Chicago Bulls @ Minnesota Timberwolves, 7:00 PM CSN-Chicago

Chicago have just come off two straight wins against the New York Knicks, with Derrick Rose averaging 28 points on more than 60% from the field. Needless to say, the hip seems alright. That is going to be a plus for the Bulls who take on the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

Chicago made a pair of trades the other night, moving John Salmons to Milwaukee and Tyrus Thomas to Charlotte. In return the Bulls got Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander for Salmons and Flip Murray and Acie Law for Tyrus Thomas.
Chicago now has fifteen players on their roster after waiving forward/center Chris Richard. The trade brought with it a chance for the Bulls to enter the 2010 off-season with enough cap space to sign a maximum free agent. So if LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh show interest in Chicago, the Bulls can afford one of them.

Kirk Hinrich survived another deadline and will likely start at shooting guard for the rest of the season. Backing him up will now be Flip Murray and Devin Brown, two player acquired within the last month. An adjustment period will be necessary for all the new players, but the Bulls are still in the playoff picture.

Derrick Rose has been on fire since the All-Star break and looks fluid and aggressive out there. Granted, he scored easily over the Knicks defense which is often non-exsistant, but his movement and shot-selection has improved since early December. The 21-year old point guard is averaging 19.9 points, and needs just 24 tonight to break the 20-points a game barrier.

Forward Luol Deng is in the middle of an outstanding year. This was a long time coming after two injury-riddled season in which the now 24-year old struggled. Deng is averaging 18.2 points and 7.4 rebounds while adding excellent defense.

Tonight, the Bulls face the Minnesota Timberwolves who have two excellent rebounders in Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. Without center Joakim Noah, the Bulls seek a strong performance from rookie Taj Gibson.



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    According to a report on ESPN's website, Joakim Noah is out tonight vs. the Timberwolves. His return is unkown at this time.

    On the brighter side of things, Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray have been cleared to play and should be in the rotation tonight.

  • Deng is indeed having a good year. Slowly but surely, he is adding variety to his game ; mid range jumpers, runners, hooks, 3 pt, post up fade away, 1 dribble pull up, pushing the ball up the court and trying to attack (though he doesn't have the best handles).

    He does rush his shots sometimes. Hopefully he learns to take his time to put up a shot understanding that he is lengthy enough to get a good shot off most times.

    Anyways. It is good to see this improvement. Hopefully he can stay healthy and keep on improving.

  • In reply to rynyen:

    People seem to forget how young he is. He doesn't have a whole lot of time left before he gets to the point where most guys stop learning new tricks, but he seems to be taking advantage.


    #0 - Acie Law
    #6 - Ronald Murray
    #20 - Joe Alexander
    #21 - Hakim Warrick

    * SIDE NOTE: The Bulls are saving #3 for Dwyane Wade...haha!!!

    That's at least according to the roster page on

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    getting dwayne wade would be a bad move for us .. i promise you that .. he already has five different types of injuries just this season & turns 28 come next season .. he cant play next to rose and deng because they both cant shoot .. dwade his whole career was surrounded by shooters and thers probably a 35% chance of him wanting to be here .. we should not give a max contract to a player who doesnt fit, who doesnt thinks about being here and is often injuried and is goina be 28 kobe looks gased alot nowadays and wade attacks kobe doesnt .. wade is more injuried .. its not goina be the hollywood story people think it would be .. chris bosh is our guy..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    And Joe Johnson as a contingency. Even though he's older than I'd like, he's a better fit.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    HELL NO!!!

    Who's is the future Hall of Famer? Who's the former scoring champion? Who just won the All-Star MVP? Who should have won the league MVP last season?

    Come on, get real...DWADE>Joe Johnson.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yes, Dwayne Wade > Joe Johnson, but not in a Bulls uniform in the same backcourt as Derrick Rose.

  • In reply to msalivar:


    Warrick and Murray played well for the Bulls. Salmons played well for the Bucks. And Ty Thomas played well for the Bobcats.

    Here's a conspiracy theory for you. What if John Paxson wanted to help out both Milwaukee and Charlotte, so the Heat would miss the playoffs? IF that happened, I bet Wade wouldn't be happy.

    Just a thought and a theory...haha.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    im bout to start a chris bosh website lmao .. seriously .. if you guys didnt notice bosh and rose were the only playera doing pick and rolls during the all star game .. they also shared lockers during the break .. and p.s wade was NO where close to rose ..wade was the first locker and rose was the last.. rose was also asked what do the bulls need to get in the offseason and he said a big time pf when the question was "what do your team needs more a big time pf or the big time shooting guard.. rose, bosh and noah is better than rose wade & noah .. doug you should make a post on both players and who makes most sense because i think people are forgetting you dont win because of marketing you win by play and wade with ~this~ core doesnt make any sense .. bosh or wade ..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Good debate with Bosh and Wade. I'm also getting annoyed with the 2 max player craze. We already have Rose, Noah, and Deng. If you add Bosh or Wade, fill out your roster with something else you need. Pair a Ray Allen with Bosh and your team is as good as a HEALTHY Celtics team. You don't need two max players in Chicago. If New York gets two max players, they won't have cap space for anything else. And right now they have nothing.

  • In reply to kbar17:

    ray ray wudnt come here .. besides we would have to throw alot of money at him.. i rather go for mike miller and something else but i want glue guys who can shoot the three really good .. guys with size and tough d .. miller and deng would give us size and defense on the wing.. allowing rose to roam around with his potiential to be a great off ball defender like kobe and wade .. look vinny is doing good but he knows we need to be better .. he def . deserves another shot if we get to the second round .. but a coach whos more proven and a better and presence would be a drastic improvement for a young team looking to get better.. morrow,miller,pietrus, &etc we need next year along with bosh and a 2010 microwave guy draft pick for our bench..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Good Post yunqn915....You need a bigman to get anywhere in this league...even though i would love to have Wade...Im going after a bigman...Bosh,Amare,Booz...we have to walk away with at least one of them. Rose by himself is better then most backcourts in the NBA...just get a nice SG that can score you 8-10ppg and play good D to put next to him. Wade and Rose cant run pick and roll together...Rose and Bosh would be amazing at the pick n roll game.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    And who can shoot the three. Defense and the three, that's what we need out of our two guard. I'd still like him to be able to handle and facilitate some, but with the way Rose is developing, I don't think it's as crucial as I did in the offseason.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I love Wade, but I'd be quite happy with Bosh. I think he fits better, infact. And Gibson would provide outstanding big man depth. This may sound stupid, but I'd love to re-sign Miller (at a reasonable rate) if it makes sense by the time that rolls around.. but I know that's a bit of a longshot.

    And I know Warrick wasn't particularly impressive tonight, but I like his game and I think he fits with Rose/Noah. I think he'll pay dividends.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Wow Tyrus and John Salmons had huge nights for their new squads!! Tyrus had 6 blks and John had 18 pts w/ 3-6 for 3pt range. WHY COULDN'T THEY DO THIS WITH US?!??!?

    But Hakim Warrick almost had a double double and flip was good...I guess this proves that everyone was a winner yesterday.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    they have a chance too .. all nba players are skilled i think people act like we can play better than alot of bench guys until we see how great they are in person.. tyrus was bound to look good with a discipline coach .. thats all he needed.. tyrus was always a great shot blocker and him with chandler wallace ratliff and etc that team will be good.. tyrus was told to not do this and not do that .. and one mistake cost him a game and minutes.. char . isnt like that . they take chances and as a franchise you have to take chances.. i.e steven jackson ..and look at it now.. tyrus will win defensive player of the year someday with them .. he knows that and the bulls know that we just always got mad and benched him for doing something .. we didnt give kid a chance .. as for salmons he must hate the city over there but the oppurtunity? he loves it .. his first game and he took more shots than anyone .. hes a goto guy over there and thats the player he is.. hes just not as talented to be one everyniqht

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Seems like we have a SG that scores 8-10 points, shoots the 3, and plays good D next to Derrick. As a bonus, he's a pretty good ball handler too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would serously even look at Tmac this summer depending on how he does at the end of this year....Dude is 6'8 and can knock down open jumpers and could be solid defensively. Xavier Henry would look good next to Rose also. I think he will have a nice future in the league.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I LOVE IT.


  • In reply to vinmotors:

    I still like the idea of Wade and Lee better.

    PG - Rose
    SG - Wade
    SF - Deng
    PF - Lee
    C - Noah

    James Johnson needs to be traded!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    no way lee leaces newyork .. its over for that thought . guy can get a new deal and be with the team he really wants .. even when they were losing or him being benched he never complained .. its over for that .. besides joejohnson is l.a bound .. amare is to new york and al jefferson goes to miami for beasley .. lebron stays and bosh has no choice lol ..sweet home chi.. also boozer ends up in detroit and rudy gay goes to miami or l.a instead of joe johnson but i think chris paul also gets moved and he ends up with newjersey or the lakers

  • In reply to vinmotors:


    Check out my boy, E'TWAUN MOORE tomorrow vs. Illinois. He could be the next Joe Dumars.

    Here's his new MIXTAPE from Youtube.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    and you could be the next Rainman...

  • In reply to izroca:

    And you could be the next James Johnson...UNPRODUCTIVE and USELESS.

  • In reply to izroca:

    Good game last night by Warrick and Flip....those guys are solid vets that will come game in and game out and compete. I wouldnt be suprised if the Bulls tried to trade kirk this offseason for a bigman....possibly re-visit that Al Jefferson trade. We have to draft good this draft though because in the mid first round you get a good rotational player. And after this year i dont expect us to be in the mid 1st round anymore. XAVIER HENRY! Get him!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i never thought shouldve been moved .. well as far as future goes.. his contract decreases.. this year wuddve been any reason he goes but i always said he was playing outta position since our miracle happend(drose) . hinrich is a starting point guard and is no bench player .. keep him should be a thing we should consider.. unless a deal with him for pietrus a athletic great defender who shoots alot of threes .. hes what we wanted in sefa .. but hinrich , gibson, bring back miller for chemistry and he can still play just not alot of minutes but also help with development and experience.. omer asik and our draft pick who should be a sixth man specialist and boom even without a freeagent yet we would still be playoff bound.. the key is to get better.. one question .. if we cant get bosh .. do you trade for david west & sign joejohnson.. davids contract decreases alot and gets paid less than hinrich and getting him and signin a two guard .. idk im iffy about david lee and carlos boozer alot because west would cost half of them and there isnt a excuse for his presence.. lee-system booz-injury

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hakeem Warrick blows

  • Good numbers... I like that....I really like all the players we acquire this deadline. Im really hoping Alexander can prove he can play in the NBA. Ive always liked his game. If anything I hope he can become a 3 point specailist for us...becuase we could actually use that right now. Jud Buechler with some actually skill lol Warrick is going to look good in a Bulls uni. Acie Law bringing out the number 0 lol good look

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I wish this game were nationally televised. Is Warrick looking as good as his stat line?

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