Noah to miss Indiana game

Per KC Johnson:

"It sucks," Noah said. "It's the best decision not to play (Saturday)
and try to do as many treatments as I can. But I want to play."

Mike McGraw has more:

"I'm not feeling great. I'm happy we won the game today."

Q: It looked like you might have tweaked your foot on one play in overtime?
A: "I don't really remember. I'm just trying to be in the moment of the
game. The coaches ask me how I'm doing and stuff. But obviously, I
don't want to come out of the game. I want to play. I think I really
have to be smart about when I can and when I can't.

"I think the best decision right now is to not play tomorrow (Saturday at Indiana) and try to do as much treatment as I can.

"I feel like everybody has an opinion about whether I should play,
whether I shouldn't play. There's no right or wrong answer. As a
player, I want to be out there. I don't know. I guess it depends on the

"Plantar fasciitis just hurts. The only thing you can do is just
rest it. There's not a lot of time before playoffs. So what do you do?
Do you sit and then when you come back, lack conditioning? The first
two games I felt like I can't breathe out there. You can emphasize all
the biking and all the water cardio things. But to me, the only way I
get my cardio back is playing basket ball.

"I don't think there's a right or wrong answer. Obviously, if it was
October or November, I would probably sit ou for six weeks. But we
don't have six weeks.

"I want to play. It's painful. It's no joke."

Noah sums up the various thought processes around him playing himself quite well.  

One interesting theory is this.   If you have two games coming up, one against a very good team and one against a bad team, which is it better to rest Noah for?

Resting him against the bad team increases your odds of dropping a game you should win [bad].  Failing to rest him against a good team means you could waste his effort in a game you have a good chance of losing anyway.

If things are bad enough, you need to just shut him down for awhile no matter what, but it's a scary proposition as well, because he's had a fair amount of rest with the all-star break and missing the first week or so after it.    Noah's right.   The bulls don't have six weeks to rest Noah, and resting him for a day here and there probably is only going to have limited effect after resting him for two-three weeks didn't get the job done.

What to do with Noah?  It's probably a game by game decision, and all we can do is sit around and hope for the best.


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  • It seems like the Bulls played Noah just enough over the last 3-4 games to get him ready to go vs Portland. As it turned out, the Bulls wouldn't have been able to win that game without him. They might need to pick and choose matchups throughout the stretch run where they need him and then rest him otherwise. You could see where it he appeared to tweak it on a landing in OT. He started to have that grimaced look on his face while running the court afterward. It's unfortunate

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    This interview was right after an overtime game. He'll sleep it off and play against indy.

  • He's not playing against Indy. At least that's what everyone is saying. They are just going to have to give him a lot of rest and then play him when they can against a scoring big like Aldridge/when it's too their advantage. Like a dwindling bank account, they'll have to be thrifty/spend him when he's of most value towards winning.

  • It's a good call.

    The Bulls should be able to beat the Pacers without him.


    vs. Atlanta - I say he plays.
    vs. Memphis - I say he sits.
    vs. Dallas - I say he plays.

    Having Noah play every other game this week would be smart, if he's up to it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I say you dress him against Memphis, put plan on a DNP.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    After that, the Bulls probably need him vs. Utah, but they could sit him @ Orlando (a tough game to win regardless) and save him for their game @ Miami (a game they need to steal).

    The good thing is the Bulls have mutliple days off between games in some stretches, so VDN should be abe to use and rest Noah wisely.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I think this is a good plan for Joakim Noah.

    @ Indiana...Rest him...that gives him 2 days off.
    vs. Atlanta...Play him.
    vs. Memphis...Rest him...that gives him 4 days off.
    vs. Dallas...Play him....after that he has 2 days off.
    vs. Utah...Play him.
    @ Orlando...Rest him...that gives him 2 days off.
    @ Miami...Play him...after that he has 3 days off.
    @ Memphis...Play him.
    @ Dallas...Rest him...that gives him 2 days off.
    vs. Cleveland...Play him.
    @ Phily...Rest him...that gives him 2 days off.
    vs. Houston...Play him...after that he gets 2 days off (4 if he Rests).
    vs. Miami...Play him.
    vs. NJ...Rest him...that gives him 2 days off.
    @ Detroit...Rest him...that gives him another 2 days off.
    vs. Phoenix...Play him.

    That might be the way to go.

    Play him against the good teams and rest him against the bad teams. I think the Bulls could survive and prosper in the short-term and long-term following that plan.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It is time to get another Big. Richard did a fine job or maybe they can get another guy. But this must be resolved before monday which I believe is the last day for roster changes that count's for the playoff's

  • I wasn't able to watch the game yesterday, so my analysis may be off the mark.

    But following it on my phone, it seemed he played very limited minutes early, just like the last couple games. Then when it was close in the 2nd half, and especially at the end, he got the bulk of his still rather low minutes.

    I don't think it has to be a game time decision with him. Sure, if you're playing a team without a dominant big you need him to defend or keep off the glass, don't dress him. If you're playing a good team with good big, you know he's going to play. But if there's any doubt, dress him, throw him out there for a few minutes early, and if it ends up being close down the stretch get him out there again.

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