Bulls Beat #134 released

Bulls Beat #134 - Playoffs? Not so fast

A discussion of the Bulls playoff hopes, 2010 free agency, and Derrick Rose's improvement this year.


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  • This couldn't have come at a better time. I need a quality distraction BAD today. Thanks Doug!

  • Doug, that's the first podcast of yours(or anyone elses) I've listened to. You sound like your 25 years old? I thought you were at least 33/34 which I guess in some ways is a compliment to your knowledgeable reports/comments. Or I'm just an old guy(43) on a young guys site/blog

  • andrew bynum anyone ?

    does anyone else think we should blow it up if we dont make it & land a free agent?

    i mean bynum is a sure thing if healthy .. but theres not anyother player i would rather trade for besides bosh this offseason.. (bosh will be in a sign & trade package this offseason)

    noah & hinrich for bynum & contract but a quality player ?

    rose & bynum is a great way to REALLY build a team.. not pray for a star and have a bunch of solid players ..

    why ya think ?

    get bynum if we fail ? also vinny is gone now.. we can admit it..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    i rather get bynum then overpay boozer or johnson and be stuck with old players who will fade away in 1/2 the contract..

    overpay amare who will get a injury during that contract and not be motivated if we dont have a contender and get him a bunch of shots..hes goina be 28 .. thats a player who needs to win now..

    rudy gay will be super overpaid this offseason and i dont wanna outbid for a foward who cant play defense and doesnt like to rebound ..

    and last the draft is a way of going backwards espec. if we dont get a top 7 player which we wont .. because we will put soo much hope on a player who we THINK is goina be good..

    like i said .. if we dont get in,and dont land a free agent..
    vinny will be gone and noah will be overpaid.. do we get rid of hinrich or deng in that package..

    new coach and another young all star potiential player who gets rumored to be with chris paul & bosh and other big names...
    bynum around the league is known for his star potiential...

    should we go for it?

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Doug.... just asking....but where have you heard anything about Amare's attitude? I havent heard or seen anything....only times i hear that is when i see it online. IMO, i think the guy just wants to win and he hates losing...other then that i dont see any attitude problem.

    If anything its his knees i have a problem with...but the last couple years he has showed us that his knees are fine...he is still posting 20 an 10 on a regular basis. Plus he had a whole half of the year last year to relax and heal up because of the "eye poke" injury. He and Bosh arnt that much different...i would grabbed the sure thing at the deadline though in Amare.

  • are you serious ?

    first you making it seem like we are trading away scrubs and players they might not want..
    second do you really rather keep this core of noah and deng? and have nothing but second round and pray deng becomes a true second option ..overpay a player and hope noah comes back better than ever and get overpaid..

    i rather overpay bynum then noah .. and i rather have a chance of a core of rose, rudy & bynum then rose deng and noah..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    and a deal of noah hinrich & a swap of future picks(when kobe retires- 2016 or something long from now) for bynum and a contract like sasha or walton wouldnt get the deal done ? you rather plug in big al next to joakim with no spacing or watch amare, or booz get overpaid...

  • A guy who we SHOULD draft this year is ELIAS HARRIS from Gonzaga. The guy is 6-7 and he doesn't have a definite position but he plays sf/pf in college but i think he could play sg in the NBA next to Rose as a younger version of Joe Johnson,Caron Butler, or Tayshaun Prince. Also the kid has played Pro overseas when he was younger so adjusting to the Pros should be easy for him. If he opts for the draft then the Bulls should definitely give this guy a look.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    where is he projected to go.. because we cant act like were behind the scenes looking at them when theres teams without 20 wins looking for talent in this years draft.. we need a super scorer off the bench..sg or sf..

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    I'm pretty sure he's not coming out this year.

  • I wonder if Jordan being so good as a player is why he struggles as a GM. Didn't he have problems working with team mates because he demanded more of them than they were capable of? I wonder if as a GM he's the same way and just can't recognise the limitations of players due to not having the talent to do what he wants them to do.

    I think you're a bit unfair on Steve Kerr though. The Shaq trade was bad, but it was also a last roll of the dice. It was basically the 2010 plan: probably not going to work, but playing it safe wasn't going to win them anything either.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    That team was one step off the bench by Stoudemire from winning the NBA title, as is. They didn't even give it another chance. And Shaq just dragged the team down, and it was obvious.

    I don't understand why people were certain that they weren't going to win with Marion (as I recall, they were leading the West at the time). I think it's fair to say they had a good chance to win the championship before the trade and little chance after. That's a really bad trade, and hard to justify.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Something that's occurred to me a couple times--are you really recording this while driving around in Chicago traffic? Is that really safe?

  • because hes easily expendable when you have pau and odom & artest locked up.. and you might lose shannon and fisher is gone..and getting noah im abosulety positive that because bynum doesnt fit in l.a getting a more of a team now with joakim and hinrich and getting rid of cap it keeps jackson to stay more because of fit and the presence of now...

    you think kobe & phil wouldnt mind this ?
    these guys aint playing 5 years from now
    and hinrich lets bryant as he ages to not even play against the second best perimeter player with artest already there.. and noah & phil have a lovefest for one another..

    you really think that l.a wouldnt part with bynum for a better suited team now ? hinrich and noah gives l.a what they want.. hungry players who play physical and are better fits.. are you seriously doubting l.a trades bynum? because any player in the leauge besides bron,kobe,wade and howard can be traded if its a good package..

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