Scott Skiles is awesome

No, it wasn't a mistake to let him go.

No, I don't want him back for the Bulls.

However, Scott Skiles is an awesome basketball coach.

I'm not ripping on Vinny, in fact, I think Vinny looks like he might have the chops to be quite a good coach, and he seems to do a very good job with player development.   If I ran another team and had young players, I'd highly consider bringing in Vinny if the Bulls let him go.

There are few guys who I think really do an excellent job teaching players, and you know what, Vinny looks like he might be one of those guys.

So Vinny's done well, but Skiles is something else too. 

I was just looking over the NBA standing to see how close Milwaukee was to passing us, and the Bucks have won 8/10, and 5 in a row.   Here's their big minute players:

Brandon Jennings
John Salmons
Carlos Delfino
Andrew Bogut
Luc Mbah a moute
Luke Ridnour
Charlie Bell
Ersan Ilysova

Outside of Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings [both non all-star caliber guys], I'm not sure if a member of their team would start on more than five teams in the NBA.   I mean even as depth guys they aren't that great.

This team has is doing it entirely with "want to".   I commend them for how hard they're playing and how well they're playing, but this team is seriously lacking in talent.  I look at this roster and wonder, how on Earth could any coach get this squad to play over .500 with this group of guys?

Scott Skiles is good.   That's all there is to it.   He might wear out his welcome in a couple years, but Skiles gets his guys playing HARD. 

Why the Scott Skiles love?   No reason, the thought just crossed my mind, but you know what's interesting about that in a way?

John Paxson has hired two coaches basically out of nowhere.   Scott Skiles and Vinny Del Negro.   The two coaches couldn't be more different, but they both gave the franchise exactly what it needed at the time they were hired.   I know some people will call me crazy, but if you wipe Tyrus Thomas of John Paxson's record, he really has an incredible eye for talent.   An eye for salaries?   Maybe not.


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  • Agreed. You look at the stats on the teams he's coached, and they've all improved around 5 points per 100 defensively when he's taken over. He might just be the best defensive coach in the league.

  • I started following the Bulls last year so I have no idea how good of a coach Skiles is.
    If he's so good as seen from the Buck's record, why did we not resign him?

  • I agree. When you read the Bucks headlines, they were trading all their best players such as Richard Jefferson for nothing. And, Redd got hurt. I thought they are a definite lottery team. But is Skiles that coach who can take a team to the playoffs, first round exit? That's what he kind of did with the Bulls except for that one year.
    I also feel Vinny has done a good/maybe a better job. It is tougher to coach in Chicago than Milwaukee. Also, there is so much turnover in players here too. The other thing I admire about Vinny is his demeanor. He seems to be calm whatever happens. I think that bodes well. I think he will be a great coach in a few years..

  • I like Skiles. His teams overachieve, more seasons than not playing above what they should. You're right. He deserves from credit. Milwaukee has had better talent in the recent past and not did this well.

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    Skiles' team had talent. He had Ben Gordon. Ben didn't see any minutes til Vinny came to town though.

    That was always my biggest knock on Skiles. His rotations were ass-backward. But at least he's smart enough to play Salmons. You guys looking at all the "Salmons leads Milwaukee" headlines. They're 5-0 since the trade and John's led them in scoring 3 times. Go Fish!

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Ben Gordon averaged over 30 minutes a game while Skiles was the coach. Also believe he won 6th man of the year as a rookie, again with Skiles as coach.
    So Ben didn't play? Ummm... what?!?!?!

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    You've been a very welcome addition to the Bulls Confidential community.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    ben had his best days with skiles..skiles with rose would be great and with guys like loul and noah..these play hard type of guys skiles love..jennings has no limit..skiles doesnt hurt nobodys potiential..he actually always helped..

  • Skiles record coaching inferior teams is amazing!He forces them to play team basketball.

    The trainee and resident dunce Paxson added Ben Wallace to the roster. Supposedly Skiles told management that he could not win with the talent Pax provided.

    Despite Pax's recent successful trades, he has over paid the fragile Deng and Klank Hinrich and got nothing for Gordon. Also his blunder picking Tyrus over Aldridge is a monumental error.

    Vinnie is OK for a trainee! However common sense says it was one big gamble, Pax took the paying fans for granted!

    Was No-Shot Noah hurt when they picked him? It
    took Joakim 1-3/4 seasons to get into NBA Shape and after 1/2 of this season Noah is hurt!

    Paxson should have been fired after the Wallace debacle!

  • Paxson has done OK in the draft. Mainly by picking kid that did well in the Final Four. He has had a ton of high picks. I would argue guys like Rose and Noah were the obvious picks in their slots. What has he really done with the team that would make you think he can find talent? Gibson is good but Johnson looks like a bust.

    Incredible eye for talent? I think standards here are way too low.

  • Doug,

    No doubt that Scotty deserves big-time props. I think the Bucks will give anyone they play trouble in the playoffs.

    I think you are underestimating Bogut, when healthy, he is the 2nd best center in the east. He has been unstoppable lately.

    Jennings can't shoot, but he is every bit as quick as Rose, and plays better defense that Rose did last year.

    Luc is a very underrated defensive stopper.

    Through in a few decent outside shooters and you got a better team that many think talent/chemistry-wise. Redd going down I think really helped them.

  • nah i think skiles will stay for awhile..the bucks arent a team who can bring in big name coaches.. and we all agree and said this way before ..skiles is a excellent coach..hes a guy who should coach a team like the lakers or teams with great talent but need that push as far as motivation goes ..not saying skiles over phil but as far as team? i think skiles can be really great with non ego players..but l.a has a bunch..but my point is on with yours but skiles will last..the market and opportunity in milly is not wanted..

  • yeah it kinda was ..but! his eye for talent and potiential is def and always been isnt his fault for james or tyrus .. those players obv couldve had all star potiential if they wouldve worked.. james was viewed a topten prospect and people forget that..& tyrus had the highest upside of a big inrecent drafts besides griffin and oden.. tyrus &james shouldve been really good

  • John Paxson's record, he really has an incredible eye for talent. Yeh like giving up Aldrige for TT.. Aarron grey for nothing.. Give up Ben for nothing.. Oh I have Salmons RIGHT!! Give up Nocionoi and Crwaford .. Yeh great

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