Derrick Rose injured; Bulls annihilated by Magic

I have to be honest with you with Joakim Noah out and Derrick Rose injured I decided to start catching up on shows to watch after half time.   The Bulls were never in this game and once Rose left, I don't think anyone felt they had a chance, including the players who never mounted a serious run and enter the all-star break at 25-26.
An all-star break which may no longer feature Derrick Rose after a brutal foul where he landed right on his lower back without bracing himself at all.   Hopefully Rose will heal quickly and be able to play at the game.  I think Rose mingling with the NBA elite would be outstanding for the Bulls odds of landing a major player this summer, but clearly he shouldn't be playing if not healthy.

Overall, I'm fairly content with the 25-26 record heading into the all-star break.  Given the start to the season, it's a nice charge the Bulls have mounted.  Now we just have to hope Derrick Rose can return to health quickly, and the Bulls should still make the playoffs and have an entertaining series against whomever they play.

I said yesterday that the Bulls needed Kirk Hinrich, John Salmons, and Tyrus Thomas to step up and play well today to give a final favorable impression prior to the all star break, well Tyrus Thomas had a fair outing, but Salmons and Kirk didn't do us any favors in that department.   The trade deadline should give us plenty of news and rumors to obsess about over the next week and a half, so stay tuned.



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  • I agree with your comments. I was hoping if somebody would step up and give Orlando a fight. Unfortunately, Salmons looks terrible and I hope he can be traded. He looks really lost and looks more like a 9/10th player on a team rather than a 6th/7th player. Although these are pros, it looked Miller had packed it in for the break. Devin Brown looks like a James Johnson clone. I hope they can get a decent shooting guard/backup point guard for Kirk/Salmons and keep Tyrus to use his talents atleast for this season.

  • That fall looked really bad. These nba players need to wear padding for the tailbone. For football we used to have padding on the tailbone and upper thighs.

    Rose already has knee pads might as well protect some tailbone/back while you are at it.

    It doesn't restrict movement a lot.

    Bye the way Doug whats going on with JJ? He looks like he has never played basketball before? Is it because we are playing at the 3 instead of the 4?

  • Acie law, Flip Murray, and a 1st rd pick for Tyrus and Hinrich?!? That's a lot that Charlotte is offering...

  • I wouldn't say the Bulls were annihilated. They did however fail to SHOW UP in the 1st quarter (41-17). That's on Vinny Del Negro for once again not properly PREPARING or MOTIVATING his players.

    Vinny Del Negro needs to coach better than that.

  • More than last night, what's disappointing to me is that the Bulls went into the break losing 4 of 6 games. That includs BAD LOSSES to the Clippers and the Sixers.

    If the Bulls would get MOTIVATED and PREPARED (hint-hint...VDN) to play against the WEAKER TEAMS in the NBA they would be competing for the 4th or 5th seeds, instead of the 6th, 7th and 8th seeds.

    My count has the Bulls at 6 BAD LOSSES, so far.

    - New Jersey at home
    - Sacramento at home
    - Golden State on the road
    - LA Clippers on the road
    - LA Clippers at home
    - Philly on the road

    If the Bulls would have won those games, which they should have, their record would be 31-20. That's good enough for 5th in the East.

  • hahaa schaumburg represent!!!

  • Exactly, the Bulls are really not that good...we had a couple lucky wins but those cancel out with those terrible losses. I would trade Deng+Tyrus+next years draft pick for Amare. Once you do that, you got Amare,Noah,Rose,Hinrich,Taj....AND plenty of money to spend to go and get either Joe Johnson or Wade.

  • SF is the deepest position in the NBA so you can find a replacement for Deng. And if you cant sign Wade or could go hard at Rudy Gay,Ginobli,Ray Allen exc...OR just save it for next year.

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