New York's sale's pitch: Dude, our traffic is way better

Chris Sheridan's chat:

Jack (Chicago)

More desireable location, the NY Knicks or the Chicago Bulls?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:55 PM)

Jack, I am biased. I go with NY, cuz that's home for me. But here is a
little tidbit of info: Both teams are based way out in the suburbs, and
the players' commute on game days can be gruesome given the traffic.
Also, Chicago's traffic is far worse than NY's, which gives the Big
Apple another thumbs-up when comparing the two places.

I knew there was a reason that Tim Duncan stayed in San Antonio.   No wonder all the big names sign with the Milwaukee Bucks every FA period. 



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  • So the list of Pros for the NYK are:

    1. Play in "basketball mecca"
    2. Play for D'Antoni
    3. Superior traffic

    So just how dead are the NYK?

  • In reply to WearShades:

    the biggest thing they can oversell vs everyteam is that newyork is the most famous place in the world and has the attention of everyone with all of the sponsors and outlets .. newyork isnt a bad place they just overrate their players &2010 project .. marbury, mcgrady rumor , lebron hype .. its gets big over here trust mee.. i lived here my whole life but i can tell you one thing ... i will never root for them .. they will never win & i will die a bulls fan because i was born one .. we will have a better shot and we are they mist sensable team come offseason but weather, and jordans shadow will be the biggest problem .. but! i can tell you one thing & i can promise you that the bulls will walk away with a top 5 player in this class and add to a already good bulls team ..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    the biggest key is how quick can derrick rose grow up ? hes a star now and is steps ahead of deron,paul and wade when he was their age.. but wade was put around the best team .. can the office do the same for rose and hope he makes the most of it .. we need to pray .. but this kid qot the whole city and support of bulls fans on his backk.. p.s the bulls always had the most supportive crowd since jordan til now .. its poohs time ..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    list of freeagents from top to bottom bestfit & player combined

    make a trade
    draft day trade for cousins & etc
    & last build around rose with shooting and depth & wait for another offseason which teams may want to take hinrich or deng because of the summer being over. or wait for diggity jiggity dj mbenga & pribt out shirts w him in jordan positions wit quotes like mbeng on you ....

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Traffic? Seriously? They all get to the stadium before rush hour anyway and leave after traffic on game days. As long as you avoid rush hour, 94 is pretty clear.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Chicago>>>>>>New York
    The Bulls are way better then the Knicks. We are closer to a championship then the Knicks. The Bulls have the highest attendance to games the past like 10 years...even when we were bad people came. Bulls have Derrick Rose...Knicks have Danilo Gallarni lol Chicago has a huge market just like New York.

    Only thing that hurts Chicago is that MJ's shadow is here. BUT if we were to land LeBron, I think Bulls fans would immediately put LeBron right next to MJ or even better then MJ once we win some championships. MJ was 10 years ago....Stars still play for the Celtics and they have like 10 hall of famers on their past teams.

    GO AFTER LEBRON! And if he actually realizes that the Cavs are old and the Knicks are terrible...and that the Bulls are a team built for the future...LeBron should see Chicago is the place to be.

  • "Look, Jack, I'm biased" may be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year! I know New York has money- and they're New York... I get it, but what, seriously could make a player want to play for that organization. AND they have dealt they're future. No #1 this year, next year swap, no #1 in 2012... which is ok because the world is going to end... but they have just done the Eddy Curry deal again... for broken down McGrady all in the HOPES that one of these guy's will say... I like Chicago... but what's up with all that traffic? Joe Johnson and an overpaid David Lee- that's what I see in their future... way to go New York- traffic just got a little better because your team still sucks.

  • In reply to turdburglar:

    Who knows if Joe would even go there. You know what? **** New York. The only people who think that players want to go there because it's New York are people who live in New York. Free agents spurned us when we had cap space because of Jerry Krause, the perceived way we treated Jordan, and because we sucked total ass. Well, New York has had a decade of bad contracts and mismanagement....and they SUCK TOTAL ASS!!! (The capitalization is a homage to Mr. Happy, btw...) New York can eat it. The stink of Allen Houston's contract, Starbury, Nate Robinson, and Isiah Thomas are still fresh. These free agents want to win. **** traffic, **** the Big Crapple, **** Donnie Walsh, **** Peter Vecsey and **** D'Antoni's mustache.

  • In reply to turdburglar:

    I was too young to remember but, was Jordan & Pip allowed to hit FA or did they resign with the Bulls? Was there FA at that time?

    Also if traffic was such a concern then why would anyone go to LA, they have the worst traffic?

    Wouldn't everyone want to play in OKC? I have been traffic problems.

  • Thanks for nothing, Chris. And speaking on behalf of anyone who has ever tried to drive, yet alone park, in the five block radius around the Garden, I can't help but but reply with one big FU.

  • hahaha, no way chicago's traffic is worse than the biggest most congested city in the US. and if it is why dont we move all the players to trump towers or east garfield park. problem solved.

  • I'm assuming he's talking about the interstate type traffic, such as what it takes to get from Deerfield to downtown v. what it takes from Knicks facility to the Garden, so sure, it is possible the Bulls' commute is worse, traffic-wise, but the traffic around the Garden is probably the worst few blocks in the nation. There is no part of Chicago with worse traffic.

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