Bulls to play Stacey King Remix on April 6th

Per the original author:

Great news! Here's the update...

Looks like Tuesday, April 6th
vs the Bucks will be the debut! The guy told me they'll likely play it
on the jumbotron around 6:45 "so that Stacey will be able to see it".

are giving me 4 tix to the game which I'll give to my family. I
actually don't live in Chicago, but the more I think about it, the more
I want to fly back home to catch this game! Money is pretty tight these
days, but if I can find a cheap flight the day before or something,
I'll likely take advantage and make the quick trip home.

Hopefully this isn't a one-time thing and will be used regularly for the rest of the season (and playoffs :)). I've asked for clarification on this before, but the guy from the Bulls hasn't given any.

again everyone for helping it to get the buzz necessary to capture the
attention of the Bulls! It'll be a dream come true when it actually
gets used.

Anyone have tix to the game? If so, anyone want to record it for me? The more angles the merrier haha.

I so badly want to go to this game now, but unfortunately I can't make it out on the 6th, still I urge you Bulls fans to go to the game, and check it out the video on the big screen at the UC, cheer like crazy for it, and hope it becomes a regular part of the Bulls entertainment package.

And if you want to copy me, make it your ringtone, you can download the mp3 here.   Congratulations Justin, you deserve it my man.

I also have to add, nice job to the Bulls organization for pulling this off.  It may seem like a no-brainer to play this cult-hit video at the UC, but organizations, especially ones as large as the Bulls, tend to be risk adverse and not do things like that.   Even when it's the obvious decision.   So great job by them taking this product and sharing it with the Bulls fans at large.

The only downside to this is that it's likely not going out on TV and that we likely won't get Stacey King's reaction to it.  I'd pay to see Stacey's face and hear him after watching it the first time (though good chance he's already seen it IMO).



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  • He was joking about it before the Suns game, saying he hoped that Dragic had watched you tube and got the memo this time. So I'm pretty sure he's seen it.

  • hey, how do i download it? i can hear but not download, and i want to make it my ringtone too haha

  • They better bring this up in the broadcast. I mean they made a point about bringing up a Funk marry me sign.

  • Awesome congrats on getting the video up at a Bull's game. I would also like this to be part of their video package.

  • weird, doesn't work for me

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