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Steven Kyler's chat:

Justin in DENVER:
How much truth is there for a Tyrus Thomas trade to Denver....

I've been hearing for Balkman, Graham, & Malik Allen. If that's true, what's taking so long?

Steve Kyler:
on the table... whats taking so long is that the Bulls want to make
sure that is their best offer...  you don't want to trade Tyrus for
"garbage" then here you could have gotten a first round draft pick for
him... whats eight more days to insure you got the best deal possible?

Jason in GA:
read that SA and Den are the two teams most interested in Tyrus Thomas.
Where does your gut tell you Thomas will be playing Feb 19th?

Steve Kyler:
will not be Chicago thats for sure... both teams fit how Tyrus plays,
and honestly he is a low-risk move... I would not rule the Clippers and
Knicks out of a deal for Tyrus either.

There is almost no doubt Tyrus is dealt this weekend, the question is,
is he the first guy dealt or will Chicago hold out a few more days.

I know everyone involved would like to see the All-Star break be moving day for Tyrus.

A couple of mentions of Tyrus going to Denver.  I can't imagine what the Bulls really get out of a deal for Balkman, Graham, and Allen.   I'm not sure any of those guys are even rotation players for the Bulls if the trade is done. 

I know Tyrus doesn't have much value, but I'd probably hold out for something more than that.   I mean you at least need to get guys that can fill his minutes.

As far as the Spurs, maybe something like Pargo + Tyrus for Booner + Mason might work for both sides.  Obviously, I just made that up, but there's not that many permutations that make sense.


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  • Bonner & Finley for Tyrus & Pargo gives a little more breathing room under Lux Tax threshold than Bonner & Mason.

    but either trade is better than the Denver offer

  • Clippers (Camby), Wizards (Haywood), Suns (Amar'e) or Jazz (Boozer). That's the way to go.

    If Paxson deals Thomas to Denver, he should ask for Affalo.

  • You can be very confident that the trainee Paxson will get fleeced.
    Paxson's only plan is a plan to fail.

    Thanks to Pax, the Bulls are no where near to going to the NBA playoffs finals. Rose fell out of the sky on top of the clueless Paxson.

  • Wow this time I think Alex might have changd the order of some of his words instead of a straight copy and paste....havent heard him say Florida Fairy in awhile...maybe he's studying for his GED

  • Doug could we cut Allen and Graham? I know we cant cut balkman because he signed a two year extension before the season started. Its a horrid deal considering how high Tyrus was drafted.

  • In my opinion thats actually not that bad. Depending on how the Spurs feel about Manu...because he is a free agent this summer. And the Spurs are kind of on the downslide of late. So if they feel that they might lose Manu for nothing, they might take this deal. This would leave the Bulls looking like this...

    Manu, Cheap FA or Draft Pick (Xavier Henry)
    Deng,James Johnson
    Noah, Cheap FA or Draft Pick

    Thats not that bad...but would the spurs do it.

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