Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns, 7:00 PM NBA-TV

All-Star point guard Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls will meet Steve Nash and the red-hot Amar'e Stoudemire tonight, as the Phoenix Suns enter the United Center. Chicago has won two in a row and is trying to squeeze out as many victories as possible to catch the playoff ride as the eight seed.

Derrick Rose led the Bulls past Detroit two nights ago with 21 points and nine assists. Rose made a series of circus shots around the basket and got help from the bench, as Flip Murray connected for 23 points.

Center Joakim Noah is getting better each day. Noah has had some impressive dunks against New Jersey and Detroit that indicates his plantar fasciitis problems might be regressing. The 6'11 Noah adds a lot to the Bulls interior, as he's a constant threat to crash the offensive glass and clean up broken plays.

Rookie big man Taj Gibson has been one of the most reliable Bulls players since the All-Star break. Over his last 22 games, Gibson is averaging 11.0 points and 9.1 rebounds in 29.9 minutes a night, while shooting 55.5% from the floor. Gibson will see himself being matched up against the more physical Stoudemire, who's been doing his own thing as well.

Stoudemire is averaging 22.9 points and 8.9 rebounds on the year, but has stepped that up to 27.6 points and 9.9 rebounds after the All-Star break. The explosiveness that once defined his game has returned, and the rebounding has gone up. Stoudemire has often been labelled a poor rebounder due to his size and athleticism, but during the last 20 games he's taken a turn for the better.

Chicago needs a strong all-around effort tonight, if they hope to knock off Phoenix. The bench must step up, and it's important for Rose to establish himself offensively early.



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  • This would be a good night for Joakim Noah to start. Maybe then, the UC crowd will actually get up and cheer with some excitement.

    Rose need to back up his words ("We will make the 8th spot." with a grade A performance.

    Also, Taj Gibson needs to play like DeJuan Blair tonight...haha.

    It's time to put down the beers and MAN-UP!!!


  • If nothing else we get a look at another free agent that we won't be getting our hands on, or likely even making an effort to get.

    My gut has always prefered Amare to Bosh, even though a cold rational analysis suggests you shoud prefer Bosh. I just like the aggression that Amare brings to the game. Hopefully, he doesn't bring too much tonight.

  • Hate to admit it but the bulls will be missing Deng's shooting tonight, he always seemed to have good games against the suns.

  • Bull's could us some good old SuperJuice!

  • Nash went to school on us in the final 2 minutes. FU*****************************************. Raptors facing the Cavs first round folks.

  • The Bulls's EXECUTION at the end of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarters cost them this game.

    1st Qrt. - The Bulls should have been down by only 6, but it ended up being 11.

    2nd Qrt. - The Bulls should have been up by 7, but a TO and flagrant blew that.

    3rd Qrt. - The Bulls should have been up by 5, but a sloppy drive by Rose changed that.

    4th Qrt. - The Bulls could have won, but a bad switch by Miller, a late rotation by Gibson and a PANICKED 3pt. shot by Rose lost them the game.

    Injuries are the EXCUSE, but BAD EXECUTION is the reality!!!

    8 for 8-th (43-39) or they go home early.

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