What is the minimum the Bulls should accept for Tyrus Thomas?

It's all over the rumor mill in every major news outlet.   The lie.  

The story that the Bulls will trade Tyrus Thomas to free up cap space.


It must be difficult to understand because people from Yahoo sports to ESPN seem to keep repeating that the Bulls have a fear they must move Tyrus at the deadline to be players in 2010 or that moving him will help them bid for two free agents.

The Bulls want to move Tyrus because the guy is an ass hat, and they know they're not keeping him for the future.   You know what?   Sometimes you need to work with ass hats if they're good at their jobs.  

Is Tyrus good at his job?   Not as good as we'd hoped, but he's better at it than all of names coming back for him in rumors.

Look, I'm not championing Tyrus Thomas.   In the words of the Hawk, "He gone.".  However, if you're trading Tyrus for Balkman, Joe Graham and crap from Denver or Acie Law and Flip Murray from Charlotte [they don't actually have a pick], then what the hell is the point?

There are two reasons you trade Tyrus:
1) You get something that makes you better this year.
2) You get something that makes you better in the future.

Note: "You refuse to put on your big boy pants to deal with a guy you don't like." didn't appear on the list.  

If the Bulls dump Tyrus because he went off on Vinny Del Negro even though it makes the team worse this season and doesn't bring in a useful asset next season then management isn't doing it's job.  

If you've been watching then you may have noticed depth isn't exactly the Bulls greatest strength.    Rose, Hinrich, Salmons, Deng, Tyrus, Gibson, Miller, Noah. 

That's eight guys, no one else on the team has shown they can come close to playing at a level to belong in the eight man rotation.    Of those eight guys, Noah and Gibson have plantar fasciitis.  

That's right, of our four credible front court players, two of them have injuries that may bother them all season, one of them probably can't play more than 25 minutes a game night in and night out at a high level, and the Bulls are desperate to trade the other guy with none of the packages bringing back a credible front court player.

Doesn't that strike you as playing russian roulette with the season?   If Joakim Noah can't go for an extended period of time your front court is Taj Gibson, Brad Miller, Chris Richard, and small ball.

Trade Tyrus if there's a good deal.  If we're getting 1st round picks, a credible player back, or something useful then fine.   However, his bad attitude will be gone in a year, and one of the biggest parts of this game as a coach or general manager is people management.   They need to suck it up and deal with Tyrus if they can't find a good trade, because trading him simply to hope for addition by subtraction is idiotic given the Bulls present front court rotation.


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  • Chad Ford of ESPN wrote an article suggesting TT and J Fish for Mason, Finley, Bonner and the rights to Tiago Splitter. That is a deal that makes sense to me: get Salmons off the books, take on expirings who can help this year and the rights to a potential player.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    getting the rights to Splitter would be awesome, I wanted the Bulls to trade for a pick him a couple of years ago.

    However, I've heard he might not be interested in playing in the NBA.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    Exactly, great post doug....if you cant get something good for him dont do it. I would love to get a pick for him especailly in this draft because it is pretty decent.Xavier Henry would be great. But if you cant get anything good for him...why trade him? Just keep him til the end of the year. If you can find somebody that will take him in a package with Kirk or Salmons...you absolutely do it because then you will save up more money for the summer. Sometimes the Bulls need to deal with it...you cant always have good guys on your team lol.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    1. Is there a way, we can do a sign and trade for Tyrus and still get a Free Agent(top tier) before that.
    2. I am guessing the Bulls management are smarter than we think(hopefully). They have learnt the lesson of JR Smith. It is the talk radio guys/newspaper writers who want to have this idealistic winning team.
    3. For all Vinny's faults, he is probably the better guy to connect to Tyrus than Skiles. I still believe even if Tyrus is an immature guy, he will be fine in a few years. The challenge is for the Bulls Management to get a good mentor so that he doesn't run himself out of the NBA. How many of us can go back to when we were 24 years didn't think we could do everything. Again, I feel we shouldn't lose Tyrus for nothing like Gordon. Look at all the number one picks the Bulls have given up in the last 12 years.

  • Agree 101%. That is why I am still pissed at Paxson for not even giving JR Smith a chance. He is even a bigger jerk than Tyrus. Don't you think the Nugs knew this? Are the Nugs a better team because they are willing to live with Smith and his issues? Absolutely!

    Doug, this is one of the most intelligent posts I have read in a long time. One of the hallmarks of a truly excellent coach is getting the best out of a complete jerk while not having the whole team being disrupted. I recall the Bulls had a coach once who was able to harness the talents of a certifiable maniac (Rodman) to help win three titles.

  • I'd be stunned if the Bulls "braintrust" wasn't aware of the obvious nature of this post. The rest of those guys have to sell papers(internet or print)

  • True. On the plus side, he'd be an asset in a sign & trade this summer or a possibilty for the MLE the year after the upcoming strike/lockout.

  • While the whole "first round pick" article from yesterday had its holes, it did reflect this kind of logic. The Bulls know that Tyrus is effectively an ending contract to them. They would like to move him now, but it makes sense they grab some future asset, whatever it might be. Ideally, you bring in a player better than him, or at least a player practically better than him--maybe not as talented but more productive and consistent. I would also consider any deal that brings in multiple players who aren't as good as him in any sense but happen to be "good," as in people who can genuinely contribute in an NBA bench player role, as the Bulls aren't a really deep team and are even less so with recent injury issues. A competent guard plus a competent forward work for me. I agree that it makes no sense to trade him for garbage, just to get him gone.

  • Doug,

    I think you are missing the point.

    The Bulls want to save money by not giving Tyrus the qualifying offer. Plus, I don't think they want another LOTTERY PICK of theirs to walk for nothing.

    If they could get a quality role player with an expiring contract and a 1st Round Pick, they should go for it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The Bulls won't give him the QO because they don't want to get stuck with him. It's not really about money. It's about cap room and having long since decided they're through with Tyrus.

    I'm pretty sure they are also over worrying about when and where Tyrus was chosen, which is something that Bulls fans might want to start looking past as well.

    I agree with you about the bottom line, though. Useful player(s) plus future asset(s) make it a done deal.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If you can get a 1st round draft pick and a solid rotation player for him, thats not a bad deal. Portlands deal sounds decent but those 2nd rounders they want to give to us are late 2nd rounders. You hardly ever see a late 2nd rounder become anything. So those picks are pretty much garbage in my opinion. So that wouldnt be my first choice.

  • That was my feeling...the cap space thing sounds more like something the Bulls might be feeding to the media to try to pump up Tyrus' value, instead of having it at "OMG we hate this guy please someone take him off our hands".

  • Thanks for the clarification, Doug. This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • WHo cares where he was drafted....get over it people...seems the best bet is packaging him with a Salmons or Hinrich to clear that money and hope to get something useful...otherwise he walks like Gordon...big deal...

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