Who blinks first, Bulls or Lakers?

The Lakers want Kirk Hinrich, sort of.   The Bulls want to dump him.   The issue seems to be the Lakers won't entirely give the Bulls expiring deals, instead they want to unload Sasha Vujacic who is still owed 5 million in salary next season.   Both teams are exploring options for a 3rd team to step up and take Vujacic's salary with Tyrus Thomas possibly going to that team as a sweetner.  

Portland was considered to possibly be that team.   Now Minnesota is considered possibly to be that team.   I don't think Tyrus Thomas as a rental is really worth taking on Sasha Vujacic for a full extra season, so I find it highly unlikely a deal like this goes through with anyone. 

So assuming that the three team option can't be found, who blinks first?

If the Bulls can't dump Salmons or Hinrich elsewhere then trading Hinrich in this move does give them enough cap room to make a max FA offer next season even with Vujacic hanging around on the team.   In other words, while hardly ideal, this trade would give the Bulls the flexibility they demand to stay in the 2010 race.

On the other hand, the Lakers may still feel like they have to do something, and in the end, the Lakers have money to spend.   They were the most profitable team in the league last season, and if they think this significantly helps their championship odds then they ultimately have more to lose by not making such a move.  

Does either team blink and soften their demands to get this done or is Hinrich still a Bull after the trade deadline?  Interestingly, the Bulls have apparently passed on several opportunities to dump Hinrich for expirings over the past year.   John Paxson mentioned the opportunity to guarantee cap relief last deadline when stating he didn't take it.   The Bulls also were rumored to pass on moving Hinrich to the Blazers in the off-season for expirings.

If they get stuck with him and somehow don't free up enough room to make a max FA offer, then they'll have no one to blame but themselves.


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  • I have a strong feeling that the Bulls will be completely inactive, and end up not having enough room to sign a fa.

  • In reply to charitystripe:

    It's still premature. 3 days left. Bulls are motivated. They may not make a good deal, but they will make a deal.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    I hope so. But what is their back up plan? Have Neil Funk demonize Johns Salmons enough that he opts out on his own?

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    I think Salmons might opt out of his contract unless his game goes down drastically(I know it's already bad..).
    Here's why:
    If there is a decrease in total cap in 2011, it makes sense for Salmons to cash in on all the cap space available in 2010 like a Ron Mercer in 2000. If he is not traded by Thursday, hopefully Vinny will make sure to increase his trade value by playing him in the right position

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    Vujacic is the stiff/poison pill in the Hinrich deal that no one wants to swallow. This late in the game.. and nothing for the Bulls/fans. I seriously doubt anything notable/big: McGrady/ his contract, dumping Hinrich's contract, getting Amare(ha-ha) is going down.

    I know Stoudemire is thought of by Doug and others here as overvalued. But I'll say it again if I could get a sign and trade/guaranteed extension I'd trade Joakim and Taj, with expirings James/Miller to get him. If the Bulls replace Vinny with a name guy like Byron Scott or Avery Johnson, and have Amare on board I think they could lure a third big F.A. Problem is they absolutely had to get rid of Tyrus, Kirk, and hopefully Salmons.

    I really hate the thought of the rich, Cleveland and Miami, getting richer with Amare. Especially the fleecing, gets whatever he wants Riley. With Derrick and the right coach I say Amare will return to superstar caliber. Oh well, I know this is not going to happen. The Bulls will never get Amare Stoudemire. D-Wade and Riley or Lebron will. Chris Bosh is not coming to Chicago just for D-Rose. We'd have to have a third name F.A. to lure him. I doubt Joe Johnson would either. The idea of staying under the cap while luring in a 2010 max F.A./star is ridiculous anyway. There would be so much marketing money to be made with a D-Rose, Stoudemire, Wade/Joe Johnson Scott/Johnson coached Chicago Bulls team.

    Again, it makes me skeptical at this point other then moving Tyrus for a middle to late first that the Bulls get anything done before the deadline. It sucks that they didn't get rid of Hinrich's huge albatross of a contract when they could if the 2010 cap room for a big F.A. was the end game all along as they said.

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    I agree with you completely Sammy, the Bulls will not get a big name free agent and that the NBA is trying to give Lebron a championship anyway by giving him an all-star team in Cleveland.The Bulls need to be trying to get some of these second list free agents that are pretty good in their own right.

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    I am more comfortable with the Bulls moving Deng or Salmon than Hinrich because the backcourt is too thin otherwise...Salmon's is no 2 guard and Pargo n Hunter are useless. even with a guard back they'd remain short handed.
    I bet they do nothing BTW.

  • In reply to SamS:

    I've been saying much of the same thing, except I don't wanna see Noah gone. But if we have to give up Deng, Hinrich, a 1st rounder, whatever.. do it to get Amare, as long as there's a way to make space for another signee.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Doug, I think moving Kirk is probably what we need to do. We really need his salary for a legit SG or PF since it's clear Derrick is the PG. Having said that, as much as I'd hate to see Kirk go, I have to think we need to make this trade work.

    Also, Broussard seemed to be saying on First Take that NYK are looking to assist Miami in acquiring Amare. I think it's clear that where Amare goes, if he goes, could really have an impact on the coming summer. As such, it could determine whether or not the Bulls land a big name FA. It appears NY recognizes that Amare to Cleveland means no Lebron in NY. It also means no Lebron to Miami which actually could increase the chances of Wade in Chicago. Anyway, the point is the Bulls FO needs to be diligent in what happens to Amare and not sleep on this.

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    Minnesota said NO to the Bulls!!!

    Chad Ford: The Wolves continue to rebuff teams looking into the availability of Al Jefferson.

    A source close to the process told ESPN.com that the Wolves recently said no to a potential Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas for Jefferson deal. They told the Bulls that they aren't going to move Jefferson by the trade deadline which is consistent with what Wolves GM David Kahn has been saying for weeks. However, a Deng-Thomas deal was the most realistic trade scenario we've heard for Jefferson.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Damn! That would have been a great move. Certainly a good payoff for all the anticipation and still close to signing a max FA, likely a SG. Al makes less than $2 mil more than Luol, but that would have been the low post scorer we need. Would still have to make another move to have enough for a max contract without hoping Salmons opts out. Glad the Bulls(hitters) are acting boldly.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I don't get how that's great move. Jefferson is that great of defender and the offensive end his offense is the same as Deng's where he has to take alot of volume to get his points. He's really inefficent with TS of .517

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    I wouldn't look at the perceived point-for-point tradeoff. I would look at what we're going in positions. Bulls need a reliable low-post scorer to open create open shots for the rest of the team and driving lanes for Rose. When healthy, Al's a 20/10 guy (he's still working himself back into shape after season-ending surgery last yr). Plus, he'll work better next to a defense-minded / stay-at-home-center like Noah than he is now next to Kevin Love. Moving Deng also allows us to move Salmons back to his true position at SF, hopefully, increasing his effectiveness and likelihood of opting out of his contract. Plus, it gives some reprieve to the foot problems of Noah and Taj.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Stats are overrated. Getting a low post presence like Al Jeff would have vastly improved our offensive efficiency and spread out opponents defensive schemes. Right now, we don't have anyone that demands a double team in the post.. Jefferson would change that. If we actually DID somehow acquire him, I think we need a 3 point shooter as the next piece in this.. Mike Miller?

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I cant handle any more of these rumors.

    From Yahoo:

    Tyrus Thomas may be traded to any team in basketball for another player.

    Kidding...anyways, its become apparent that the next 48 hours COULD significantly impact the future of this franchise for years to come.

    Dont under estimate the importance of this move...

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    From YAHOO:

    The San Antonio Spurs are trying to unload Antonio McDyess and the remaining $7.5 million owed him after this season to clear a way to make a trade for Tyrus Thomas, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The Spurs have been searching for expiring deals to move McDyess, who will make $4.9 million next season and is guaranteed about $2.6 million in 2011-12.

    Denver could be a landing spot for McDyess.

    I suggest....

    To Bulls: Roger Mason Jr., Theo Ratliff (or DeJuan Blair, if lucky)and a #1 Pick
    To Spurs: Tyrus Thomas

    That works. I imagine the Spurs wouldn't give up Blair, so a #1 Pick is in order.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    These rumors are getting out of control, it seems as though every writer is throwing out a Tyrus Thomas for 'X' player just to stir the pot and get some web hits. I saw Matt Bonner, Roger Mason Jr, Ian Mahinmi and Michael Finley all mentioned as potential trade bait for Thomas in this rumor.

    I'm not saying these aren't possibilities, but as Dmband mentioned, it's becoming very difficult to separate the turds from the chocolate at this point.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Keep an eye on Anthony Morrow. He might be coming to the Bulls.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MrHappy:

    That would be great.

    If we move salmons to the golden state for morrow and expirings then can we finally pull the trigger on moving hinrich to the lakers? Put sasha next to jj for a year and give them some pom pons.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    I was thinking this.

    To Bulls: Anthony Morrow and CJ Watson (or Devean George)
    To Warriors: James Johnson and CASH

    That works for me.

  • In reply to charitystripe:

    The only reason the Bulls were trade Hinrich is if they were getting a prospect in return. So they would get expirings+ Shannon Brown

  • In reply to charitystripe:

    Trading Kirk Hinrich to the LAKERS is a HORRIBLE IDEA, on so many levels.

    They should block the Camby trade instead.

    * If not Salmons, than J. James.

    If I'm Paxson, I'm trying to DUMP Deng's salary, not Hinrich's.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You have some truly terrible trade ideas.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    yes he does, keep in mind a few months ago he thought Derrick Byars was the answers to all the 3 point shooting problems. Thats like saying Aaron Gray will be an allstar next year.

  • In reply to WearShades:


    Tyrus Thomas - $4.7 million in salary
    Roger Mason Jr. and Theo Ratliff - $4.6 million in salary combined.

    That trade seems to make sense, assuming the Bulls get a #1 Pick.

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