With Tyrus Thomas, it's personal now.

Per KC Johnson:

While urging the need to move forward, Del Negro spoke volumes for the
fourth-year forward. He didn't even guarantee Thomas will be ahead of
Development League signee Chris Richard in Tuesday's rotation against
the Pacers.

"It depends on matchups and what we need out there," Del Negro said.
"Chris gave us a nice boost (Saturday). He's physical inside. He's a
big, strong body. He's pretty familiar with our stuff. He got us some
offensive rebounds and we converted on them, which was nice."

In terms of NBA ability, there's no contest between Chris Richard and Tyrus Thomas regardless of what you need out there. 

The fact that Tyrus has fallen down so low is a Tyrus problem.  It's a problem of personalities.   It's a problem of a personal nature.   Tyrus also has no one to blame for this but himself.   The team has bent over backwards trying to get him to play the way they want.   His personal coaches have preached the same thing.

Tyrus has ignored it all in order to attempt to fulfill his dream playing as a SF ignoring his strengths and emphasizing his weaknesses.  He's remained lazy on the court, rarely hustling back on defense or leaking out on offense.   He's never been able to consistently do all the things he's fully capable of doing to become a consistent positive force in the NBA.

On top of the lack of consistency in effort, focus, and following the game plan, the guy has been a jerk to virtually everyone around him with the exception of the charities he works for.   How a guy can be so giving with kids and such a moron around everyone he works with is sort of beyond me, but just call it one more mystery in the enigma that is Tyrus Thomas. 

The Bulls have been trying to cut bait with him for over a year without finding a meaningful return.   They likely won't get much at the deadline either, but it appears that he's fallen out of the rotation enough to simply trade him just to get rid of the attitude at this point.

So in the mean time, here's a list of things I don't feel like reading that I guarantee someone will write anyway:
The Bulls have to trade Tyrus Thomas now, so they don't let him and Ben Gordon walk for nothing in consecutive years.   The Bulls aren't going to bring back long term salary for Tyrus because they want cap room next year.   Tyrus is going to leave for nothing, whether it's at the deadline or in the off season is somewhat irrelevant isn't it?

The Bulls need to trade Tyrus Thomas in order to clear up cap space to bring in two max FAs next year.   Trading Tyrus doesn't clear up any cap space.   The Bulls don't need to tender him anything next summer, and he's not on the books for next year as of right now.  

The Bulls need to trade Tyrus Thomas to the western conference or out of the division.
  Trust me, no one is worried about Tyrus coming back to bite them in the ass.


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  • I don't think he is/was a moron to everyone he works with. He has had problems with management, coaches, and media members. As far as I remember, he didn't have issues with teammates.

  • While I understand WHY it was necessary to suspend Tyrus, it frustrates me and here's why. The same exact thing occured with Milton Bradley. Keep in mind, Im not saying Tyrus IS Milton Bradley. What Im saying is, when its become abundantly clear you are trying to trade someone, why would you lower his market value?

    The Cubs suspeneded Bradley at the end of the season, and I personally think that impacted his ability to be traded for anything of value, because you are then showing your hand. Same with Tyrus...any team out there is going to low ball the Bulls because the now know how desperate that are to trade him.

    It would be like me trying to sell my car, but advertising everything that is WRONG with it...instead of highlighting the positives...

    doesnt make any sense to me.

  • Can they DUMP him for an expiring contract and a draft pick?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The only pick they will get for him is a pick4 from the local gas station.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We should just trade Tyrus for Jason Thompson...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    CBSSPORTS thinks Ty Thomas will be dealt by the end of the week.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I enjoy your blogs.
    About Tyrus,this is what I feel..
    Although he has been working in the NBA for 4 years, he is just older than Rose and Johnson on the team. Some people mature a little slowly both in life and the NBA game. I am not sure if Tyrus picked up the game late in his life but he might need a few years to get the team concept especially at such a high level. I feel like throwing out one of our kids because they are immature, had a few incidents compared to the other kids at home. Off course, if it becomes a cancer, you have to do it. I realize this is a business but where is Lindsey Hunter/John Paxson in this. Maybe they have tried...but it sure seems like a bad business decision to lose Tyrus to some other team and see him blossom. I will also say this...he is probably the most talented player(potential wise) we might lose for nothing.

    That said, I guess the whole city is against him..and I think Tyrus has probably less than 10% chance of sticking around with the Bulls.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Count me out of the whole city being against him. It's hard remember an athlete in Chicago history that's been a victim of awful coaching the way Tyrus has. Is he hard-headed? Yes. Does he do some stupid stuff? Yes. Has he had his playing time jerked around more than any other player since he's been here? Yes. Is he the most athletically gifted player on your roster? Yes. Has he been more productive when he's gotten consistent heavier minutes? Yes. Is he better starting than coming off the bench? Yes. Have the Bulls ever hired a big man coach to try to coach him up, other than the current failed Sidney Green experiment? No.

    I thought this was supposed to be a throwaway evaluation year leading up to 2010 FA. I suppose that VDN has seen enough of TT to decide he's not a part of what we need going forward and has lowered his value (and confidence) so far that we can't trade him. Of course, it's not VDN's fault - who hires a coach WHO'S HAD NO COACHING EXPERIENCE AT ANY LEVEL EVER?

    It's a good thing that Taj came in with such solid fundamentals and DR and JN have a passion to get better, because as far as I can see this coaching staff hasn't coached anyone up on this team. As far as TT goes, they've tried to fit him into a little PF box when it's painfully clear that he's no PF. So what if he can't create his own shot off the dribble - neither can Deng. His shot gets better when he plays more and when he's not looking over his shoulder to see when he's going to get yanked.

    As for Doug: nice comment about him being a jerk to everyone when you even admit you don't know anything about his relationship with the people who work with him everyday - his teammates. It's that kind of from-the-hip declaration that makes it difficult to like the guy. If you want him traded or YOU think he's a jerk, how about presenting it that way instead of making him out to be a bad guy to everyone?

    I'm not the biggest TT fan, although it might sound like it. All I know is that the light will go on for him one day with someone who'll coach him up at SF, he'll be a star in this league, and the Bulls will point to his immaturity while he was here as the ONLY reason why he didn't succeed as a Bull. No wonder the Bulls need free agents - they need well-coached, self-motivated players and can't produce them themselves.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Exactly....why would the Bulls make it a huge issue? You just made Tyrus even less tradable. Before no one even really wanted him and now you cant even give him away for a taco! lol The Bulls should of just kept it a in house kind of thing so that no one would know.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Tyrus, Hinrich and Deng have proven to be grossly over rated and untradeable for variety of reasons. These three guys are worth nothing!

    Paxson is a failure and if Rose didn't fall out of the sky, the Laff-A-Bulls would be bigger joke.....!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly when will the Bulls play in the NBA championship series finals?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Thanks for the cut and paste ALex, you are so original. You are a moron if you think Hinrich and Deng are worth nothing....overpaid yes.

  • how about: Fast forward in time to lets say next year..."Bulls fan we HAD to trade Tyrus cuz he was a head case"..." So if he goes somewhere else and materlizes into his potential, we have cover and we are cheap. Ultimately we have no intention of paying Tyrus and without throwing out any conspiracy theories, is part of inner motive to de-value Tyrus.

    As far as Vinny is concerned, IMO, is personal. Duly note, not likely that Vinny will be return after this season and "if i can't stay neither can Tyrus"...Richards and/or Gibson over Tyrus, REALLY!

    I understand that some of this may sound out-landish material, but think about it....

    P.S --> Part of good managment and coaching is to manage various types of personalities (super stars and rotten apples). For example, Artest, Rodman, Pippen, etc. by Phil Jackson. It is a testament to management and coaching that they get the best out of every able body. So before one starts pounding away at Tyrus, we need to look no further than among our leadership. Weak and Sad!

  • Then why is Gibson allowed to shoot? Why is Hincrap allowed to shoot Klanks and dribble for 25 seconds? Really, Tyrus doesn't defend the paint? Tyrus doesn't attack the basket? you rather have Noah shoot his Cy-closp looking shot? Nice talking points!

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