Jordan buys controlling interest of Bobcats

Per Tribune News Service:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Michael Jordan has struck a deal to buy controlling
interest of the Charlotte Bobcats, putting the former NBA superstar in
charge of the money-losing team in his home state.

Traci Blunt, a spokeswoman for owner Bob Johnson, told The Associated
Press that Jordan was able to put together an ownership group late
Friday to buy the team he has been a part-owner of since 2006. Jordan
has been running the team's basketball operations.

I heard Darth Vadar was a Bobcat's fan, let's check on his commentary:

This means that Jordan will be locked into the primary basketball decision maker for as long as he owns the team [could you imagine any possibility otherwise while he owns it?].   That would appear to be pretty good news for the Bulls prospect of getting a high unprotected lottery pick in 2016 given Jordan's record as a basketball decision maker.

It will be interesting to see if he can find any success as an owner, what's interesting about Jordan is that, as a player, his work ethic was absolutely unrivaled.   As a decision maker, his work ethic may be among the worst of all his peers.   I think at a fundamental level he simply doesn't respect how difficult it is to be a general manager.   He thinks he can half ass it and just spot talent easily without doing all the due diligence on figuring out character fit, roster fit, upside, salaries, and all the other details that are important.

The best of luck to Jordan, for all the memories you've given me, I owe you some heart felt good luck wishes and success.  


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  • Heart felt luck and good wishes for a guy you called a screaming jerk? Doug, Doug. Sometimes you seem to be the working man's down to earth best friend. Then other times we get this.

  • I'll give my thoughts on Jordan. I never believed anything to be impossible with Jordan around. For example, I remember when he came back after his first retirement and read that he needed to average something like 70 points a game to lead the league in scoring (had to have a certain amount of points to qualify... or something like that). Anyhoo... I remember thinking he could do it. No lie. And no doubt in my mind at the time. That was Jordan.
    If the Bulls were within 10 points of their opponents with 5 minutes or less left in the game, it was a a done deal. You could turn off the tv and go do something else, because you knew Jordan would take care of it.
    For all of that, nobody in Chicago should ever say a negative word about the guy. The guy provided entertainment and inspiration to our city for 15 years. Between Jordan and Ditka, we could never lose.
    So there.

  • Admittedly Washington was a disaster. But as the article says, he's been in charge of basketball operations in Charlotte. And that team is on the upswing, right? At least, they're better than they have been...right?

    Maybe he can't be a GM, but as an overseer, does he have a chance?

  • When did MJ become a isolationist screaming jerk who didn't get along with people? The only person he doesn't get along with is Krause. Even MJ and Reinsdorf are on friendy terms.

  • In reply to scottplummer:

    I guess one more person to add to the list is the Wizards owner when MJ was GM. But that's all I can think of.

  • Truthfully, I'd be curious some day to hear if his kids think he was/is supportive, involved, and caring. Somehow I'm guessing people think that's a big no..? Pat Ewing, not sure what you make of him, but he speaks of Jordan(with the Swirsk interview on with reverence as a loyal and caring friend. I know, I know, that's after he whoops your ass on the court and takes all your trophies. But still.

    Anyway I appreciate your honest response. I do believe at one time he was a good presence/decent guy as much as a quantum, success driven(like any superstar) top of the heap guy who has that drive/ maniacal tendencies can be.

  • Who did he break in Chicago? Dennis Hopson?

    Reinsdorf picked Krause over Jordan and PJax. And this is Jordan's problem?

    MJ has had good relations with people like Dough Collins, PJax, Knight, Dean Smith, Barkley, Oakley, Larry Brown, etc.

    People still want him on their side. I doubt he put much of his own $$$ in the Bobcat deal.

  • I dunno, they just seem better this year. They're in line for the playoffs, right?

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