Bear down Chicago Bears!

We all love following the Bears, and unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you've probably noticed they started free agency with a bang.   Apparently any comments about not going hog wild in free agency were merely to throw people off the trail, because the Bears went nuts agreeing to sign Julius Peppers, Brandon Manu Manu the slender, and Chester Taylor.
Personally, I love their willingness to spend money in the uncapped year.   I haven't read the money on Manu's deal, but Peppers getting 40 million guaranteed and most of Taylor's money is guaranteed in the first year.   It's great that the Bears went out to make something happen, but I wonder about the personnel they choose.

Okay Peppers is the best FA available and fills a dire need.   I'm not arguing with his signing, nor am I going to argue on the money, because I'm not an NFL cap guru.

However, what's the deal with Brandon Manumaleuna?   I guess the Martz system just wants a blocking TE, but we have two pretty valuable TEs and just paid for a third guy.   Granted, Olsen is probably toast now, but overall getting a draft pick for Olsen + Manu seems like an overall downgrade in talent to me.

Then Chester Taylor to low-end RB money?   Look, Taylor's made a great career for himself as a change of pace back, and Forte was nothing special behind a terrible line last season, but that just seems like a reach to me.   I don't feel a whole lot better about the Bears backs with Taylor in there and would have been content to keep Forte, bring in a value option for a change of pace guy and actually improve the receiving core or offensive line.

After the big spending spree the Bears are still lacking WRs, Safeties, and offensive line talent [though the switch to a blocking TE should help the line].  We'll see how the rest of the plan works out, but while the Bears made a big splash, I see them only upgrading 1 of four or five desperation areas while adding in guys to areas that weren't as big of needs.

However, that's just me, you Bears experts can chime in.


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    Good moves by the Bears for sure. Looks like Taylor signed up to play the Marshall Faulk role in the Martz offense and said as much at the press conference. We should get a little improvement from Cutler if he's got Manumaleuna watching his back on whichever side Omiyale's on.

    But the biggest thing is I can't wait to see the defense this year. Are we back to Bears football now? Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, Brown, Anderson, and even a 60% Tommy Harris. Are you kidding me? Soldier Field will be watered with the blood of opposing QBs - as it should be.

  • I agree with your synopsis completely. Taylor averaged 4.0 and 3.6 yds per carry the last two seasons(awful) with 380 yds receiving each year which is OK I guess, but come on is that really an upgrade? Manu a Manu with all the tight ends we have invested in and draft picks wouldn't it be better to get an upgrade at some other needed O line position? And the fact that the Bears landed Peppers at the age of 30 for six years with $44 Mil guaranteed? I'd bet he'll have a very good season next year, but then wonder if he tails off rather quickly. I think a safety/cornerback and good off.(left) tackle would have been better choices then Taylor and Manu(Ginobli's bro). By the way Peppers compared with Lawrence Taylor after his season turning 30 he went from 15 sacks to 9, 7, and 6. Good luck Julius/Bear fans maybe he'll outdo L.T.

  • I thought we wouldve picked up LT after the Chargers cut him but i like chester taylor and Peppers better. We should go after T.O.!!!!

  • Hopefully the Bulls will be as aggressive this summer....

  • I am a Giants fan so I am outraged by this Doug lol.

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    A Bulls and Giants fan? That's unique. How does one become one of those?

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    I am from New York, born and raised. I became a Bulls fan after my dad took me to a Knicks Bulls game in 94. My dad was cheering for his knicks and me having a slight dislike for my farther started cheering for the Bulls and its been like that ever since.

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    Bear down!

  • I worry a bit about the age of these guys, but I love that they are taking advantage of the uncapped year. It's so unlike this franchise. I wonder what they can fetch for Olsen given that he's clearly on the way out.

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    The great thing about the NFL is that Bears can cut both of them after the season if they bomb, happsn all the time in the NFL (thats why players try and get the most guranteed money).

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    The Bears helped themselves but their still likely a distant third to Green Bay and (providing Favre returns) Minnesota.

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    Bears did a good thing...they might of spent a lot for Peppers...but at the end of the day...we got him didnt we? He is going to help isnt he? And if someone else got him, Bears fans all over would be ticked. Chester Taylor is actually pretty solid...if you look back a couple years when AP wasnt in Minnesota, Chester was a very solid Rb. He could start for us. And like someone said, Play the Marshall Faulk role for us. As for the TE...i think we should trade Olsen for a draft pick or something...once you do that, take that draft pick and trade it for Brandon Marshall.

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