Derrick Rose has successful all-star debut

Rose debuted with eight points, four assists, and three steals on four of eight shooting over 15 minutes in his all-star debut.  While he didn't dominate by any stretch, he clearly looked like he belonged which is more than you could say for Gerald Wallace and David Lee.   He didn't play much defense [not that anyone else did either] despite what the three steals in the box score shows, but he ran the floor well and made some nice passes to earn his assists.
The game overall was like a typical all-star game.   Lots of offense, dunks, and alley oops in an incredibly fast paced game with no defense played at all.   The east won the game after an incredibly sloppy finish highlighted by Deron Williams forgetting the score and stupid fouls on both sides as the teams traded FTs. 

Carmelo Anthony missed an incredibly bad three pointer to doom the west at the buzzer as the west was determined not to go into overtime and wanted to win or go home.  

Dwyane Wade really dominated the game for the East scoring 28 points on 16 shots while dishing out 11 assists and coming up with five steals.  He, deservedly so, won the all-star game MVP.

It was great that Rose played, it was great he got to hang out with the other all-stars for a weekend.  I think this was a big step for Chicago's recruiting of the 2010 FA class.


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  • DROSE did good in limited minutes, so congrats to him.

    Now down to business.

    Why do I want DWADE on the Bulls? Three letters, not words...M-V-P!!!

    Enough said.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Two words onwhy he is not coming and one name:


    Gabrille Union

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    LBJ 2nd in the voting for player of the decade? Kobe Bryant #1? hahah fans should not vote for anything anymore. Player of the decade is Mr. TD.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    After watching Rose play with those guys, I really wouldn't mind any one of those guys coming here this summer, if they choose to do so....But i liked Rose and Wade, as well as Johnson, in the backcourt together.....and surprisingly Wade and LeBron played ok together, this summer is gonna be interesting but BRING ON THURSDAY FIRST!!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I personally enjoyed watching D. Rose hitting Chris Bosh with the pass on the run for the dunk. I also enjoyed watching Chris Bosh coming down with the board and outlet passing to Derrick. Oh wouldn't it be nice if Chicago could swing Chris Bosh this summer.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Rose looked good out there. As a fan, it's funny how I got excited when LeBron, Wade and Bosh hit Derrick with passes (I got frustrated when Rose didn't convert on would-be assists from LeBron and Wade, too) as if it had extra meaning. As if they were tipping their hand to what they're gonna do this summer. They're not necessarily giving him preferential treatment or making his debut special in a big brother sort of way. They're just playing bball with another talented player and (hopefully) a friend.

    Still Wade, Rose and Bosh sound and look great together. Wade and to an extent, Bosh have to be frustrated in their current situations. Miami may have all the amenities, tax benefits and salary advantages to keep Wade and lure Bosh but if they aren't a realistic FAVORITE (not contender) for a title within two years, they can kiss their superstar goodbye. Especially if a trade like Amar'e to the Cavs goes down, sitting on a bunch of money in a beautiful city isn't enough when championships are being won elsewhere. It's bad enough Wade is a toss-in in the conversation for best player in the league. It will only get worse with Durant knocking on the door and LeBron on the verge of his second straight MVP and first championship. Only championships of his own (or the ability to win one) will return him to his rightful place in the conversation. Should be a pretty exciting (or frustrating) week.

    (Sidebar: If Bosh and Wade come to the Bulls, we'd be starting 5 players with four-letter last names: Rose, Wade, Deng, Bosh, Noah). They'd be the "Five Four-Letter Horsemen"! Corny, I know ...)

  • Rose doesnt play defense in real nba games doug so what made you think he would tonight? He played well for a guy not 100%. The kid is just so laid back, after the final buzzer he just raised his fist lol. I was cheering for the West just so LBJ couldnt have a shot at the MVP, thank God wade got it.

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