked to [the Bulls] off and on. I just didn't think that the pieces fit quite as good."

I've always had this in the "no duh" world of trade rumors, but there were a considerable amount of people who viewed the Bulls failure to land Garnett as a critical failure by management rather than simply not having as good a player to offer as the Boston Celtics.

Well Kevin McHale lays that one to bed by simply stating flat out that they weren't interested in what we had to offer because we didn't have the big man they needed.  

Nice to cross that one off the list of regrets, though honestly, I can't say I even regret not getting KG at that point.   We weren't ready to win a title in KG's first year, he was injured in the playoffs the next year, and he looks old already this year.   Trading a bunch of stuff for KG wouldn't have ended up helping us in at all anyway.


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  • If you look at things in hindsight, we will be glad we didn't do most of the rumored trades. But that said, if you are conservative like John Paxson, things will never change. I feel there are two choices in the NBA:
    1. Luck into a megastar such as Duncan, Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Carmelo during the Draft. This is the best way and any average GM(Jerry Krause) can build a winning team.
    2. Build through free agency such as Boston, Detroit. This will probably be a short lived success as you could see. Most teams would trade their superstars/stars only because they are unable to win with them(Garnett in Minn) or they are causing trouble(Rasheed Wallace in Portland).

    Hopefully, they have lucked into case 1 with Rose and Gar/Pax will do nothing to screw up and Rose with the case will be healthy.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    i disagree with the second one.. the way you win championships honestly ..
    is hit on the draft(check) & trade for a star(miss)

    thats how nearly all championships come.. you draft a star and you trade for one.. the rest you build around through free agency..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think Draft,Free Agency and luck all play into winning a title. But i do think there is a formula to winning a championship. In my opinion, if you look back on the last 20 years...all the championships pretty much came from teams with a star bigman and a star guard. MJ and the Bulls are different imo, MJ was the greatest player of all time and no one could beat him. So if you dont have MJ....I think you need to do these things....

    1. Have a Superstar Guard (Derrick Rose)

    2. Have a Superstar PF/C....Center preferrably but they dont come around very much. (Bosh or to a good Center in Noah is perfect)

    3. Have a good #3 guy (Luol Deng)

    4. Build some depth around this team with shooters,rebounders,defenders. (Hinrich,Taj,James Johnson,a 3 point shooter, big defensive guard, big body downlow for rebounds and to adjust shots)

    Personally, I think right now the Bulls are on the right track. If this summer, we come away with either Bosh or Amare were are in great hands. Once you got one of them, you just need to build depth on the bench. Perferrably a big body downlow and a big 2 guard.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Agreed. I think the Bulls are going to go after two free agents (or one FA and one additional trade) this summer because they have two needs: a low post scorer o pair with Noah (i.e. Bosh / Amar'e / Boozer / Al Jefferson) and a big 2 guard with range (i.e. Joe Johnson). They also need depth so we'll see how creative they get. Even though they have room for only one max FA, I think we're going to see Hinrich AND Deng moved 1) on draft day, 2) in a sign and trade or 3) an outright trade that's going to bring in a second FA / player.

    At least that's what I would like to see. The fact that both Miami and NY have money for 2 max contracts (not sure if Wade counts as one of those max contracts) means they can easily take 4-5 FAs off the board and that's not including LBJ or will probably resign with the Cavs. The Bulls may have to make an added move to show that we're trying to win a championship immediately. I think those trade deadline rumors are going to come back into play this offseason. With all the conversations the Bulls had around the trade deadline, they have a pretty good idea of who they can get a deal done with to shake things up. I'm praying for an excited and bountiful offseason.

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