Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers, 6:00 PM WGN

The Bulls won a thriller in overtime last night against the Portland Trail Blazers and will look to get another win tonight, as they travel to Indiana to face the Pacers. Chicago beat them on Wednsesday, but will be without center Joakim Noah tonight.

All-Star Derrick Rose scored 33 points last night, and looked dominant handling the offense. Luol Deng added 23 points and made the go-ahead dunk to give the Bulls a four-point win.

Power forward Taj Gibson has been a tremendous help for the Bulls over the past two weeks, and the Bulls have a steady rotation with Hakim Warrick backing him up. In fact, the two new Bulls players in Warrick and Flip Murray have been nice additions to the team, and has added depth for a possible playoff run.

Chicago is 31-27 and have played excellent ball over the past two months. A big part of that success has been the play of Rose who has averaged 22.5 points since new years. Rose has understood his role in the offense and has grown more aggressive every game.

The Pacers are led by forward Danny Granger, an explosive scorer who can score inside, outside and get to the line. Indiana is a team that can get hot from behind the arc real quick, so it's essential for the Bulls to guard the three-point line. Indiana connected on thirteen shots from distance and forced themselves back into the game after Chicago took a huge lead in the first quarter.

Chicago is 12-18 on the road this year, and this is one of those games that has to be viewed as a 'must win' situation in order to improve that record. The Bulls have not been a strong road for years, and needs to get better at closing out games away from the United Center.


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  • Granger is an explosive scorer who can score? Indiana is a team that can hot? This is a must win game?

    You learn me so much new things, Morton. I do agree that the Bulls have not been a strong road for years, though.

  • In reply to sherryghost:

    Kind of ironic that you constantly complain about my spelling, and you can't even be bothered to spell my name right.

    What's also a tad weird is how you left out bits from the examples you mention.

    Granger: an explosive scorer who can score inside, outside and get to the line - Why you chose to cut it off at 'score' I really don't know.

    Must win: Context. In terms of road record, this is an important game. The Bulls are not a strong road team, so in order to get better there leading up to the playoffs, these games are in fact 'must win' ballgames. Going into the post-season with a poor road record is never a good thing. Gaining confidence in other arenas throughout the regular season is one of the most underrated aspects of the NBA season.

  • In reply to MortenJensen:

    Irony was the intended effect, yes.

    Man, I'm sorry if I'm being harsh, but is it too much to ask that you proofread these things before you post them on an otherwise very professional and well-written blog?

    You think this is a must-win game, that's fine - indefensible, but fine, it's your opinion.

    What bothers me more is that there are countless people who would kill for a chance to give insight and commentary on a site that devoted fans respect and contribute to, and somehow you turn in stuff with spelling and grammar errors and just plain bad writing.

    For instance, these kind of paragraphs...

    "Flip Murray is having a decent start in his Chicago stay. Averaging 12 points and hitting 40% from behind the arc after his first three. Murray is playing just over a half a game, so his scoring rate is quite large." (From the Pacers game preview earlier this week)

    ... hurt the credibility of this site. And that makes me sad, Morten, because I like this site.

    I'm just asking for a little respect for the craft here, man, just run this stuff by Thonus or something before you put it up and I'm sure he can help you iron out some of the rough grammar and syntax.


  • In reply to sherryghost:

    I am not an American. I do need to master the English language. But I am taking it one day at a time, and at my own pace. My primary task is to get the point across from sender to receiver, and I feel confident in that ability, and will never stop trying to find ways to further improve that part of my dissemination.

    So feel free to ridicule me as often and as hard as you like Jim. Because I'm not going to let you affect my own development in this field. It's as simple as that.

  • In reply to MortenJensen:

    Haha... i'm enjoying this. i got to side with this guy a little bit though, sometimes the language is so bad i don't even get what your trying to get across. playing the im not an american card= weak. he's just saying to check the stuff before you put it up.

    hawaii is craze. waves and waves and waves

  • In reply to mooneyvargas:

    i love english

  • In reply to mooneyvargas:

    Rose torn ACL

  • In reply to mooneyvargas:

    You're a dork.

    Rose is fine.

  • In reply to mooneyvargas:

    Boy, that Vinny Del Negro is a MASTER OF MOTIVATION.

    I really enjoyed watching the Bulls lose to the SHITTY Clippers, Sixers, Wizards and Pacers this month.

    Good Job VDN. I can't wait until you are FIRED!!!

  • In reply to MortenJensen:

    I think they should sit Deng for today's game where he gets a few days off. He could end up breaking down with his knee and thumb issues. You could see at the end of the game yesterday he was gassed but somehow had the energy to dunk for the last points of the game.
    Play Warrick/Flip/Devin Brown/James Johnson for more minutes and see what they can give. I don't know about Joe Alex.., he couldn't get minutes on Milwaukee's team when they sucked.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MortenJensen:

    You're doing fine. Your English is better than most of our... whatever.

    Remember -

    "I only speak two languages: English, and bad English." - Corbin Dallas, from The Fifth Element

  • In reply to MortenJensen:

    this guy must be drinkin that "hater-aid"

  • In reply to sherryghost:

    It's the same WINNING FORMULA.


  • In reply to sherryghost:

    This is why the Bulls can't take the Pacers for granted.;_ylt=An1ng_W1zv0GfK61Tp.e0bK8vLYF?gid=2010022702

    Who saw this coming?

  • Don't count out Miller.. now that you said that he'll prob drop 15/11 tonight

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