Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies 7:00 on CSN

Edit K.C. Johnson may have ruined my rant:

That represents the Bulls' top four scorers sitting out. The Bulls,
who will start Jannero Pargo, Flip Murray, James Johnson, Taj Gibson and
Brad Miller, have lost seven straight.

Looks like this may have been incorrect reporting on the part of ESPN, a change in plans for the Bulls, or some other type of miscue. Either way, I'm hoping KC is right.

end edit -----

Why on this earth is James Johnson not starting?   Is his 13/20 shooting over the past two games as a starter going to jeopardize the Bulls run at the Golden State Warriors for worst starting five of the season?

Seriously, you're absolutely screwed with injuries and Hinrich's supsension, so let's see if we can make the worst of the situation and not start James Johnson as well.

As dicey as Johnson has been this year, he's still been better than Acie Law and Jannero Pargo [not exactly high praise, but those two are starting], and I don't know how int he world you can convince me that he's not a better fit than this lineup. 

I mean you're basically starting two PGs and an undersized SG in your three guard lineup.  Why not actually start the SF you've got on the bench, especially since he's better than 40% of your starting lineup anyway.

I'm sure he'll play a bunch, but it's decisions like this that make me wonder what the hell the coaching staff is thinking.   "Hey we're on a losing streak, we'd better bench one of the few guys who's played well for us.".   I mean seriously, what kind of message does this even send to guys?   Yeah, you had a great game, but we're going to go with guys who have no hope in playing here next year who've played worse than you.



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  • +1 I can't believe they put 3 horribly undersized players in the starting lineup and not JJ who really had a nice run, what did he do to be in the doghouse that bad? Screw VDN, screw the FO. Really get some professionals in here asap. This makes me sick!

  • Doug, can your contacts give you any color on this?

    All I can think of is that VDN caught JJ with his wife again. I am mad!

  • The one thing you could say is Vinny felt that Pargo would get abused by Conley and Law would shut down his penetration and make it tough to make passes on the block.

  • It seems like VDN is using INJURIES as an excuse for his bad coaching.

    Rose, Deng, Noah and Hinrich are all OUT tonight vs. the Grizzlies.

    Thank goodness the NCAA Tourney is starting, because the Bulls don't CARE anymore about this season or the playoffs. Quite frankly, I don't care for them right now.

  • Just out of curiousity, is Rudy Gay in the lineup for Memphis? If so, how on earth does VDN expect Flip Murray at 6'3" to guard him?

    Like I said, "Vinny Del-Dumbo".

  • Did JJ run over Vinny's dog on the way to practice?

  • Doug, KC has James Johnson starting in his pregame blurb:

    So I wonder if it was just the ESPN reporter being sloppy. Like Vinny said "Acie will need to step up with Kirk out" and that became Acie starting. I really doubt Vinny's going to go Flip vs. Gay to start out the game... I'd make no sense to not start him after he put up 20 points and 40+ minutes vs the Heat, now that yet another starter is out.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Yeah, K.C. has Johnson listed as a starter, and he's the one I usually rely on for basic info like this anyway.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:


    Don't tell me the Bulls drafted another knucklehead.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    OK, so he was late, but how late? A few minutes or over an hour? Either way I can see him not starting as punishment symbolic reasons, but I hope that doesn't mean he won't get a a lot of minutes as he's been getting lately. Especially since I wasn't able to watch his last (20 point) performance.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    I still contend that the Bulls should have taken Sam Young over James Johnson.

    He's a better player and more mature apparently. Oh well.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Well, the Bulls were winning ... then I take a minute to watch the Stacy King hip-hop video and ... everything can change in the blink of an eye!

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Devin Brown and Jannero Pargo need to be waived, rally killers.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Pargo with the TO, game over folks.

  • If James Johnson doesn't start in this game the way he's been playing of late, and those other scrubs start in his stead.. that would not only be a huge insult to JJ, but an incredibly inept move by the coaches. I just hope it's not true.

  • Wasn't this supposed the one "must win" out of a string of loses?

    Yea, not looking so good for us.

    VDN needs to be fired if he won't play JJ. There is no excuse of "we might lose the game if we start JJ". There is absolutely no logical reason why JJ should not start.

  • I cant stand them, did you hear him after the Warrick dunk? hell i think he went even crazier during the replay.

  • 8 straight losses, this hurts because we fought back, had we had Derrick I think we would have found a way to complete it. It also hurts because the bobcats and the heat lost and we could have gained a little in the standings.

  • Devin Brown was playing decent basketball for the Hornets, gets dealt to us and gains about 30 pds. Now i understand why Vinny gave him so many DNPs.

  • Looks like "Dickey" Johnson can go back on BUST ALERT.

    On the positive side of things, I'm happy that VDN took his head out of his butt long enough to give Acie Law some significant minutes. Too bad he cramped at the end of the game. Pargo just SUCKS!!!

    Law and Warrick have a chance (how big? who knows?) on staying with this team.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    hahahahaha Warrick has a chance? yea a 0% chance. I knew he was a bad rebounder but he makes Eddy Curry look like Rodman.

  • By the way, why was "Robin" Rose laughing on the bench for the second straight game with the Bulls down 86-51 in the 3rd Quarter?

    There is nothing funny about getting blown-out.

    This KID needs to GROW UP and learn how to be a LEADER.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    you sir are a ***ing ***idiot. I say it in the nicest way but you knocking Rose is like a Cavs fan knocking Lebron.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Mr. Happy
    You are killing me Vinie is an idiot no one sits your best player that was left for he was late. He had 4 blocks 2 of whichwas back to back and Vinnie sat him when Memphis was making their run. i think you need to let us know where you played ball at for i think you are the Dickey. But i genrally like some of you comments

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