Deng likes trades for Bulls

An interesting quote from Deng per Mike McGraw:

"We really feel like the trades were great for us," forward Luol
Deng said. "The schedule gets tough, but we have confidence in the team
we have. When we play our best, I feel like we can play with anybody."

Now here's a quote you can really read into. 

The most obvious interpretation, and therefore the one we'll casually dismiss because it's not juicy enough, is simply that Deng has noticed the team has really kicked some butt since this trade.   They lost a road game to Washington who seems to be experiencing the Patrick Ewing effect, but otherwise have played great basketball.

The timing of the comment lends one to believe more in this interpretation as well, since he said it after the trade had proven to [thusfar] have a positive impact on the basketball court.

The juicy interpretation is that he's completely throwing the outgoing players under the bus.   One could read this as a confirmation that he believes there was a lack of focus, talent, team play, or something out of the outgoing players.   Certainly, I think everyone agrees that Tyrus was an attitude issue.  

This is the second quote from a Bulls player hinting that the guys who left wouldn't be missed.   (Derrick Rose early said something to the effect "The new guys don't have an attitude problem" implying that the old guys [or at least one of them] did.

So far, things look great on the court.   My gut still says the Bulls lost talent with this deal, but I may have underestimated the gain in fit/character.



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  • Yeah, everyone knows Tyrus was an issue, at least to the coach, management and Noah but I think Salmons gets swept up in that a little also. I think with him he isolations and "and mandatory 5 dribbles before every shot" slowed things down too much. I haven't been able to see any of the post trade games but from what I do see in highlights there is more fluidity and constincy with the Bulls now. Warrick and Murray aren't just bench players, they contribute considerably and are starter-worthy. After making our FA move(s) in the summer, I would love to see us bring them back on maybe 3 yr veteran contracts. We'll see how the rest of the season goes. The schedule in March looks really scary!

  • Warrick & Murray are aggressive and smart! Both guys go to the rim when there is an opening! Murray is a big improvement over Hinrich who can't beat anyone off the dribble. Miller as old as he is provides a scoring threat, unlike No-Shot Noah. Hopefully the Bulls keep Warrick & Murray.

    Pax the trainee, did a good job making these trade! It was a miracle for this dunce! Maybe Gar provided some common sense!

  • In reply to Alex:

    no the bulls office knows talent ..they do a really really good job at bringin in really solid players .. the problem is that never brought a star in here to be with these pieces.. the front office isnt bad..just not as good as the rockets'(maybe the top front office the past 3 or 4 years)

  • You are right, Doug. Bulls definitely lost talent wise in the trades. I also am bothered that Milwaukee, who has not lost since the deal, had to be "bribed" with 2 second rounder & a possible first round swap just to take Salmons.

    Why was that necessary? Was he an attitude problem?

    It does give the Bulls some salary flexibility next season but they could also have got flexibility by keeping Salmons & trading Hinrich to the Lakers for 2 expirings and Sasha.

    I am starting to believe that the Bulls wanted to dump Salmons for reasons other than flexibility.

    With Tyrus there is no doubt - he was dumped for his attitude. Tyrus had no money guaranteed for next season. Thus, he did not need to be traded based on next years cap figures. The Bulls just wanted to dump him.

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    In reply to bulls6:

    I don't think salmons was an attitude problem but there's not much doubt he was one waiting to happen. The Bulls tell BG to leave, then ask their brand new forward, "um can you please switch to guard, and while you're at it can you lead the team in scoring?"

    If he had opted into the next year EVERYBODY would've been pissed at him. So, if the Bulls didn't trade him, they certainly would've had to do some underhanded stuff to try and nudge him out of his contract.

    He's a good guy I think, but if he'd stuck around it could've gotten really really poisonous.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Tyrus was certainly shopped for attitude problems, but the Salmons trade made it imperative too. After you trade Salmons, you're left with Jannero Pargo as your first backup at guard. JANNERO PARGO.

    Tyrus would almost certainly have been traded anyway, but the need for another player in the backcourt made it a lock.

  • I remember a couple of Sacto Kings fans mentioning that Salmons became a problem after he lost his starting job on their team. Salmons was then traded to Bulls, where he always was a starter until losing his position to Hinrich.

    I hve never heard of any outburst or outrageous comment from John, but his presence could have been a downer to his teammates if he was "unhappy" most of the time.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    i think thats what made him a even easier pick instead of hinrich .. salmons and tyrus were locks to be moved ..

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Noah had a nice quote about Tyrus. Also called him the guy with the most potential on the team.

  • exactly why i didnt regret the salmons trade.. he let defenses reset when the ball got to his hands..

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