Bulls fall apart against Memphis

Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the game, or perhaps that's fortunately given the outcome.  The Bulls lost to Memphis at home, perhaps the most winnable games on the schedule in the upcoming three weeks.   It's not going to get any easier.

In doing so, the Bulls have fallen down to 7th place in the playoff standings only a half game ahead of Miami, but two games up on Charlotte.   The only good news is that Charlotte is in as big a funk as we are right now, and they're fighting through a very difficult schedule as well.

Milwaukee is only a half game up on us, but the trend between us and them is terrible.   Milwaukee is just rolling through the competition and is on a strong upward trend, and giving them John Salmons certainly helped their performance.

He's putting up a 19.4 PER since heading to Milwaukee averaging over 20 points per game.   It's a shame the Bulls weren't getting that John Salmons here, because if they were they would have never traded him [Salmons is going to opt out if he's playing that well the rest of the season].   However, they needed certainty and they got it.

So while I can't describe many details surrounding this game my biggest fear is that Flip Murray and Hakim Warrick are now performing more like I thought they would rather than what they actually did in their first couple of games here.   We'll have to just hang on and hope that trend doesn't continue, because if it does, the Bulls are in trouble.   Especially for the rest of this month.


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  • If Hinrich is out for any time, watching Pargo while Salmons is putting up 20 on 59 TS% is going to hurt. I can see why we did the trade, but realistically I didn't think there was much chance of him opting in (and if we did think it was a chance, a quiet word with his agent along the lines of 'look, you screw us and we make sure we screw you with zero playing time next year' would have been my tactic).

    It might not matter to our record in the end, our defensive rebounding without Noah has looked so awful the last couple of games it's hard to see us winning much no matter who our SG is. The Bobcats are a bad team who are only in the race because they got hot for a month though, so we'll probably make the playoffs, but facing the Cavs sucks when we could have had a real shot against Boston or Atlanta.

  • It's real simple Doug.

    The Bulls fell apart because they have Vinny Del "DUMB-BO" as their Head Coach. "ROBIN" Rose as their Point Guard. And "DICKEY" Johnson as their top draft pick.


    -DWADE (aka "BATMAN") - 9/21 FG Shooting, but 14 assists...HEAT WIN!!!
    -DROSE (aka "ROBIN") - 9/21 FG Shooting, only 3 assists...BULLS LOSE!!!

    This Bulls team needs a LEADER and a DISTRIBUTOR, not a HIGHLIGHT DUNKER.

  • Furthermore, Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray didn't lose this game. VDN and DROSE did.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    look, we know rose didn't do much outside of the 1st quarter...but what did warrick and murray contribute AT ALL?? warrick seemed like he had rubber hands, everything was bouncing off them. dude couldn't control any loose balls that could have been steals for us, couldn't catch passes and couldn't finish if he got lightly fouled. deng had alot of fuck ups too in the 2nd half. i don't know what the hell murray did that was positive....where was james johnson? dont think he got any playing time. pargo's ball handling sucked last night...too many times i counted where he would pick up his dribble like 8 feet away from the three point line and be forced to pass out of it. we just didn't gel at all after the 1st quarter.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    When this team can learn to play defense and grab rebounds they'll start winning. Until then, this losing will continue on and in all likelihood, the Bulls will miss the playoffs.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I only saw the "highlights" of the game, but what I saw was no surprise. Derrick got smoked by Conley most notably, of course, on picks. Granted it's unfair/unfortunate for Vinny to lose Joakim Noah who for really most of the season saved/was the MVP of this team. But still, the screamingly poor way Derrick has been handled; he should be watching the Pick/big, Not the point he's guarding when he's chasing him across the top of the lane/key.

    Let me repeat, even just competent defensive guards/players eyeball the pick/big and either spring below him, or most effectively if they have the athleticism and guts(Chris Paul) they meet the point they're defending with their body contact, and use their off arm to wing/push-off/fight around the pick. For this point in his second season, for Derrick to still be blindly wandering into bigs/picks without knowing it's his job/the way to play is to eyeball the big, and get your ass around him, that is really pathetic. And I'm going to put some of the blame on D as well. It's not a good sign for him frankly that he hasn't been able to at least somewhat figure this out on his own. I mean after he's getting torched doesn't he watch the frickin' films. But also major blame falls on the coaches as Derrick already has a lot of responsibility to run the plays and score.

    What I see in Derrick is a good guy, an at times fierce competitor, but also someone who needs a lot of direction and honestly sometimes when he looks like he's feeling sorry for himself, a good kick in the ass.

    Bottom line: as much as I changed my mind about Vinny due to the players playing hard for him, and him showing some resolve/toughness in dire times, he still is not the mentor for D-Rose. No way. No how. Not to mention the total cluelessness in getting an Iverson type athlete/offensive threat like D yet not instill the huge necessity/opportunity from him creating contact, getting to the line, and understanding the necessity that like all the other scorers it is incumbent upon him to bitch vociferously at the refs/fight for his god damn rights.

    That's my one overall criticism of Derrick. He just seems soft at times/not driven aggressively(defense>pick and rolls) or have fight in getting to the line and showing leadership/ a dominant presence fighting for his rights/to be respected by the refs who don't respect him at all. Also Vinny should have fought more for Taj. At times yes he commits some silly fouls, but he also seems so nice and mild mannered at times and with his lower pedigree he definitely gets shafted on calls way more then he should. Vinny should have fought for him at key moments/games, and instilled in him like Derrick that at the proper times he's got to fight for himself as well.

    Like Vinny. But he's gotta go. And Pax/Gar's Hakim and Flip over a 20ppg legit field goal percentage scorer(Al Harrington) "decision" a guy who could give both pick and roll protection on offense for Derrick and perimeter shooting was a huge mistake for this season's success/playoff push as opposed to rainy day draft picks somewhere around 2016(?) and after Wade and Bosh and other stars are playing somewhere else.

    If the Bulls aren't careful, Derrick Rose may be four and done. They really have been lacking in his proper development. And at this point I don't know if I'd blame him if he did choose to leave. They better get the right coach in here to help a great kid get his team and his own ass(defensively/getting to the line/fighting for his rights with refs) in gear.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Agree with your point about getting a good coach for derrick. Maybe the organization can hire someone to work with derrick (like ewing does with howard). I hope lindsay hunter is not that guy.

  • In reply to rynyen:

    -_- too late =/ can we get isiah thomas to just help with advice.. i mean zeek is a chicagoan and derrick rose compares himself to him.. i rather speak to zeek over the phone than hang out with lindsey hunter..

  • In reply to SamS:

    more stellar shooting by Kirk....bah... and one time albeit on a put back the team scored after Kirk had dribbled 8 or more times in the front court....his years poor shooting and POINTLESS over dribbling is hard to take...has he even played a stretch of games wherein he has shot over 50%...more than two games in a row? I rather doubt it...I am not blaming him alone for the loss. His errors are just so chronic after all this time in the NBA.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Hunter seems like he is being used as that guy, might be decent, but not the end all guard coach. Yeah the Bulls have a way of pissing off players and them not giving us 100% and then walking the 1st change they have and then playing like they are capable of. Look at Salmons, Elton Brand, etc. Ben Gordon isn't doing good in Detroit, but he was so awesome off the bench and put up huge #s which Salmons didn't replicate this year for us, but is doing it with our neighbor up north in Milwaukee.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Top 3 things that pissed me off last night:

    1. Klank HinBrick- for all the reasons everybody has already covered.
    2. Luol Deng - Brad Miller should club his knee if he takes another stupid long jump shot during the time another team is making a run. Seriously....for this reason and this reason alone, he is my least favorite Bull....okay, SECOND least favorite (Pargo). When Rose drives and misses a bunch...I'm okay with that because he should be doing that. I actually get more pissed when Deng takes on of his signature "worst shot in basketball" jumpers and MAKES it. I know it just encourages him....

    3. Vinnie Del Negro .....just ......plain .....sucks. His substitutions are just obnoxious. He has no feel for managing the game at all. I still think he out-coaches a cup of pee...but barely.

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    In reply to SamS:

    The bench lost this game. 18 points off the bench doesn't get it done for this team.

    Derrick's 9-21 for 20pts is an off night for him (pretty damn good for an off night) but that's not what killed the Bulls. Wasn't even kirk going 5-17 (painful).

    The Bulls are 17-3 when they score over 100 points and the bench averages 29.1 points in those wins. Last night? 18 bench points. Everybody off the bench was 1-for __. This is why some of us keep screaming to see more acie and less pargo. Some nights the Bulls really need a guy who can score in bunches off the bench and acie might be that guy.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Im not sure if you noticed or not but Rose was creating shots for everybody all night.....BUT all of our guys kept missing!!!!! Especailly Kirk Hinrich...the guy we drafted out of Kansas that holds the record for the most 3's!!! To bad he cant shoot anymore!

  • In reply to SamS:

    Im with you on that evilhoban....I cant stand seeing Deng take those bad shots that he does....whoever told him to master the 1 step in from the 3 point shot was a idiot...worst shot in basketball. Hinrich is just terrible and is really showing how expendible he is.

    I did see a couple things from Rose last night...he was complaining to the refs which is good because he wasnt getting any calls, and at the begginning of the game, right after they did the starting lineups, Rose took control of the huddle. Thats good to see that he is becoming the vocal leader.

  • In reply to SamS:

    its sad to see the bears spend soo much money this offseason .. i just hope jr is watching and spends just as much for the bulls...

    chris bosh & phil jackson ? wit a deep team ?

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    It's not sad to the the Bears spending money. It's great news. It's great news because two key free agents picked the city of Chicago. They picked it over Miami, Washington, and New York. We'll see if that translates to the Bulls.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We lost it on the boards. Without Noah we're going to give up a lot of offensive boards, because none of Miller, Gibson or Warrick is even an average defensive rebounder.

  • I think it was the fact that we didnt really rest our players in the second half.

    Rose played the end of the third and the entire fourth. Just bad rotation on Vinnys part.

  • No he wasn't, but he was also vastly improved after he was "temporarily" removed from the starting lineup. He was shooting well, he just wasn't taking many shots (and had actually started passing up open shots, which certainly wasn't like him last year). I wonder if we'd thrown him back into the starting lineup after it was clear he was shooting well again and told him he had the green light whether we would have seen him do this for us.

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