Proof that Sam Smith says stuff just to stir the pot

Sam Smith's Plan C:   Monta Ellis

Yes, I'm back on Monta Ellis. You hear the Warriors will
trade him this summer as they want to settle on Stephen Curry at
shooting guard and know the two cannot play together. The Warriors have
long had interest in Kirk Hinrich, who'd fit better with Curry and can
defend. Plus, maybe you throw in James Johnson and that No. 1 you got
from Charlotte in the Tyrus Thomas trade. Then you sign Lee, who'd
require far less than the estimated $16.5 million maximum. Now, you've
also got $5 million or $6 million or more left to maybe bring back
Warrick and Miller or go out into a market for some pretty impressive
players who will be looking for deals as the market dries up.

Though it wouldn't be the greatest defensive backcourt, Ellis and Rose
could be the fastest backcourt maybe in history and unstoppable on the
break. No one could guard them. Lee and Gibson would be a nice tandem
with Noah and you'd have a solid eight-player rotation and one of the
best starting fives all around in the NBA.

So not only isn't adding Wade or Bosh necessary, it could be even better if the Bulls choose another direction.

Really?   So in a battle of picking guys, Sam Smith says that these two scenarios are close with the Ellis scenario maybe being better:

Monta Ellis, David Lee, Hakim Warrick, and Brad Miller

(Bron, Bosh, or Wade), Kirk Hinrich, two minimum salary guys

Really?   Anyone else think this is close?   The only way the Ellis scenario is better is if whomever the big FA is immediately has a career ending injury after signing.   However, that's not the worst of it.   No, it gets worse:

Then Chicago and the Knicks would battle it out. It's supposed to be
the World's Most Famous Arena, but it's also the league's oldest,
smells from elephant poop all the time, is the most inconvenient to get
to, as far as any from where the players live and practice with no
winning tradition and the angriest and most relentless media in the
country. I do love the pizza, though.

W   T   F?!

Speechless.   Absolutely speechless.

I knew you could sink low to grab attention Sam, but this?   You're dead to me.


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  • fb_avatar

    >Monta Ellis, David Lee, Hakim Warrick, and Brad Miller

    >(Bron, Bosh, or Wade), Kirk Hinrich, two minimum salary guys

    In that comparison I'd have to agree with Smith. If it were (Bron, Bosh, or Wade), ANYBODY but Kirk Hinrich, two minimum salary guys then I'm with you.

  • I have no problem trying to be creative or to assert that maybe the best move is to look for young talent that fits our young core, but yeah, there are limits to that logic,and he's stumbled upon the outer limits.

    I live in SF now, so I've been able to follow Ellis. He's had a phenomenal year. He's really good--I'd still insist real immature, but real good. But the main reason they would trade him--they probably shouldn't--is they don't like the Curry and Ellis pairing long term (2 little guards)--well, why would the Rose/Ellis pairing make any sense? Let's see, we have a quick, penetrating point guard who can score a little--let's go get a second one--as opposed to getting a scoring big or shooter to compliment him. Right.

  • When I saw the title of the post I thought you were referencing his Taj for ROY post!?!?!

    That seems to be a little more of a stir the pot type post, especially given that it appeared on a day when our defensive stalwart Taj got lit up by Andray Blatche... yep Andray Blatche

    That said, agreed on the post and if Ellis becomes a Bull for any reason, the entire front office should be committed

  • In reply to GregKubly:

    I would trade Deng for Ellis straight up in a heart beat, just as I would have traded Gordon for Ellis.

  • Sorry Doug, but I'd have to agree with Sam too. If you have a chance to get Bron, you do it, no questions. But Wade or Bosh? I'm not so sure.

    Look at Wade's and Rose's numbers. Watch him play. Derrick Rose is basically Dywayne Wade, only 7 years younger. And less beaten up. And already a better shooter and creator than Wade was in his second year. And while having two of these guys sounds good in theory, there is only one ball. And Wade dominates the ball more than any player in the league. Where does that leave the younger, perhaps more talented version of Wade that we already have with D. Rose?

    You'd rather have Bosh, Hinrich, and filler than Ellis, Lee, Warrick, and Miller? Even if you do believe that would be better, you have to acknowledge it is at least comparable, and in some ways might be better. The depth this brings is quite impressive.

    Also, Bosh is somewhat of a black hole on offense. He doesn't move the ball, doesn't hit cutters well, and is not what you would call a willing passer. He can score, of course, and that is always valuable. But at what cost? Because I also see him slowing down the offense and potentially impeding Wade's growth if the Bulls are determined to dump it in to him 30 times a game.

    I just hope that the Bulls are smart with this cap space. If you can get Bron, get him. But after that, be smart, and do what is best for the team. Don't just throw money at the first guy who says he'll spend it.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    "...impeding ROSE's growth". Sorry.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    While I do like this idea, the Bulls need to get a SuperStar to keep the city and all Bull fans sane. I like this option over Joe Johnson/ Amare though.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    While I'm not crazy about a Monta-Rose pairing, I don't think it's a crazy idea either (looks like Sam Smith's Plan C is gaining support, Doug. Sorry). It does add another quick guard and a certified scorer. My main issue is that I don't think Monta will help team chemistry. In fact, he would kill it and be a problem. If he's got issues with the 13-yr-old-looking Curry, how is he going to feel playing next to Rose? The Bulls aren't the type of organization that can adequately deal with a problem-child as Tyrus Thomas proved (can't believe he's gone).

    I heard that Memphis tried to trade for Monta by offering Mayo, Thabeet and a draft pick. That would have been a brilliant move if they were able to pull it off. I'm impressed at their success by convincing Zach to buy-in to team basketball, scuttling AI early in the season and incorporating Jamaal Tinsley game plan. Adding Monta and having him buy-in would have been a masterful stroke. At this point the Bulls with its young core, a coach without proper support and a shaky management team don't have the respect and ability to pull that off.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Apparently this was Smiths plan C, so I assume that he had a plan A(Lebron), plan B(Bosh, Wade or Johnson) and that plan C was contingent upon plan A or plan B not happening.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Sam Smith is my Hero

    It's always nice to know that someone balder than me with gray hair is fully employed, doing what he enjoys.

    Sam has always been fun to read and knowledgeable. But ever since he put me on the James Johnson band wagon I've been a little concerned about his judgment.

    The LeBron, Wade, Bosh articles are getting a bit stale this winter so Sam Smith probably wants to stir up his readers with Monta Ellis and David Lee rumors.

    Trust me, one the whole, it beats ice fishing.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    So let me get this straight? In the grind of an Eastern Conference Finals where defense rules and we've got D-Rose and Monta frickin' Ellis guarding SG's? Ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha(Jack Nicholson/The Shining - typewriter om age)hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Also, the premise that once you sign a Max FA means you then throw away that value/shot at the big time by voiding your team of all other talented role players by staying under the cap/luxury tax?? What chamionship quest assembled team stays under the frickin cap? You tell me? San Antonio is the exception by far. Boston, L.A. they're spending through the roof.

    The money a D-Wade or Bosh/Rose Bulls team would make with Taj, Noah, Warrick etc./credible roll players a thrilling championship contender would be mind boggling. Reinsdorf didn't pay Jordan $30 Mil a season because he was his favorite charity or it was just all about the trophies. They were raking in the F-ing cash in TV ratings, merchandising etc. I don't know when Sam and the rest of these staying under the cap "realists" are going to wake up. You don't get Wade/Rose or Bosh/Rose to gut the rest of the team with "all minimum salary guys and 2n rounders" per Sam Smith. What a joke.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    After reading all this I'm just floored that someone misses TT....what a joke.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Sam Smith has a fetish over Monta Ellis. I said it.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Rose is a point guard I'm sure he would gladly like another scoring threat to take the load off and open up the floor for him. Right now teams key on Rose and dare the other bulls to beat them, with another superstar his assist numbers would go up and he would score more easily, instead of being followed by a swarm of defenders all the time he would have favorable mathups to exploit. To sum up he could run the team more effectively with Bosh/Wade and still take over scoring when need be.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Sam Smith is a complete idiot. Everytime I read one of his article, I question how he actually got his job lol His idea seems like a fun team yes, but you arnt going to win a championship with 2 backcourt players that are 6'2 each.

    The Bulls will land a big time player this summer...this team is way different from the 1 we had back in 2000. Somebody will come to Chicago....who it is? I dont know but some one will. I think a good question is who do you go after if it comes down to either Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay? Say Bron,Bosh,Wade,Stat and Booz go back to their teams. Personally i think i would go after Rudy Gay and have him play SG. He did it all throughout college and he probably would be playing it now if Mayo wasnt there. Gay is only 24 years old with his best years ahead of him while Joe Johnson is about to 30 and is wanting a close to max deal for himself. Id take Gay over Joe Johnson.

    LeBron should be our #1 target followed by any bigman.Wade and Rose is nice but Rose is basically Wade. Pair Rose with a bigman...any of them...Bosh,Stat,or Booz.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    fully agree

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    I love that his biggest PRO behind the combination of Rose/Ellis is that they would be unstoppable on the break. He fails to realize that with a lineup featuring Rose/Ellis/Lee, they would never be on the break bc they couldn't stop anyone. Aside from Rose/Ellis 3 combined avg steals per game, Deng doesn't block shots, Lee blocks .4 shots/per (and is terrible defensively notwithstanding.....) and then you have Noah as the lone solid defender/shot blocker in the lineup albeit undersized for his position.

    That being said, I'm not adverse to bringing in David Lee in combination with another player. He would simply need to be brought in with a wing that could shoot and also be a solid perimiter defender (Joe Johnson?) so that he wouldn't be getting killed off dribble penetration. You could compensate for his defense with Noah bc most teams don't feature two legitimate post scorers. You couldn't compensate, however, if you're guarding the 2 position with Monta Ellis!

  • In reply to swolty:

    It's not like Bosh plays great Defense either, and he doesn't have great post skils like many seem to think. Bosh is only averaging 1 block per game.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    btw I'm fully aware that the Bulls prob could not afford both David Lee and Joe Johnson unless they moved another contract

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Why do people think that Bosh can't pass and slows down an offense? I watched all of the team USA basketball games and Bosh was on the floor the majority of the game over Howard (maybe bc of free throw shooting) and Boozer because he actually does run the floor well and is an exceptional passer that can create turnovers. There's a reason LeBron regards Bosh's game so highly.. He's one of the best shooters from the elbow out of the PF position, D-rebounds, passes well and can finish at the rim. Bosh would be the best fit for this team even if means Kirk is still on the roster.

  • In reply to swolty:

    don't we have enough midrange shooters?

  • In reply to drose:

    Not that effectively run a pick and roll

  • In reply to drose:

    has anyone seen the ridiculous rumor of Kobe becoming a Bull again!? on rumors

  • In reply to cleimann:

    KOBE is for sure > Ellis. He is definitely better than wade.
    But i'll take Lebron over Kobe as Kobe is getting old.

  • In reply to cleimann:

    mayybe if Phil doesn't come back but I still think that's an extremely limited possibility

  • In reply to swolty:

    haha yea, i was just thinking what if...

  • I think you'd be absolutely crazy to pass on the first team. It's not close.

  • I have to go with the 1st team and it wouldn't be close.

    Its about quality not quantity. The NBA is a superstar league without one you aren't going to win anything (the only exception being Detroit)
    The max number of good players you need is 7-8.

  • Yeah any team with Lebron is the better team by far.

  • Monta Ellis is averaging 25.8 points and 5.4 assists per game he is shooting 32.7% from behind the arc. Dwwayne Wade is averaging 26.1 points per game, 6.4 assists, and shoots 29.9% from behind the arc. how is Wade a better fit, when he has the worst shot between the two of them. I'm not saying Wade is worse than Ellis(wade plays better D), but it is close. Ellis is also only 24, Wade is 28. Ellis still has time to improve his defense and shot.

  • In reply to drose:

    I want to emphasize that I'm not saying Ellis is better than Wade right now. But it's closer than you think. I actually don't want either as they are both injury prone. We need to build through the draft, unless we can land Lebron. Dynasties are built through the draft not Free Agency. That's why i think we should sign Wade and trade them to a team dor a bunch of draft picks. Then we can go get some other players with the cap space. Maybe Ellis or Gay or Nowitzki. Bosh is interesting though as he is still young. I haven't made up my mind about him.

  • In reply to drose:

    Oh wait! Wade is 6'4 and Ellis is 6'3 so stop with the he is another tiny guard commetns guys! How about this question, Rose or Ellis, assuming they are both 100%? I would take Rose, but Ellis has that selfish mentality needed to be great. I get frustrated often when Rose passes the ball right as he gets to the three point line, and just stands on the wing for the whole possesion.

  • In reply to drose:

    I don't want to nitpick too hard on size but DWade doesn't just have 1 inch on Ellis.. he also has 40lbs on him which can go a long way on the defensive side of things (side note.. I don't care what they listed Ben Gordon at, he was 6'1" max!!). I don't think Ellis has the frame to add much more weight and Dwade doesn't sacrifice any athleticism to Ellis even with the additional poundage.

  • In reply to drose:

    I hate luol deng so much. He thinks he is a great midrange shooter when he is only average. The only thing he does well is getting to the line. He could change my mind about him if he takes 4-5 threes a game and hits 2 of them. RASHARD LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to drose:

    I agree, Deng does very little for me. I keep hearing this argument this year that it isn't fair to blame Deng for things he can't control such as his bloated contract or lack of athleticism. That's fine but I want to blame someone for Deng's contract. I want to blame someone for the fact that Deng has been unable to significantly upgrade any element of his game while in the league. I'm sure they partially gave Deng a big contract with the expectation that he would eventually become better at operating in the post or shooting 3s or running the break or maybe even DRIBBLING WITH HIS LEFT HAND. Whose fault: Deng or Bulls? Both? I know Bulls writers are making the point that we should be happy that Deng is playing up to the abilities that they originally drafted him for and for working his way back from an injury to playing full-time. Maybe I shouldn't blame Deng for being Deng, but I want to blame someone and since the Bulls basically hid John Paxson under a rock after all of his blunders.. Welp, maybe I just have to blame Deng for the rest of this year until he's hopefully nothing more than an over-paid role player for a good team next season.

  • In reply to swolty:

    He's snagging a ton of rebounds though amirite?

  • In reply to swolty:

    I think Sam is more of a realist than most people. Lebron or Wade arent leaving their towns. Bosch is a possible, but would be more inclinded to go to Miami than Chicago. I would perfer him, but the reality is more like plan C. After the three big ones, we need to put the best combo of players we can to improve the team and Sams choices are very interesting, and lets here your opinion of who we can get after we dont land the top three? Joe Johnson might be a good choice, but your only talking about two years left in him, we will still need a scoring big man. If Sam ends up being right, I wouldnt be crying.

  • Like i said above, He has a better shot that D-Wade

  • I was just pointing out that he's considered the top transition big in the league to fit with transition oriented offense of team USA and that the bulls are attempting to build an elite transition team around DRose.

  • Wade:1.8 steals per game Ellis:2.2 steals per game.

  • fb_avatar

    It's saying Ellis > Hinrich since they both impede Rose's development on the offensive end but at least one of them scores like a demon.

    The other part is Lee+Warrick vs Bosh. Very comparable. With Lee+Warrick you get possibly a broader skill set and you don't bury the team financially.

  • if you get lebron trade rose for a calderon and bosh.

  • Doug, have you seen on espn's nba rumor (2/23/10 post) that Kobe could become a Bull!? haha i dont have insider so i dont know what the article is but man o man

  • who can be trusted with RUMORS!!!!!

  • if bosh cant be had then plan b would be

    trade noah & hinrich and another thing for

    bynum & odom & sign joejohnson for 2010 freeagency

    derrick rose
    joe johnson
    loul deng
    lamar odom
    andrew bynum

    rose & bynum is beter than rose & noah
    our goal is to get closer to a title and honestly hinrich and joakim are viewed higher in l.a than they are here
    rose,bynum,odom and joejohnson w loul deng and taj,miller,warrick and shooters would make us the class of the east .. we would have a all star point guard , shooting guard and center and mind you bynum is 22 and rose is 21.. honestly if bosh cant be had then adding joejohnson 6"7 bynum 7"0 odom 6"11, deng 6"9 & rose 6"3 we would have size skill rebounding and only needin defense .. we would have offense length talent depth and experience .. andrew bynum & derrick rose would be a special pair knowing allstar pgs and allstar centers are the hardest thing to find but the easiest way to build a championship .. i love noah but bynum we all know is more talented and has a ceiling that noah on drugs couldnt get to .. odom & rose would be a great pf pick for derrick when derrick needs a guy that can stretch the court and handle to play off derrick .. im telling you l.a wouldnt turn down a deal that had noah and hinrich an a contract and swap of future picks .. wade was put in the same situation im putting derrick in.. wade didnt grow with his team .. & neither did any great player .. the office surrounded a group of great players to surround one .. and this is the perfect derrick rose team .. this is actually better than juat adding bosh to what we have now ..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    LA would never trade Bynum and Odom for Noah and Hinrich plus a salary matcher.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    not a throw in salary .. but swap of picks , cash and a player to add to that .. it sure wudd get the deal done .. im basically saying hinrich and noah for bynum and then odom for cash , pick and a player to match the total salary and with talent .. either way all im saying is get bynum for noah if we cant get bosh .. i kno you dont blow it up .. but if the bulls were goina trade hinrich someday and rid his contract then adding him with noah for bynum would and should happend.. i rather go for bynum then go for amare,boozer and overpay lee , johnson and gay .. and big al cant play next to noah so unless you trade then for eachother big al aint coming to chicago ... deng is actually the better foward and fits the bill more of helping us win a title than bringin in gay an hoping he plays defense , rebounds like a big and shoots a good percentage..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Plan A- LeBron

    Plan B- Bosh or Wade

    Plan C- Amare (Not that much worst then Bosh),Boozer,Rudy Gay over Joe Johnson

    Say we strike out on Bosh,Bron and Wade. But we land one of the other guys in Amare,Booz or Gay. You could always do a sign and trade this summer using Deng or Hinrich and our draft picks (Bulls have Charlotte's 1st rounder from Tyrus's trade) to get either a big man like Al Jefferson or upgrade the SG position. OR you just keep a team together of Rose,Amare,Deng,Noah,Taj and wait for Hinrich's contract to expire and use his money to get a upgrade at the SG spot.

    Rose, cheap FA (Flip Murray?)
    Hinrich, Draft Pick 2010
    Deng,James Johnson
    Noah, Warrick

    You add a great bigman to this Bulls team and were a contender imo.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    OR outbid the Grizz for Rudy Gay...

    Then sign and trade for a bigman (Amare,Boozer,or Al Jefferson) using either Deng or Hinrich plus draft picks. Leaving your team looking like this....

    Deng + 2010 Draft pick or Picks (Charlottes pick) FoR Amare,Booz,Jefferson



    Hinrich + Draft Picks (Ours and Charlottes)For Amare,Booz,Jefferson


  • In reply to Csharp:

    big al and noah cant play together .. so its over for that ... big al needs a dirk or bargnani .. love is the better off. talent than noah and plays like noah as a four .. love can stretch the court .. noah cant .. noah and bosh is the ideal and perect fit..but miami must know they def are getting bosh by not makin anymoves and riley coming out and saying he doesnt have to and will wait .. they def cuddve added amare but didnt want to honestly beasley wasnt involved and boozer was trying to be had by using a expiring and a pick .. miami worrys me and boh is our best and perfect fit probably in the whole nba with this club .. but miami is going to be tough to beat .. i wont settle for amare or joejohnson unless both come together .. i rather go for bynum if bosh cant come ..

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I wouldnt mind just getting Amare because i think he isnt much worse then Bosh. He has had injury problems yes, but he has overcame those and is still a productive player in this league. Big Al and Noah would be interesting...but like you said big al doesnt really have a jumper or anything. So Im not really sure how well that would work. I think Miami is really scared right now....Especailly if they dont make the playoffs this year.

  • Yea, but is he better than Ben Gordon? He certainly is in the games that I have watched.

  • How can you be in love with Ben Gordon, and hate Ellis, stop studying stats and watch these guys play in every phase of the game.

  • Exactly hence getting Chris Bosh, though Rose is a point guard and I think he could make any situation work.

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