Bulls @ Pistons 5pm CST on CSN

The Bulls look to win their second in a row, and perhaps the only thing standing in their way is a Ben Gordon motivated to exact some revenge on his former team.   Otherwise, the Pistons have nothing to play for and have been terrible all year long.

That being said, Gordon has been amongst the terrible for the Pistons, so even if he can will himself to a motivated game, he may not get enough court time to do that much damage.

It's interesting to observe what's happened with the Pistons.  Prince, Hamilton, Gordon, and Stuckey seem like a great set of wings, but the fit was never there as Stuckey's turned into a world class chucker, Gordon forgot how to shoot, Hamilton got old, and Prince was probably never as good as he was credited for being.

Their front court makes our front court look good, which is pretty scary as well.

Still, the game likely won't be a walk in the park.  The Pistons still have plenty of talent, and they could put something together any given day.   The depleted Bulls are on the second half of a back to back with a travel day and an early start while the Pistons are coming off ar est day.

As far as wins go, it's obviously imperative that the Bulls win this game if they want to stay in the playoff race.   They can't afford to drop any of the "gimmies", especially with their injuries.


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  • Just one more game behind the Raptors! Everything's possible.

  • actually, it's only half a game. But since the Raptors own the tiebraker, it's more like one and a half game.

  • I wonder if mr happy was actually happy that james johnson, as he would say, "MANED UP" and played through his injury tonight...

  • Yep.

    Although, I was more impressed by the way Flip Murray and Hakim Warrick played.

    Also, Toronto blew a DOUBLE-DIGIT 4th Quarter lead to the Miami Heat tonight. So, with a Raptors loss in Charlotte tomorrow night the Bulls will occupy the 8th spot.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    No, they won't. Raptors stay at 8 even if they lose.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Good win....we went out there and just put it to them early. Thats exactly what we needed to do. Good job Bulls....now lets go at Phoenix too. We have had great success against them recently, hopefully it keeps up.

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